The Weekend Tally

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  1. Thanks for the info on the free Juno screening! I’m going to the LA one.

    And bring on the crossword!

  2. Crossword puzzle sounds fun!

    By the way, did you see the new videos on NBC from Angela’s SF trip? You’re in one of them :)

  3. The elf thing is hysterical! I went to that site and made myself into 4 different elves and sent it as my holiday greeting!

  4. A crossword puzzle should be fun. I am looking forward to that. Tanster, I hope you know that you have to share your score with us now lol.

  5. An Office crossword puzzle? That is awesome. I’m horrible at crosswords, but I might actually be able to do an Office themed one.

  6. Thanks for the info on Juno! I too, reserved my free tickets! And I’m so excited.

    I’m not too into crossword puzzles, but i’ll try it out. Ever since March Madness ended, I am SO bored ;)

  7. I wish it wasn’t so close to the end of the semester otherwise I’d be able to go to a screening in the city ='(

  8. also thank you for the free juno screening. I will hopefully be going to the providence one

  9. thank you so much for the heads up on Juno!

    I love Fox Searchlight’s free screenings- that’s how I first saw Little Miss Sunshine as well.

  10. OK those dancing elves with our Office characters made me spit out my hot chocolate! haha.

  11. Oh, thanks for the Juno tip! I am going to the LA screening on Tuesday.
    Has anyone had any problems with those? The email I received mentioned that they overbook the event and said to arrive early in order to get seats. How early, do you think? Will 30 minutes be enough? I’d hate to drive down there (it’s over an hour for me, minimum) only to be turned away. What do you think?

  12. I’ve gone to quite a few screenings recently, for various movies. I haven’t had any problems getting a seat, but it’s best to get there about half an hour early so you can pick the seat you want. Plus, sometimes if you get there early, they have free stuff :)

  13. LOL Uncle Jesse and Kimmy! Talk about my childhood.

    Also, I am a serious crossword addict.

    Bring it!

  14. I LOVE the elf dance!!! (But why does Jim have boobs?)

    Oh, and bring on the crossword puzzle!! How fun!

  15. Tanster – another Office-related mention posted this morning on the Washington Post’s website

  16. Love the pointless rivalries… especially being on the same list with Ahab and Moby Dick!

    Go vote for John, guys. I’ve never even been to a People magazine Celebrity Central page, but gosh darn it, we can’t let those Heroes fans win!!! (That guy is from Heroes, right?)

  17. I love the fact that Michael and Toby made the list of all time greatest rivals. In comparison to that great rivalry, I wish that Carla and Diane from Cheers or Archie and Meathead from All In The Family would have made it.

  18. OK, since HK’s (#27) comment is the second time I have seen Zachary Levi compared to John Krasinski today… I have to say… for those of you jonesin’ for some Jim, “Chuck” def has a Jim Halpert vibe…. like – what if Jim Halpert worked for the CIA? and Pam could kick people’s ass with a hairpin?

    Just my little ad for the only show besides The Office that I MUST watch every week… and they still have new ones for a couple more weeks!

    It thankfully got picked up for the whole season (which is amazing since the strike is killing other new shows), but I just want everyone to watch it so it stays! Tonight (Monday) on NBC… 7pm central… I get all confused when I try to translate to other time zones, which makes me feel like an idiot, so you all can do that yourselves!

    PS. I swear I’m not an idiot ;-)

  19. Zachary Levi does have a Halpert thing going, but he’s the poor man’s John Krasinski. Sorry I had to say that.

  20. I love how since this was posted, John has gone from mid-20% to 44%!! I really want him to win…I sent the link to all my friends.

  21. hahaha jenna looks great and is hilarious in her movie clips.
    i have a question though
    is it her singing in the movie? or a stand in?

  22. John’s tied for the lead – go vote!

    P.S. 30/Kelley – I love Chuck too, but it sounds like last night’s was the last one in the can, so it’s back to High Stakes Poker on Mondays!

  23. “Juno” is great! Everyone should go see it! Rainn’s cameo is particularly hilarious, but in general its a very funny and touching movie.

  24. I just saw Jenna on Entertainment Tonight. It was like a minute, but it was funny. She said she completely mimicked Resse Witherspoon’s performance in “Walk the Line”. hehe.

  25. Tanster, I think you may need to re-post the link to vote for John at … he made up ground fast early this week, but now he and Milo are tied at 46%!

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