Which episodes should ‘The Office’ submit?

OfficeTally’s resident show analyst, bales, just posted that Emmy-nominated shows have until this Friday, July 27th, to submit six episodes for voter consideration, according to Tom O’Neil, GoldDerby columnist at TheEnvelope.com.

I believe The Office’s original submission, The Coup, will count as one of the six.

I’ll update the list as news develops.

In the meantime, which five other episodes do you think should be submitted?

DVD 1: The Coup and Ep #2
DVD 2: Ep #3 and Ep #4
DVD 3: Ep #5 and Ep #6


  1. 2. The Job.

    3. Business School.

    Simply amazing episodes. The Coup can’t even compare.

    Business School & The Job are my picks for 2 & 3. 4,5, and 6 are too hard as the other episodes from this season pretty much tie for me.

  2. Ooh, great question!

    2. Gay Witch Hunt
    3. Grief Counseling
    4. Traveling Salesmen
    5. The Return
    6. Women’s Appreciation

    Although, maybe those were just my favorite episodes of the season.

  3. 1. branch closing
    2. traveling salesmen
    3. the job

    my three favorites this season. beautifully WRITTEN episodes.

  4. “Cocktails,” for sure.
    “Business School”
    “Beach Games”
    “The Return”
    and either “Diwali” or “Benihana Christmas”

  5. 2) Branch Closing
    3) The Negotiation
    4) The Return
    5) Traveling Salesman
    6) Grief Counseling

  6. Obviously they should submit The Job. As for the other four slots they should submit Beach Games, Initiation, The Negotiation, and The Return.

    This was so hard. The last slot could actually go to Cocktails but The Return is just a bit better. This was so hard to figure out. Really, they could choose any episode (except Safety Training) and still be alright.

  7. Business School
    Safety Training
    Grief Counseling
    The Job
    Traveling Salesmen

    Any episodes used, though, will be awesome… extra awesome. :)

  8. 1. the Coup 2. Back from Vacation 3. the Return 4. Benihana Christmas 5. Beach Games 6. the Job


  9. In no real particular order:

    Traveling Salesmen
    Grief Counseling
    The Job
    Beach Games

  10. My five:
    Traveling Salesmen
    The Return
    Beach Games
    The Job

    Ok, so they’re all from the second half of the season, but I like what I like.

  11. In no particular order:

    2) Branch Closing
    3) Product Recall
    4) The Job
    5) Traveling Salesman
    6) The Convention

  12. 1. Women’s Appreciation
    2. The Job
    3. Beach Games
    4. Traveling Salesman
    5. A Benihana Christmas

  13. 2.A Benehana Christmas
    3.Beach Games
    4.The Return
    5.Gay Witch Hunt
    6.Product Recall

  14. The Job
    Beach Games
    A Benihana Christmas
    Traveling Salesmen
    Branch closing

    tough question!

  15. Well, it looks like lost of us pick the same eps.

    1.)Business School
    2.)Beach Games
    4.)Product Recall
    5.)The Job

    In no particular order of course. Who would not pick “The Job”.


  16. 1. Safety Training
    2. The Job
    3. Branch Closing
    4. Traveling Salesman
    5. The Return

  17. My picks: grief counseling, traveling salesmen, the initiation, beach games, and diwali

  18. First posting, frequently ot reader:

    1. Gay Witch Hunt
    2. The Convict
    3. The Return
    4. The Job
    5. Women’s Appreciation

  19. besides “the coup” i think they should submit
    gay witch hunt, initiation, travelling salesmen, beach games, and the job

  20. just one from me: grief counseling
    for some reason, i think this is by far the funniest episode of the whole season.

  21. In no particular order…

    Traveling Salesman
    The Return
    Women’s Appreciation
    Beach Games

  22. The Coup, Beach Games, The Job, Gay Witch Hunt, Initiation. Maybe Traveling Salesmen to show the range of the cast.

  23. Benihana Christmas, Initiation, Beach Day, The Job, Travelling Salesmen.
    I think those all capture the comedy of the show with some of its tender moments too.

