The Office caricatures

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 | 47 comments


The OfficeThese are fantastic, don’t you think?

Full-color stickers and prints are available for sale.

Which one is your favorite?

The Office Ode prints



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  1. 47. Nicky  

    Hey guys. I just wanted to share my planner decked out with my new Ode to The Office sticker set.

  2. 46. Ken  

    I did caricatures of the show The Office…..check it out at my blog…

  3. 45. Cate the Great  

    I find them creepy to be quite honest……

  4. 44. Aimee  

    those are so cute and funny! i like pam and jim, and the angela one too.

  5. 43. hyphen  

    these are pretty cool. but one look at ryan and i was reminded of jake gyllenhaal. it must be the eyebrows!

  6. 42. Jen  

    these are awesome!! i bought a pam mirror!

  7. 41. KnittingInTheOffice  

    I’m going to have to say that the one of Jan is my favorite, just because it captures her “Michael’s here” look so well. They’re all really great, though.

  8. 40. Janet  

    Meredith is best – she looks a little looped and a little leering – her two typical expressions.

  9. 39. sheila  

    they left out oscar!!! so racialist. heh.

  10. 38. Cleo  

    I like the one of Pam – I think it is the most ‘developed’ or ‘finished,’ if you know what i mean.

  11. 37. Jim Halpert  

    It’s the best art of all the art.

  12. 36. petra  

    You know what I find sexy? This art!!

    Really though, they are amazing….

  13. 35. Jill  

    I think Kevin’s is really good! Not so much of a caricature but just like him so much!!! Otherwise, I thought Andy was hilarious!!!

  14. 34. Jason  

    I like the ones of Ed Helms & Melora Hardin the best.

  15. 33. Trish  

    I think Phyllis’s looks exactly like her, and Andy’s has captured a certain something :)

  16. 32. OpalArk  

    *rats* no more sticker sets…perhaps he will add more.

    I liked the Odes to Toby and Dawn best.

  17. 31. The Office Fanatic  

    Andy Bernard is SPOT ON.

  18. 30. BeckySue  

    They’re all great! Wow. The person that made these are talented. Great job!

  19. 29. BlueJeanBaby  

    I have to say Angela is my favorite. It’s the most like a caricature, imo. I think it really captured her. It’s so dramatic and yet stoic. I know that seems like a contradiction, but to me that’s Angela.

    Karen’s is very pretty, too.

  20. 28. Debi  

    I love how they included the British cast. Awww…Dawn and Tim. (sigh) Karen looks adorable, as does Kelly. They are all good; however, Pam looks a tad odd.

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