The Weekend Tally

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TV and movie appearances

  • Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Dec. 6
    Rashida Jones
  • Unaccompanied Minors (opens Dec. 8)
    B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling, David Koechner (“Todd Packer”)
  • The Holiday (opens in wide release Dec. 8)
    John Krasinski
    Tipster: Sarah
  • American Dad, Dec. 10
    John Krasinski
    Tipster: Dana
  • Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Dec. 18
    Jenna Fischer
    Tipster: Becky

And lastly, singing sensation Ed Helms


  1. Tanster & Dana – I am impressed that you found a JKras appearance before me. I am slacking!!

  2. Thanks for all the”weekly wrap up” information. I like coming by here to find out where I can read and see my favorite cast. Keep up the good work!

  3. John is going to go the way of Clooney isn’t he though. I think Clooney did ER four seasons but who remembers. And then kaboom, superstardom. Does Tanster know how many years their contracts are for?

  4. I’m surprised JK fans want to see him be big in movies, since if that happens you’ll go from seeing him every week to seeing him just for 2 hours once a year. :)

  5. John’s going to be in The Holiday? I didn’t know that. Hmmm…see it in theaters…or netflix it…???

  6. Angela mentions in her latest myspace blog that she is headed to NY to be on Conan- she doesn’t give a date for when it will be on- they are taping tomorrow-so I’m guessing it will be on in the next few weeks

  7. I got to see The Holiday on Saturday night as a sneak peek. It was a great movie, but not enough screen time for John. He was only in one short scene. He did manage to squeeze in a few quick “Jim” type looks that we all know and love.

  8. i just (literally just) got back from the holiday.. john krasinski was adorableeee (as always) and it felt like ny second he was gonna ook over at the camera.. unfortunately he only had about 2 minutes of airtime in the very beginning.. but the movie was definetly really good.

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