  24. Gay Witch Hunt
    Branch Closing
    Traveling Salesmen
    The Return
    The Job

    However, I believe they have many episodes they could choose and still be in good shape.

  25. Grief Counseling
    Business School
    Traveling Salesmen
    The Negotiation
    The Job

    I do want to give props though to Back From Vacation. It may not be the strongest episode, but the moment when Pam was crying in the hallway is probably the most powerful individual moment in the entire series, which in my mind elevated the episode.

  26. The whole crux of Season 3 is the trio of Women’s Appreciation, Beach Games, and The Job. They’re inseperable and really bring across what The Office is all about. They also include the most important moments for Pam, the most human moments for Michael, and some classic Dwightishness, which are all important to best showcase those actors’ who are nominated individually. Besides those, we need a good representation from early in the season. Traveling Salesmen is very funny and is a good overview of who the characters are, especially some of the less famous ones, and the way they all interact with one another, which is especially necessary for voters who may not be too familiar with the show.

  27. Travelling Salesman
    The Negotiation
    Safety Training
    Beach Games
    The Job

    I can’t believe Safety Training isn’t on everyone’s list! It’s my favorite episode of the season! I think I’ve watched it a dozen times. Ta freakin Da.

  28. In order of preference:

    Traveling Salesmen
    The Return
    Gay Witch Hunt
    The Negotiation
    The Job

  29. Absolutely these:
    Beach Games
    The Job
    Benihana Christmas
    Traveling Salesman
    The Return

  30. OOO, that’s difficult. My personal favorite include:

    Traveling Salesman
    The Return
    The Negotiation
    Women’s Appreciation
    Beach Games

  31. hi everyone, I tallied all the votes up till post #60 (Lazy Scranton), and included my own choices (Gay Witch Hunt, Traveling Salesmen, The Negotiation and The Job). I’ve also included episodes where folks mentioned they would include, but didn’t because it would exceed the stipulated limit of five. tanster, if you’re counting the votes as well, could you double check?

    Gay Witch Hunt: 17
    The Convention: 4
    The Coup: 3
    Grief Counseling: 10
    Initiation: 10
    Diwali: 4
    Branch Closing: 10
    The Merger: 3
    The Convict: 4
    A Benihana Christmas: 17
    Back From Vacation: 4
    Traveling Salesmen: 36
    The Return: 26
    Ben Franklin: 4
    Phyllis’ Wedding: 0
    Business School: 13
    Cocktails: 5
    The Negotiation: 14
    Safety Training: 6
    Product Recall: 10
    Women’s Appreciation: 9
    Beach Games: 31
    The Job: 45

    so, just in case Greg Daniels hasn’t done his homework (kidding!), the Tallyheads have spoken! Picking five episodes really is a difficult task, considering the embarrassment of riches we have had over the past season! All the best to “The Office” in its Emmy quest!

  32. Oh man, this is so hard (that’s what she said), but here are my picks:

    -Grief Counseling (I totally think they should have submitted this one instead of The Coup)
    -The Merger
    -Traveling Salesmen
    -The Negotiation
    -Women’s Appreciation
    -The Job

    Alternates: Initiation, The Convict, Beach Games

    Okay, I picked way too many. I suck at narrowing good Office episodes down. But I do think the episodes I mentioned above are definitely the strongest of the season.

  33. bales, that looks about right. (How did you know that I would count them?) ;)

    I’m one off on a few of them, but I think our lists are still similar.

  34. In no particular order, A Benihana Christmas, Traveling Salesman, The Return, Beach Games, and The Job. They are just classic!

  35. On second thought, I think the smartest thing for them to do would be send in all the last 5 episodes of the season, in addition to The Coup.

    The logic there is that then the episodes would make a lot more sense to the voters. If you just send in a wide range of good episodes from throughout the season, they might be good but they won’t make sense to voters who are not regular viewers.

