The Weekend Tally

It’s a relatively short list today …

  • Wallpaper: Here’s a really well done wallpaper of the Dunder Mifflin logo.
  • Articles: Rainn Wilson promotes his film, The Last Mimzy, at MSN Movies and Dark Horizons.
  • Comics: Some Office-themed cartoons here and here.
  • Live event: Ricky Gervais presents his stand-up show ‘Fame’ at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 16 and October 1 & 2. Tickets on sale now. More info at
  • Video: I managed to snag this short clip of Paley Fest

Tipsters: Marc, Neal, MoxieTime


  1. Wow.. they must have been practicing since the filming of GWH. It wasn’t awkward at all this time.

  2. video of THE KISS!! Yay ;) Totally made my day, I can’t wait to buy the DVD.

    That wallpaper is awesome! I wish Creed and Toby were in it but they’re in my heart ;)

  3. Last Mimzy, taking my kids to see that. So its a win-win-win-win, i have 3 kids ;)

  4. I heard Ricky Gervais might be doing some dates abroad (i.e. U.S.!) That would be awesome! Let us know if you hear anything, okay Tanster? :)

  5. Wallpaper is great, but why does everyone always forget Jan and Creed, they are the best.

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