Tori’s Review: Chair Model

Holy Crap! Jim Halpert is going to propose!

Holy Crap! He’s had the ring for almost a year!

Okay, I will compose myself now …

From a watcher’s point of view, it seemed like a short courtship (thanks strike), but when I thought about it, they have been together for almost a year.

Jim Halpert is not Roy Anderson. He knows he has found his “chair model.” He doesn’t plan to let her get stoned and drive into an airplane hangar before making her his bride.

At the beginning of ‘Chair Model,’ Michael is single and miserable. The only thing he has to show from his relationship with Jan is a smashed television, a police report, and vasa deferentia that will never be the same.

This episode won’t be one of my long-time favorites, but it did have a lot of what I love about The Office: humor you should be ashamed to laugh at — and heart.

One of my favorite parts was Michael declaring he wanted to play with his children before he was too old, only to completely ruin the sentiment by declaring he needed to get laid first, only to almost bring it back around by saying he needs to be in love. Michael wants love, but he wants it in Pamela Anderson’s (10 years ago — not now) package.

It isn’t the love either of them is looking for, but for some reason Pam loves Michael. She can’t help it. I bet she has tried really hard. But, she can’t. Apparently though, she can and does hate her landlady.

The sad part is if he wasn’t a total ass, maybe he would have gotten along with Pam’s sweet landlady. Maybe she would have been wowed by his magic. Maybe she would have laughed at (some of) his jokes. Maybe they would have fallen in love, and filled their home with socially awkward children who still wet the bed at 12.

Granted, it definitely makes for better comedy for him and one-half of Dwangela to dance on the grave of a stoner, kinda-Jan-faced model, who would have never given him the time of day when she was alive — and not high.

The other part of this episode I really enjoyed was Andy and Kevin working as a team. I like their chemistry better than Andy and Dwight. The background characters on this show are so real, I often forget they are actors — really awesome actors. When Kevin got choked up over his breakup with Stacey; I got goose bumps. I wanted to reach out and hug him. That’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to touch Kevin.

It looks like love may be the focus of these last few Season 4 episodes. Do you think there is any chance Pam would say no to Jim? Or, “I don’t know?” I wonder why they have let us in on his plan so early. I’m also ready for a little more Dwangela. It is time for her to dump the Prius geek. I want to see if Andy can moonwalk and cry.

When it comes to Michael, I think he has already met the one woman for him — Jan. No other woman that hot is ever going to let him see her naked. And, I think somewhere in that mess, Jan does love Michael. Now if we could just get her on a steady stream of Lithium and Ativan, they can get back together, set up the video camera and start working on those socially awkward children.

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.