1. I like them all but If I had to choose a fav it would be…..Michael.

  2. Whoa! These are incredible! I think my favorite one is a tie between Andy and Stanley. These drawings portray their characters perfectly!

  3. Very cool. I think Toby’s look of utter subjugation is captured perfectly. As far as asymmetry goes…this one guy did that a lot…what was his name? Oh yeah…Picasso. He was pretty good.

  4. These are so great! I think I like Stanley’s the most. But they’re all pretty fantastic.

  5. Too inconsistent—-Michael and Ryan look good….Pam kinda looks a little asymmetrical

  6. I like jan and kevins’s. jan’s looks just like her, and, well, kevin’s goes without saying.

  7. Yeah, caricatures aren’t supposed to be spot on. I think they’re pretty cute. I like Dwight’s and Kevin’s best.

  8. Pam reminds me of drawings from “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” I used to read as a kid.

  9. Woot! I got the last sticker set. I’ve been looking for some stickers to put on my new planner for the next school year. :)

  10. the one of gareth from the british Office is dead on. these are fantastic! they kind of remind me of the chapter illustrations in the harry potter series…

    i’ll call myself out on it: i am a NERD

  11. These are so cool! I think Andy looks the funniest, i like pams and Phyllis’s, they are all good!

  12. I love how they included the British cast. Awww…Dawn and Tim. (sigh) Karen looks adorable, as does Kelly. They are all good; however, Pam looks a tad odd.

  13. I have to say Angela is my favorite. It’s the most like a caricature, imo. I think it really captured her. It’s so dramatic and yet stoic. I know that seems like a contradiction, but to me that’s Angela.

    Karen’s is very pretty, too.

  14. They’re all great! Wow. The person that made these are talented. Great job!

  15. *rats* no more sticker sets…perhaps he will add more.

    I liked the Odes to Toby and Dawn best.

  16. I think Phyllis’s looks exactly like her, and Andy’s has captured a certain something :)

  17. I think Kevin’s is really good! Not so much of a caricature but just like him so much!!! Otherwise, I thought Andy was hilarious!!!

  18. I like the one of Pam – I think it is the most ‘developed’ or ‘finished,’ if you know what i mean.

  19. Meredith is best – she looks a little looped and a little leering – her two typical expressions.

  20. I’m going to have to say that the one of Jan is my favorite, just because it captures her “Michael’s here” look so well. They’re all really great, though.

  21. these are pretty cool. but one look at ryan and i was reminded of jake gyllenhaal. it must be the eyebrows!

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