Let me get this straight. Jim has the balls to tell an engaged girl that he’s in love with her, but he’s so scared to run into his ex that he wears a fake moustache?

  2. The entire interview was on E News the other night. I don’t watch spoilers EVER and I sat and watched the segment! Kristen gave away a lot of the plot! I was so mad. Hopefully it will be on Watch with Kristen soon.

  3. Did no one youtube the e! news weekend clip? It had this stuff in it plus we could hear some dialogue when Karen sees Jim in the car. It also had interviews with John and Rashida and another one with Rainn and Steve.

  4. Was that JIM in the car wearing a fake mustache? At first glance I thought it was, but then they showed Michael and Dwight, so I thought it might be Mike. But it still looks like Jim to me. That could be awkward and hilarious.

  5. Wow I wonder what the heck is going on with Jim, Michael, and Dwight… I smell sabotage!

  6. Why are Jim, Dwight, and Michael all dressed up as warehouse guys?? And Karen discovering Jim in disguise? Wow. I’m so confused. More spoilers please!!

  7. The Moustache has me very worried. It’s so sitcomy; I hope they manage to integrate it with the tradition of “The Office” that we’re all so used to.

  8. That’s the side of my head!!!! I’m the contest winner who was on set that episode! This is quite exciting!

  9. When I click on the video there’s just an ad for a local business. Is there another way to see it?

  10. #28 – CH: Boy, my thoughts exactly. If the writers and actors can make something fresh out of what seems like a dopey stunt Greg, Peter or Michael Brady might have pulled circa 1971, then they deserve the “genius” moniker that gets tossed around the Office boards so easily. This clip makes me wince and I sure hope the actual show redeems the dumb vibe that I am currently getting from the Jim-stache scene. Maybe it’s an anti-spoiler – like an outtake from the execrable “License to Wed.” Wishful thinking.

  11. Yes! I live there, that’s my news station’s website… I’m beyond happy right now. I feel like one of those lucky Scrantonites.

  12. 35: Try restarting the video (bring it back to the start,) let the little advertisement play through and wait and few seconds. Hopefully the clip will load after that. I had the same problem but I fooled around with it and it worked.

  13. Karen’s back!

    Oh I wonder what fun trouble will be happening. I’m just glad she’s back on my tv.

  14. MUSTACHE!!!!!!! *jumps up and down like an ADD 6 year-old*

    oh, and Karen’s back… *shrugs*

  15. My question is does Pam get to kiss Jim with his fake mustache!

    I think that it would be funny if they kissed and somebody from the office saw and they would think that she was cheating on him!

    Question: Can anybody see what the shirt tag says on Jim’s shirt ?

  16. Definitely looks like an “undercover” mission that Michael and Dwight enthusiastically drag Jim along on.

  17. Has anybody been able to find the E! News clip of this story on youtube or anywhere? I think people have been saying it was a Watch with Kristen clip.

  18. Woo Hoo! I feel like a celebrity. Even though the link doesn’t work anymore, I’m from Utica! :-D WKTV used to be my tv station. And dare I say that now Joss Whedon has heard of Utica. I’ve died and gone to heaven and then been raised again! ;-)

  19. I saw the exact segment on E! News Weekend. It was really funny. Not many spoilers, just that Karen is the big cheese in Utica and that Jim is there strictly for business. No worries, JAM supporters!

  20. Waahh it’s gone now. Oh well, I really should stop reading spoilers anyway. It kinda ruins the point of surprise episodes. But I just can’t help myself! :(

  21. Okay, so what was the dialogue between Karen and Jim??(for those of you that saw it on E! News) I saw the clip posted here (while it was still up) but you couldn’t hear any dialogue!!

  22. Karen taps on the car window and asks Jim, “What are you doing here?” he attempts to hide, but doesn’t respond. that was pretty much it.

  23. What’s up with the godawful laugh track?

    [from tanster: it’s not a laugh track; this video was recorded from the live Writers’ Block event at the convention, so the laughter is from the audience.]

  24. I wonder if this spin off is going to be this Utica branch? With Karen as the branch manager? Did her other show not get picked up?

  25. I was in that clip!!!! At the end when they show people walking out of the theater/auditorium room….me and my twin sister shown there walking out! I just noticed! lol

  26. Geez, imagine if The Office had a laugh track! I could not watch it. On the other hand if I was lucky enough to be at the convention last weekend, I would have loved to laugh along with thousands of other fans.

  27. this episode looks amazing!
    I miss Karen! I hope they bring her back for more episodes

  28. I’m very wary of this episode. I saw the E! news segment. Trust the writers, trust the writers…

  29. My girl is back!!

    Too bad she’s in Utica though. How on earth can Stanley refuse more money and being away from Michael?

  30. It’s amazing how those two little orange words brighten my day! I love you “Spoiler Warning!” OK, that was kinda weird. :)

  31. My suspicion is that Stanley will not leave. My view is that good old Spillipelli wouldn’t let him muck about with his crosswords after he’s done his work.

    It brings me back to the bonding moments between him and Michael when they slacked off together on Pretzel Day. As Ricky Gervais once said, “I love bosses like [Michael], because they let you get away with murder.”

  32. It wasn’t a laugh track – I believe it was a clip that was shown at the Office Convention and that the video itself was shot by a local TV station, hence the echo and the laughter.

  33. I don’t think it was a laugh track… I think it was people at the convention watching it.

  34. #69 – The clip was recorded when they showed it at the convention after the Writers’ Q&A, so the laughing you here is from us in the audience.

  35. 69 – It sounded like there was a laugh track, but unless I’m wrong (tell me if that’s so, tanster), it looks like this video was being shown at the convention, and the laughing is from the people watching it.

  36. I love that Karen is back, and that they have incorporated her into working at Dunder Mifflin still- and not just moving away after Jim dumped her. Hopefully, if Rashida’s new show doesn’t do well, she will come back to ‘the office’ to reprise her new role.

  37. I love Jim’s way of understating everything–like when Karen discovers him in the PT cruiser and he says, “hey karen.” Then later when Pam finally lets him in the club and he guesses their answers to the questions…Jim is so awesome.

  38. There are two more WKTV clips (nothing new), but I’m excited because I was interviewed… *yea for the 10 mintues of fame!*

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