The Joseph Podcast interviews Jenna Fischer

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Joseph and Joseph follow the success of their first celebrity interview (Angela Kinsey) with a nice long chat with Jenna Fischer!

If you watched Drug Testing last week and also hang out over at James’ Watercooler, you know how much I have been gushing over the “hi/hey” scene, where Pam brings Jim a soda to finally break him of the Jinx.

Jenna provides some juicy tidbits regarding the shooting of that scene, and I am proud to say, I was the one who furnished the question! Not only that, but I think the question was partly responsible for the podcast being tagged for “explicit” language. Hee hee.

That’s all I’m gonna say. Now go listen already! (The hi/hey stuff happens around minute 28.) Link no longer available.

Icon courtesy of iconicosity.

Dwight Bobblehead shipping delayed

As reported earlier, the Dwight Bobblehead is now available for pre-order.

But I just checked the NBC Universal Store, and it is now reporting that the Dwight Bobblehead will start shipping June 20, a full month after the originally announced shipping date!


I will change the Calendar accordingly. But I won’t be happy about it.

(Unless those of us who have already ordered it will still receive it on or around May 20th? Eh, wishful thinking … )