  36. 1. The Job (would that count as two episodes?)
    2. Beach Games
    3. Traveling Salesmen
    4. Business School
    5. Gay Witch Hunt or Benihana Christmas

  37. 2. THE RETURN (best ep of the season)
    3. The Job
    4. The Convict
    5. Beach Games
    6. Traveling Salesmen

  38. Yes, season three was chock full of classic episodes, but, as far as I’m conerned, the producer’s cut of “The Return” was the cream of the crop! From Michael and Dwight’s touching reunion in Staples to the “Welcome back Oscar” party to Andy’s amazing melt-down, this episode was a masterpiece!

  39. Benihana Christmas
    (would this count as two?)
    Grief Counseling
    The Initiation
    Gay Witch Hunt

  40. Gay Witch Hunt
    The Return
    A Benihana Christmas
    The Negotiation
    Cocktails/Business School

  41. Traveling Salesmen
    The Job
    Grief Counselling
    The Return
    Beach Games

    So many excellent episodes to choose from, I’m sure any choice they make will be a winner.

    I find it funny that if a BBC show get nominated they have no choice over what to submit because their seasons are only 6 episodes anyway.

  42. I can’t believe more people aren’t voting for Ben Franklin. It’s soooo funny! Here are mine:

    Ben Franklin
    Beach Games
    Women’s Appreciation
    Product Recall (this day is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!)
    Traveling Salesmen

  43. 2. Beach Games
    3. The Job
    4. The Merger
    5. Women’s Appreciation
    6. Benihanna Christmas

  44. Branch Closing (Michael’s faces)
    Merger ( Lazy Scranton)
    The Convict ( Prison Mike)
    The Return ( cell phone prank)
    Safety Training (“Bingo!, Whoa, whoa, whoa..”
    aka the watermelon)

  45. 2) The Convention

    3) Traveling Salesman

    4) The Return

    5) Beach Games

    6) The Job

    (At least – those are my personal faves)

  46. Traveling Salesmen (i had to buy this one on itunes to watch over an over on my ipod)
    The Negotiation
    Benihanna Christmas
    Beach Games
    The Job

  47. Okay, toughest question ever! You’d thinking picking a top 5 would be easy, but no… If I have to, I’d say:
    Benihana Christmas
    Gay Witch Hunt
    Travelling Salesman
    Grief Counselling
    Either The Job or Beach Games

    See, I couldn’t even do it… You could easily put The Initiation or The Return in there – both great… ARRGGHH!!

  48. The Job
    The Return
    The Merger
    Benihana Christmas (or Women’s Appreciation)

    I believe that these are the best episodes to submit as they all cover the different types of moments on the show. You see a good dose of funny in episodes like Benihana Christmas or Women’s Appreciation, and The Return. You get the serious, deeper moments of the show with episodes like, The Job and Cocktails. And you see the characters awkwardness/honest emotion with being thrown together (back together in Jim’s case) in The Merger.

    This will give the ultimate deciders for the winner a view at all the different dimensions involved in the show, unlike some of the other one dimensional comedies nominated like Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty and Entourage.

  49. In no particular order: Traveling Salesmen, Phyllis’s Wedding, Business School, Cocktails, Grief Counseling.

  50. The Return!!! (My all time favorite episode)
    The Job
    Gay Witch Hunt
    The Negotiation
    Business School

  51. Traveling Salesman
    Women’s Appreciation
    Beach Games
    Product Recall
    The Job
    Benihanna Christmas

  52. traveling salesman
    the return
    benihana christmas
    beach games
    the job

    If possible I would double vote for the return, because it is the episodes all my non-Office friends think is really funny. I figure that has to count for something?

  53. Initiation
    Safety Training
    The Return
    Business School
    The Job

    Side note: I wasn’t a huge fan of The Coup. Am I alone in this?

