Let me get this straight. Jim has the balls to tell an engaged girl that he’s in love with her, but he’s so scared to run into his ex that he wears a fake moustache?

  2. The entire interview was on E News the other night. I don’t watch spoilers EVER and I sat and watched the segment! Kristen gave away a lot of the plot! I was so mad. Hopefully it will be on Watch with Kristen soon.

  3. Did no one youtube the e! news weekend clip? It had this stuff in it plus we could hear some dialogue when Karen sees Jim in the car. It also had interviews with John and Rashida and another one with Rainn and Steve.

  4. Was that JIM in the car wearing a fake mustache? At first glance I thought it was, but then they showed Michael and Dwight, so I thought it might be Mike. But it still looks like Jim to me. That could be awkward and hilarious.

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