1. Ha! So “meta.” That is, considering all the fan talk about Jim/John’s hair.

  2. oh, that angela… she’s just a fireball of personality!!! =)

    me thinks there may bit a slight man crush between Kevin and Jim… or maybe Kev is just jealous that Jim has enough hair to actually ‘flip out’.

  3. Kevin probably missed jim a lot when he was gone.

    “That’s always a thing that makes people happy. To have an old friend back…”

  4. I have my doubts that Angela would really say “Oh my lord”. I mean, isn’t that taking the lord’s name in vain? Come on now!

  5. Come on NBC, make it a full hour, they have shown they can fill the time. :)

    Great deleted scene, Kevin is awesome and Angela is the cutest uptight person ever.

    Did anyone else wonder if a line or two of that was improved? It might have just been good acting though.

  6. haha! i loved how there was a callback on how angela doesn’t like jim (like in “The Secret” when phyllis asked angela if she would rather have jim or roy).

  7. It’s funny that you guys went to the “man crush” angle. I just thought Kevin looked adoringly at Jim’s hair because he’s bald. As for the M&Ms, Jim’s proven that he can be trusted with such sensitive information.

  8. Heh… that deleted scene is now tied at first with the “Don’t Dump Me While I’m in the Dumpster” scene as my favorite deleted scenes of this season. :)

  9. ah! funny on so many levels. how could that scene be deleted? I’m starting to feel sorry for the poor soul whos job is to edit The Office

  10. HA! 9 deleted scenes and they can’t just give us a full hour, come on! that scene was brilliant, one of my favorite deleted scenes I think. The whole “Hi angela, bye angela lol” and I think Kevin looked like he just liked Jim’s hair because Jim HAS hair.

  11. haha! i love it when angela just outright speaks her mind. and i’ve totally noticed that about jim’s hair.

  12. There’s a 784 page thread on televisionwithoutpity (sitcom section) full of people who have noticed that about his hair. ;p

  13. that was totally hilarious.

    i wish they had kept it in. i know it doesn’t advance the plot…

    but a subplot about kevin’s quest for flippy outty hair would be awesome.

  14. I love Jim’s hair. Angela’s crazy. If anything he needs to grow it out a bit more!

  15. I think this says a lot about why Jim is still acting the way he is. He tried to be nice and what did he get? Grief, that’s what.

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