  54. 1. Gay With Hunt
    2. Product Recall
    3. Women’s Appreciation
    4. The Negotiation
    5. The Return

  55. Product Recall
    Benihana Xmas
    Women’s Appreciation
    Business School
    Traveling Salesmen
    Gay Witch Hunt


  57. Benihana Christmas
    Gay Witch Hunt
    (both of those still make me laugh out loud!)
    Traveling Salesman
    Safety Training
    Product Recall
    The Job

  58. So hard to pick just 5 but..

    1.) Gay Witch Hunt

    2.) Benihana Christmas

    3.) The Return

    4.) Beach Games

    5.) The Job

  59. tanster, is there a way to get a poll up here to vote for your top 5 in addition to the coup? that would be awesome. you can kinda tell from scanning through them what episodes seem to have the most votes but its not as visual as a poll would be!

  60. If you can find a free poll mechanism that lets people vote for exactly five choices, let me know!

    In the meantime, bales and I are counting ’em by hand. :)

  61. Traveling salesmen
    The Return
    Beach Games
    The Job
    The Negotiation

    (but branch closing was close)

  62. Since the episodes are paired…

    Gay Witch Hunt/ The Coup
    A Benihanna Christmas (it’s an hour long so it counts for one)
    Traveling Salesman/ The Return

    As much as I love “The Job,” I feel that it might not be too comedic for a submission.

  63. Benihanna Christmas
    Grief Counseling
    Safety Training
    The Convention
    Branch Closing

    SLChang, I also was not a fan of the Coup.

  64. 1. Benihanna Christmas
    2. Traveling Salesman
    3. Gay Witch Hunt
    4. The Merger
    5. Product Recall

    I have to agree with Samuel Chang, The Coup was not my favorite episode either. Michael marking his “girlfriend” in Benihanna Christmas? Priceless.

  65. hey guys, just thought this would be helpful as well. Though each nominated show submits six episodes, the episodes are paired into a single DVD (therefore, three DVDs per show), and only one DVD is sent to each voter. So effectively, each voter votes on a show based on two episodes (not six). For instance, this might make “Traveling Salesmen” and “The Return” good choices since they work well together. Hope this helps!

  66. Just to add: “A Benihana Christmas” and “The Job” counts as two episodes, not one, because they exceed the usual running time of the show.

  67. The Job
    Beach Games
    Product Recall*
    Grief Counseling
    The Negotiation

    Honorable Mention: Gay Witch Hunt and Benihana Christmas

    *I have to include Product Recall. Creed was hysterical and it included what was obviously my favorite Jim prank. Sheer brilliance. ;P

  68. Gay Witch Hunt
    Benihana Christmas
    The Return
    The Negotiation
    The Job

    (God, it’s like picking your favorite cousin or something.)

  69. There’s one moment in each of these that could, just alone, win the Emmy.

    The Merger (the table “hoist”)
    The Return (Andy’s over-reaction :)
    Product Recall (the 1-800 beyotch hotline)
    Women’s Appreciation (anything Creed says)
    Beach Games (when Andy falls into the lake)

  70. Ooops! How could I forget Business School (my favorite from the season!)? I’ll drop The Negotiation (although Schur certainly deserves his writing nom for that ep!)

  71. Gay Witch Hunt
    The Job
    The Merger
    Traveling Salesmen
    Women’s Appreciation
    or Beach Games

    (I couldn’t decide on just 5!)

  72. I read somewhere that the one hour episodes of The Office might count for two episodes in the Emmy submissions. Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, I wonder if the show would want to take up two of its slots for a one hour episode? I think they should since it would be for either The Job or A Benihana Christmas, both two of the best episodes last season.

  73. The Job Part One
    The Job Part Two
    The Return
    The Merger
    Women’s Appreciation

    Honorable Mentions:
    Beach Games
    Phyllis’s Wedding

  74. 1) Gay Witch Hunt
    2) The Coup
    3) Business School
    4) Traveling Salesmen
    5) The Return
    6) The Job

    (does The Job count as 1 or 2?)

