Toby-hosted Office Marathon on March 29

This just posted by NBC:

On Thursday, March 29 (8 – 9:30 & 10-11 p.m. ET), “Toby Flenderson” (co-executive producer/writer/ actor Paul Lieberstein) who plays the Director of Human Resources, will host “A Night at the Office” marathon. Five “human resource nightmare” episodes will air surrounding an all-new episode of “Andy Barker P.I.” at 9:30 p.m. ET. The encore episodes include “Diversity Day” (8 –8:30 p.m. ET), “Healthcare” (8:30-9:00pm), “Sexual Harassment” (9 – 9:30 p.m. ET), “The Injury” (10 – 10:30 p.m. ET) and “Gay Witch Hunt” (10:30-11 p.m. ET).

Read the full press release here.


  1. Holy awesome! I swear… they are the best at making reruns an absolute necessity to watch! I’m excited! Toby!love

  2. The cream of the crop…i love ALL those episodes. And my favorite one of all time – Diversity Day

  3. I’m not usually a big fan of checking out reruns unless I have nothing else to do, but I will probably end up watching this because Toby is my favorite character. Cue the heavy sighing!

  4. What, no Conflict Resolution? That’s my all-time favorite episode and the ultimate HR nightmare.

    Still, cool idea.

  5. im soooo stoked for this!!!! hey, did anyone else notice that they mentioned everyone in the press release, including ed helms, but not rashida jones? hmm

  6. kim, i think its bc they all including ed helms (who just became one starting the new year) are regulars. I def dont see Karen leaving before the end of the season

  7. Yayer!! This is great news!! Diversity Day is the episode that got me hooked on The Office so I have to agree with GMMR, favorite of all time (although The Injury and Casino Night are very close second). And this is hosted by Toby Flenderson? Double Yayer!

  8. Great idea for an Office theme night. Wonder if it was inspired by a real life HR specialist’s blog, “that’s what she said”, in which she analyses the HR issues in each episode and how much the real-world ligitation would cost the company.

  9. You mean we have to watch “Andy Barker, PI” in order to get all the Office stuff? Bummer!

  10. Just like Kath, all of my FAV episodes and we get to see Toby. It will definitely be a not miss night!

  11. “Conflict Resolution” should be in there! One of the best, especially for Toby.

    Best moment: when Michael wrestles the files from Toby and tells the camera “Had to use ‘win-lose’ there. It wasn’t pretty.”

  12. Well, for those of you who are mad they stuck Andy Barker in there, take some consolation that Tony Hale, of the greatest TV show of all-time, the sadly cancled Arrested Developement, has a role in that show. And then go back to the Office. :-D

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