The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending August 24.

This is a teeny, tiny, Tally.


Tipster: Nick


  1. I already knew most if not all of the “Ten Things You Never Knew About Steve Carell.”

    I think that says something about Beth Hilton’s investigatory journalism skills. (It also says something about me. Ha.)

  2. Do we just need to sign up for the newsletter on striketv to get the access code? I did that a few days ago and still… no access code. Thanks.

  3. Is it sad that I knew ALL 10 things I wasn’t supposed to know? …Yes, yes it is…

  4. The code was for the first 1000 to sign up for the beta version. I was out of town and so I missed the email.

  5. Anybody see the “Michael tries to get the Olympics to Scranton” promo mentioned in the Greg Daniels ad??

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