  75. Each episode of Ugly Betty is one hour – it’s not really fair if they count The Job and Benihana Christmas as 2 episodes each.

  76. yeah i figured that was why we couldnt get a poll going, it would be hard to find something like that where you could vote for 5 choices. hey, can you post the top scores by episode name instead? thanks!

  77. also, is there any way to find out if hour long episodes count as two submissions or as one? thanks!

  78. I agree about Ben Franklin it is hilarious, that was going to be in my list but I chose to include a 1 hour episode so nevermind!

    DVD 1: The Coup & Womens’ Appreciation
    DVD 2: Business School & Beach Games (go well together)
    DVD 3: The Job

    Also like Benihana Xmas of course, Phyllis’ Wedding, Gay Witch Hunt, Greif Counseling, and The Negotiation, oh and Product Recall

  79. This is from the Emmy rules handbook:

    “Program nomination episodes must be the usual running time of the series episodes. Extended-length episodes will count as two episodes.”

    So “A Benihana Christmas” and “The Job” counts as two-episodes, since “The Office” usually has a half-hour timeslot. Super-sized episodes, I’m guessing, count as one episode, since when commercials are edited out, their running time falls under 30 minutes. I’m basing this also on the fact that Dean and Dave won the ACE award for Best Editing in a Half-Hour Comedy Series for their work on “Casino Night”. If anyone could verify this for super-sized episodes, it would be great (thanks!). Hope this helps.

  80. 1. The Coup/Branch Closing
    2. Traveling Salesman / Business School
    3. Diwali / Product Recall

  81. #1: The Coup and Grief Counseling
    #2: Traveling Salesman and The Return
    #3: Cocktails and The Negotiation

  82. DVD 1 – ‘The Coup’ and ‘Gay Witch Hunt’
    DVD 2 – ‘Traveling Salesman’ and ‘The Return’
    DVD 3 – ‘The Job’

  83. DVD 1: The Coup and The Return
    DVD 2: Gay Witch Hunt and Benihana Christmas
    DVD 3: Cocktails and The Job

  84. The Coup and The Negotiation
    The Merger and Beach Games (I love The Job, but I actually think Beach Games is a better representative of the ensemble)
    Traveling Salesmen and Diwali (?)

  85. Too hard to pick just 5.

    Traveling Salesman
    The Return
    The Negotiation
    The Convict
    Gay Witch Hunt

  86. DVD 1: The Coup & Branch Closing
    DVD 2: Traveling Salesmen & The Return
    DVD 3: Women’s Appreciation & Beach Games

  87. Product Recall
    Safety Training
    The Return (producer’s cut)
    The Convict
    Gay Witch Hunt

    I’m surprised other people haven’t mentioned Safety Training much (Michael- Dwight, you ignorant slut! and the bouncing castle…and Darryl- it takes guts just to be you…I couldn’t do it, and Michael-I, braveheart)

  88. The Coup
    Gay Witch Hunt
    Traveling Salesmen
    Women’s Appreciation (I swear, this episode had me crying with laughter)
    The Job

  89. Right on Alien…BLEH! Safety Training is a fave of mine. My friends and I quote from this episode frequently. Depression: Isn’t that just a fancy word for feeling bummed out?

  90. **I think Business School goes well with Beach Games b/c of Pam, this is the art show episode w/ Michael (excited Michael hugging pam) and then Pam’s speech in Beach Games……. LOVE IT

  91. DVD 1: The Coup and Branch Closing
    DVD 2: Business School and Cocktails
    DVD 3: Beach Games and The Job (or if the Job counts as two episodes, The Job part 1 and The Job part 2)

    DVD 2 could also easily be Traveling Salesman and The Return. It’s too bad we have to keep The Coup.

  92. A Benihana Christmas, Ben Franklin, The Return, Gay Witch Hunt, Business School. ahhh, sweet season three memories….. CAN’T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER 4TH!!!!

