1. Tonight’s episode is “Branch Wars” and I have been loving the videos. Can’t wait for the last one today.

  2. Can I just say that Steve Carell is looking hotter and hotter everytime I turn around? Seriously! Even an untucked, warehouse shirt looks good on him.

  3. It’s times like this when the only thing to be said is “squee.”

    Sigh. John Krasinski. Sigh.

  4. John is too adorable! I can’t get over his smile! And Steve and Rainn are soo funny!! Happy Office Thursday!!!

  5. John looks so skinny! Boy he does know how to crack me up… and what’s wrong with his foot?

  6. Wowsers…check out the biceps on John! I’ll buy a ticket that gun show…

    He makes me tingly with glee. I’d climb him like a tree.

  7. Okay, if any of you haven’t seen Kristen’s first set visit, you MUST check it out. I could only find a really poor quality video of it here but it’s good enough :)

    This visit was great too though. John had me cracking up!

  8. I never thought I’d be jealous of an inanimate object, but that was before I saw John Krasinski’s clingy white t-shirt.

  9. Wow, every interview with Kristin is absolutely 100% useless. Does she EVER ask a remotely interesting question or even attempt to BE an interviewer? It’s just people chit chatting.

  10. Poor Rashida didn’t get to say anything! Haha – not that I mind TOO much, but…. :)

    I can’t believe we got a sneak peek of this at the convention. How exciting I can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  11. Yay! I have always wanted to be a tipster!

    Kristin has my dream job…wouldn’t it be nice to visit tv show sets and interview JKras and get paid for it????

  12. I love them!! Even Karen/Rashida (as long as she stays away from Jim/John off course) And yea what happend to his foot?

  13. 18 | DaHumorist

    I think that the uselessness is part of the fun. Kristin just has a good time and chats with them just like normal people would. I don’t think she really intends to “interview” them in the formal sense.

  14. “Is it true that in this episode, Jim kills Pam?”
    “Yes. Yes. Jim kills Pam. Because she is trying to take over the world.”

    HAHAHAHAHA…I laughed probably a little bit more than necessary at that :)

  15. Is it wrong that I’m ok with the fact that Rashida got to say exactly nothing? I’ve been trying to deny my junior high-level crush on John Krasinski, but I’ve been a sucker for tall, intelligent, witty, dark-haired, blue-eyed men ever since I can remember. He fits the bill. [sigh.]

    Also, can I have that Kristin girl’s job? Doesn’t seem to be too difficult.

  16. Just when you think John Krasinski has become as adorable as possible for any one man, he goes and does the slow backward walk out of frame.

    I’m a married woman. I shouldn’t be this smitten.

    Rainn and Steve were pretty funny, too. Love the near kiss.

    Fun interviews! Thanks!

  17. God, John is so cute. He reminds me so much of the office coworker I have a crush on ;)

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