My letter to Jeff Zucker

[This letter was mailed on November 30]

Dear Mr. Zucker,

I have five words for you: “Image is everything. Andre Agassi.”

It was those five words, spoken by Michael Scott in The Office’s Season 2 episode, “The Fire,” which motivated me to write its author, B.J. Novak, back in late 2005.

To my surprise, B.J. wrote me back: “You are the first to quote the Andre Agassi line! I came up with it on the spot and told it to Steve and was SO proud of it. I thought no one noticed, or remembered the Canon ads. Glad you did!”

Shortly thereafter, I decided to create a fansite for the show. In February 2006, was born. It’s been an amazing adventure ever since.

Now running a fansite isn’t always fun. Especially on Thursday nights, when I laboriously transcribe my favorite quotes from that evening’s episode. But even after nearly two years of running OfficeTally, I still react with childlike glee when I load up the quote randomizer with my favorite gems at the end of the evening.

You see, great writing is joyous. Great writing inspires people to create fansites. And great writing deserves fair pay.

Until the contract negotiation is resolved, I will not watch any replacement programming you put in The Office’s place. I will not view or download online episodes.

And OfficeTally’s quote randomizer will go dark.

Because without fair pay, there are no words.


Jennie Tan

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