  93. From bales:

    hi tanster, here are the updated vote tally for the
    episodes, up until Post #165 (dave!). I’ve excluded
    “The Coup” (default choice) but counted in episodes
    that folks mentioned they would include but didn’t
    because it would exceed the limit of 5. I’ve
    double-checked the figures but you might want to
    verify the numbers. hope this helps. thanks for
    organizing the poll!

    Gay Witch Hunt: 50
    The Convention: 6
    Grief Counseling: 25
    Initiation: 24
    Diwali: 13
    Branch Closing: 20
    The Merger: 17
    The Convict: 14
    A Benihana Christmas: 57
    Back From Vacation: 7
    Traveling Salesmen: 82
    The Return: 75
    Ben Franklin: 10
    Phyllis’ Wedding: 5
    Business School: 30
    Cocktails: 19
    The Negotiation: 34
    Safety Training: 13
    Product Recall: 23
    Women’s Appreciation: 30
    Beach Games: 80
    The Job: 99


  94. Based on bales’ current tally, OT readers pick the following:

    DVD 1: The Coup and Beach Games
    DVD 2: Traveling Salesmen and The Return
    DVD 3: The Job

  95. DVD 1: The Coup and Women’s Appreciation
    DVD 2: Safety Training and Beach Games
    DVD 3: The Job and Grief Counseling (if possible)

  96. DVD 1: The Coup (prefer Gay Witch Hunt to Coup)/Grief Counseling
    DVD 2: Traveling Salesman/Business School
    DVD 3: Safety Training/Beach Games

  97. hi everyone. just thought you might like to know that Tom O’Neil has stated in the Gold Derby forum that the official list of episodes submissions for series contenders (which would include “The Office”) will be posted next Monday, when he gets them from the Academy. Meanwhile, he has posted the final official list of episode submissions for acting contenders. Best wishes to all the nominees from our little show!


  98. Has everyone forgotten ‘A Benihana Christmas’? That is far and away the show’s best to date. Oh well.

  99. Other Than The Coup:

    Gay Witch Hunt
    A Benihana Christmas
    Traveling Salesmen
    The Return
    The Job
    I wish I could include Women’s Appreciation and Grief Counseling too…

  100. 1: The Coup and Traveling Salesmen (I think those go together the best)
    2: The Return and Beach Games
    3: The Job

  101. Here’s my idea of the best six:

    – Pair “The Coup” with “The Return”
    – “Gay Witch Hunt” and “Business School”
    – “Women’s Appreciation” and “The Job”

  102. hhhmmm… i wonder why steve carrell decided to choose the business school episode for his emmy submission? i suppose it would be hard for him to pick one, he’s so good in all of them.

  103. The Coup and Branch Closing
    A Benihana Christmas and Ben Franklin
    The Negotiation and Women’s Appreciation

  104. The Return, Gay Witch Hunt, Initiation, Diwali, and The Negotiation.

    Those were the ones I thought were funniest. (I have other choices on behalf of the Jim/Pam saga, but those five had me laughing hysterically.)

  105. Yes, we do! Hopefully Bales will be by as soon as he hears the news.

    And … since so many of you put in your guess, I’ll give away an Office magnet to whoever comes closest to picking the correct selections!

    (Sorry, this only applies to comments that have already been posted.)

  106. hi tanster! Tom O’Neil posted on the Gold Derby forum that he expects to receive news of series submissions of nominated shows early next week. Sincere apologies about getting fellow OT-posters’ hopes up the other time with regards to the expected time we would be getting the news. But Tom mentioned in this latest post that he also expects to get actual DVD screeners from the Academy by the end of next week, so this latest expected timeframe might be more accurate. Please take this news with a pinch of salt, because there’s always a chance that the news might not be out. But it might be something that could be worth keeping an eye on. The link to the relevant post is below (you have to scroll down a bit). Hope this helps!


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