NBC presents Office ‘newpeats’

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

In an unusual experiment aimed at improving ratings for reruns, NBC next week plans to air two previously seen half-hour episodes of “The Office” that have been re-edited into a new hour-long show. Some scenes will be cut so producers can weave in unaired footage that introduces a new storyline into the older episodes.

Producers of “The Office” say re-editing the episodes is a way to keep the program’s rabid fan base from moving on … “Their loyalty must be rewarded somehow, and we don’t have the budget to send out 10 million muffin baskets,” says Executive Producer Greg Daniels.

This would be next week’s airings of Traveling Salesmen and The Return.

Greg did mention at Paley Fest last weekend that an additional four minutes of new footage would be added to next week’s episodes. (Did I get that right, Kath?)

Shouldn’t every Office rerun be a ‘newpeat’? Clap your hands say yeah.

Link: NBC Remixes ‘The Office’; Reruns Become ‘Newpeats’ (subscription required)

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  1. second post?! why am I up? why god why? anyway… newpeats! I love the idea. Every rerun should definitely be a new peat, or at the very least, they should release some previously unseen deleted scenes online after the show. I have to say, the powers-that-be on The Office have been exceptionally generous to the rabid fans and it is quite appreciated

  2. Thanks Greg, if you want another way to reward the fan base, tell us in advance who is writing upcoming episodes, it is harmless to release that info and gives us something to speculate about since different writers do have different styles.

  3. I’m so excited that the two “newpeats” will be Traveling Salesmen and The Return b/c those two were some of my favorites from this season! How awesome is that?! Thanks for the news, Tanster! Totally looking forward to next Thursday!

  4. YAY. I love how “The Office” loves us. Seriously, it makes me love them more. Endless cycle! :)

  5. I wonder if these will be available as well on iTunes for season pass people…

  6. CLAP CLAP!!
    Yes, Greg told me that he thought in total 4 minutes of new footage would be added which would weave together the 2 episodes. I guess I didn’t realize that it would be adding in a new storyline. Perhaps it’s Angela’s confession to Pam.

  7. In case Greg Daniels finds the money in his budget, I’d like poppy seed. This is such a cool idea, though. He’s making my March a little less Office deprived.

  8. This is seriously an awesome idea, but for those of us who have to depend on iTunes to see The Office, will we get to see the new footage too? I’d probably have to depend on someone’s highly detailed recap, if not.

    Greg Daniels is amazing!

  9. Brilliant idea – why no one thought of it before is a wonder….I’m just grateful for the cathode-ray muffin crumbs….

    ….thank you, tanster, for posting the news of this develeopment here!!!

  10. I have to say that no one rewards their fans better than “The Office” cast and crew, very rarely do you see a show as big as this reach out to the people who watch it in such a personal and real way.
    Bravo NBC, Gred D., and the Rest for the giving us what we didnt even know we wanted.

  11. Anyone watch The Merger last night? Though I saw it’s initial airing, I just watched it, and I’m convinced there were several scenes cut out which were included originally. Perhaps my brain is re-integrating the deleted scenes. But am I crazy or did they really cut them out?

  12. Ooh, awesome! I can’t wait. I wonder if both the original and newpeat versions will be on the DVDs.

    And I’d bet this version will finally air the “Andy off to anger management” scene, for those who missed out on the producer’s cut and are confused.

  13. I’m sure they had to cut out scenes from The Merger’s repeat airing as it was originally a supersized episode and they had to fit it into the normal half hour timeslot.

  14. Technically, the “rerun with new content” concept has been done before. I remember ABC airing repeat episodes of some of its sitcoms with “Pop-Up Video” bubbles. For example, April Fool’s episodes of The Drew Carey show frequently had spot the mistake contests, and once the contest was over, the episode would have the mistakes pointed out in repeats.

    Re-editing an episode with new scenes, however, I’ve never seen done.

  15. But… I want a muffin.
    Well, ok, Greg. I guess you can distract me with shiny new footage. :P

  16. Is it new altogether or is it deleted scenes we’ve seen at nbc.com? I hope it’s really new!

  17. It hasn’t been done before because of the unique way The Office is scripted and shot. Remember this isn’t 3 camera live audience but improv heavy one camera “mockumentary”. So they end up with more usable stuff. As they’ve told us they really shape this show in editing more than most sitcoms.

  18. This is a great idea. I’m a rabid fan (duh, I’m posting here which makes me one, right?) but I didn’t watch the merger last night becuase I’ve seen it about 6 times already. Not that I was watching something else, I was actually dining out. But, now I’ll make sure I watch it next week. The most important part of this is that the casual fan probably won’t now the difference from the new episode to the newpeat. This really is for us, the hardcore. Props to the Office.

  19. Why does it not surprise me that “The Office” is doing something thoroughly brilliant that’s never been done before?

    Ohhhh, yeah, I remember why it doesn’t surprise me. Because everything “The Office” does is thoroughly brilliant and has never been done before. There’s something of a pattern.

    Yay! I love newpeats! It does make me wonder about the season 3 DVDs. There have been so many added bonuses all over the place in season 3. I hope the powers that be realize that fans want the DVDs to be as comprehensive as possible.

  20. You know what? I actually was wondering if they were gonna do this just yesterday. I was thinking it would make a lot of sense. I must really be in tune with Greg Daniels or something.

  21. Cool on the “newpeats”. Yeah there were cut scenes, also I noticed some things seem out of order too. For instance, in “The Merger” they cut straight from the conference room to Jim/Pam in the break room and I swear in the first airing that came after Andy showing Angela his wallpaper of the kitty. I’m such a nerd. Did anybody notice things out of order? Not that important, just an observation.

