Mindy Kaling’s Office Party

aprilbegins over at the LiveJournal Office community has posted scans of a funny article about Mindy Kaling from the March issue of Venice Magazine.

An excerpt:

Because “The Office has such a sizeable ensemble, is it difficult to keep each character from getting lost or overshadowed?

The great thing about the show is none of these characters are alike; it’s like a zoo. We have every different animal in his or her own little cage, like a Stanley or a Meredith or a Dwight. You can poke each animal and they’ll make a sound and you write it down. I think the perfect kind of episode is one where we have a conference room scene and every character gets to say one thing that is very in character, one little hilarious remark. And I feel like I’ve done my job if I can service every character on the show.

(And did you guys know about Brenda? — I didn’t!)

Link: Mindy Kaling’s Office Party

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  1. I knew about Brenda. But I googled stalked Mindy awhile back ago so i put two and two together. I love her :)

  2. “And I feel like I’ve done my job if I can service every character on the show.”

    That’s what she said.

  3. wasn’t Brenda also a love interest for Jim. There’s an episode from season two where Jim calls a Brenda from corporate, asks her out on a date, then Kelly grills him for asking a girl out on her voice mail. I’m pretty sure its the Carpet episode

  4. Brenda was the chick that was Dunder Mifflin Coporate that accompanied them on the Booze Cruise. She was also referenced later when Jim asked her out in The Secret ( you just asked a girl out on the phone!!) and when she called him in Drug Testing (deleted scenes)

  5. *** ooops, i meant ‘the carpet’ episode, not ‘the secret’ was when he asked her out.

  6. I’m pretty sure I knew about Brenda is Mindy’s friend from the episode commentary of Booze Cruise.

    And I agree – not very flatering pics of her, but fun article.

  7. So many smart people writing for this show. No wonder it’s the best of all time.

    Mindy is so cute. I guess Kelly is supposed to be annoying but she can’t pull it off – she’s too adorable. I love it when Kelly gets exited and her voice goes up.

  8. “While You Were Sleeping” is my favorite chick-flick in the whole wide world. I feel so much better knowing it’s one of her favs *and* Stephen Merchant’s!

  9. I keep hearing rumors that BJ and Mindy are dating in real life. Is this true?

  10. I feel like Mindy has definitely complicated aspects of the show for me, like the Dundies. There are things about that episode that I love, but it’s never sat well with me that Pam gets drunk and kisses Jim in front of virtually all of their coworkers, and nothing ever comes of it. It ends up being as though it never happened, or like Jim doesn’t remember it. (Incidentally, Mindy wrote the episode in season three where Jim gets drunk.) I think she’s great with jokes and funny situations but sometimes they interrupt the overall flow of the show, for me.

    With all that said, I think she’s awesome and her writing has been getting better. And she’s great as Kelly, obviously, no complaints whatsoever there.

  11. Post #3 Dan: I was all set to run in here and post the same thing. hehe

    Very cool article..made me view Mindy in a whole different light.

  12. Love this article. Mindy is everything awesome awesome can be!! OMG! OMG! OMG! She is gorgeous, funny, talented and intelligent. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of this article. Loved it!

  13. Tyler, I see what you are saying about the flow but I don’t think that it is entirely Mindy’s fault. Story arcs,etc are a collaboration between all the writers and Greg Daniels so the writer of the paticular episode is not in control of that.

    But I do agree that it was weird that the Dundies kiss was never addressed again. Maybe everyone just wrote it off as Pam being drunk and giving a fun peck to her friend.

  14. Oh yeah, it’s obviously much more complicated than I made it out to be. You could go on for pages and pages all about the intricacies of the show and the story thus far and all that – especially since so much of the action is alluded to. That’s part of what I like about the show. It’s exciting to see a show that – I think most of us would agree – got off to a very shakey start, manage to steadily improve and get tighter and funnier and better with every episode. You know, I think The Office is the best show on TV right now, but it could still get better. The show has its footing, now it’s in the process of mastering its thing. It’s awesome to see.

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