  22. But I really would like a muffin basket! And with all the time I have spent on the TWoP spoiler threads lately, fueling my undying addiction to the glory that is this show, Greg should probably send a muffin basket to my boss, too :)

  23. So would that mean this newpeat episode will be called ‘Travelling Return?’

  24. I hope NBC will release a “Collector’s Edition” DVD pack with all three seasons super-sized with the deleted scenes.

  25. Very exciting!

    This has been done before. The documentary (a real one!) “Little People, Big World” airs as two 1/2 hour episodes back to back when they are new (and are listed as such on my digital cable guide). When they repeat, they are listed as one hour-long episode, and there is extra footage added (not sure if anything is cut). I DVR’ed the LB,BW season last year and re-watched the originals after seeing the repeat to make sure the footage was new.

    It’s a great reason to watch the repeats, and now I am so excited for The Office next week! I’m glad this was announced because I would not have watched otherwise (I have the season on my DVR, and why watch it with commercials?). Thanks for letting us know, tanster (and for all you do!). And a huge “thanks” to Greg Daniels and the entire Office cast and crew–you’re extra-awesome!

  26. Has anyone heard one way or another whether or not the extra footage will be available for iTunes season pass holders? My VCR is sucking again (I know… one of these days I’ll get a DVR).

  27. *foams and froths at the mouth*

    Rabid fan base?

    *snarls and howls*

    I resent that!

  28. Wow! I will say it again – The Office has spoiled me so much. Guest directors, extended episodes, director’s cuts, hour long episodes, deleted scenes and now this.

    They have ruined all other tv shows for me.

  29. I was wondering about this when I saw the promo that ran last night during The Merger. Where Andy was in his car and said “They’re sending me to management school…anger management school”. Then I got excited when it was a one hour episode (actually 2 reruns put together). This explains it! Plus I missed Traveling Salesmen. Can’t wait to watch it!

  30. I never watched any reruns, just because I have them all on iTunes, but if they’re going to add in more scenes, it’ll be like a regular Thursday with a brand-new show!! I’m ecstatic! Thank you Greg Daniels and all else who thought this up. I think they’ll find the ratings will stay constant! I know I’ll be watching :)

  31. I would 100 times rather have new Office stuff than muffins, so thanks so much Greg!

  32. Sounds cool, but my question is, Will it involve any new material not already seen by us in the deleted scenes? There were enough deleted scenes posted for those episodes that they could just be replacing aired scenes with deleted ones. So I wonder if it will really be anything new for us fans who have seen everything that has already been made available. They do need to put in the Andy anger management scene in “The Return”, though. Why that ever got cut in the first place is a mystery to me.

  33. Jim: “I think those might be repeats”

    Pam: “No, no, cause new scenes are added and then it’s like second show.”

    Another round of newpeats, please!

  34. The article goes on to say how bad dramas like Desperate Housewives, House and Lost do as reruns. Comedies like The Office do much better as repeats. Duh! Once you’ve seen a drama, why would you want to watch the story again? You can always laugh again at The Office or catch new jokes.

  35. That sounds really cool…I love how The Office is always looking to keep its fans happy!

  36. Dorky Dancer-
    I completely agree with the getting spoiled part…it’s stuff like this that makes me not only love the show because it is amazing, but the people in it even more because of all they do for all of us Office addicts

    Thank you Greg! This will help with Office withdrawl

  37. Lazy Scranton, I think that’s exactly what they’re going to do, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

  38. This is a good idea and all but I’m still a little bitter at having to wait so long to see new episodes.
    It’s just cruel and I have no desire to succumb to the evil that is reruns–no matter how enticing they try to make it!

  39. Clever idea. :) But, I’d tune in even if there weren’t any new scenes. I wonder how they’re going to release the episodes when they come out on dvd.

  40. Tanster, is it confirmed yet when the next new airing will be? I am still holding out for March 29th….

  41. Is it just me or were some scenes deleted from The Merger last night? I don’t remember seeing the scene where Jim says hi to Toby. Did I just miss it?

  42. No, it’s been mentioned before that they cut some scenes. And maybe changed the order.

    The Office is amazing in every way. Thanks to everybody involved!

  43. Thanks Jennie!

    Greg.. you stud! That is such a great idea. I’ll be watching for sure.

  44. Are the newpeats garunteed not to be covered up by ridiculous basketball? I would really like to see the hour long show next week. This week, I only got to see The Convict because March Madness was in the way…I’m gonna show those TV people some March Madness if they take my precious Office time again. UGH!

  45. Dang,Greg, how could you? i was really looking forward to muffin day!!! But seriously, its little things like newpeats that keep your fan base loving this wonderful show. Thanks and really looking forward to it.

  46. I think it’s great that they’re doing this to prevent us from moving on, but I think it’s ok to take a little break away from the show. It makes seeing a new show a bit more exciting for me.

  47. love the clap your hands say yeah shout out!
    I think it’s so awesome how the office does stuff like this for the fans!!

  48. I was really excited when I saw the promos the other night… I think it’s a great way to give a ‘face-lift’ to the existing repeats and give us something to look forward to (though I would watch if it were the regular repeats anyway). It is smart on their part… AND, being a Canadian, I finally get to see some of the deleted scenes that were blocked from our northern eyes… when is that Season 3 DVD coming out…?

    Here is another little article about the newpeats (nothing new, but still about ‘The Office’) on Zap2it called “NBC Slices and Dices ‘The Office'”

  49. Awesome, these episodes are two of my favorite, Andy is great, I almost admire his cunning in outwitting Dwight and getting him fired initially. “Thats not like him….is it?” He may be smarmy and obnoxious but hes obviously intelligence. Ed Helms is a regular now, daily show pride!

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