The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending October 12.

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  1. Ok. I’m not joking. The TWSS incident nearly happened to me. We were in AP Calc and my friend said something also the lines of “it’s just too hard”. Come on, I couldn’t let that one pass!
    My teacher asked to see me after class and told me my behavior was “disruptive to the class environment”. I shrugged and said “Come on, you teach high school students. Did you really think that was going to slip by?” He ACTUALLY admitted I was right and let me go. TRUE STORY.

  2. That’s hilarious/kind of terrifying that the Cookie monster video on Youtube did not exist until it was mentioned in The Office…
    What power the writers have…

  3. the twss picture is hilarious. almost everyone in my contacts list will lol.

    how about that movie in the works with Tina Fey and Steve C. as a married couple? bliss!!

  4. I love that detention notice! Especially about the comments being made far too often.

  5. John’s sultry voice makes me want to compulsively buy a ridiculously expensive phone that I will not use to its fullest capacity. That’s magic, folks. PURE. MAGIC.

  6. Very tempted to watch the cookie monster, but I do not want that song in my head for another 5 months.

    Man, John is such a voice over slut. Ok I guess if I could make $$ doing that I would do anything I was offered. I want to be a slut too.

  7. I agree, the detention notice was GREAT.

    I’m a teacher and I’ve had to stop myself from saying TWSS when students are complaining about a test being too hard!

  8. Besides the awesome detention slip, that was a great interview with Oscar. Well worth the read.

  9. detention?!?! I feel bad for you. At my school, we just get stern looks or muffled laughs for saying that. Kind of ridiculous and funny, though.

    Is that really John’s voice? At the beginning it sounded like him, but as it went on I wasn’t too sure.

    And the wedding date paragraph was hilarious and sad for Andy. He just can’t take a hint, can he?

  10. I seriously just laugh-snorted at the detention slip. That is hilarious and I hope detention was worth it!!

  11. Someone I know got a detention for saying “that’s what she said” this week, too! Except it was for “this can get really hard.”

  12. IS that John? I thought it was… but then I heard subtle differences in the voice and I wasn’t so sure. And.. John’s an Apple guy.. would that be a conflict of interest?

    It’s going to bother me until I know for sure, lol. :/

  13. Haha i got a detention once for TWSSing but my teacher was laughing hysterically when i said it.

  14. I TWSSed in class and my teacher told me to give myself a pat on the back, but also to come after school for a detention. I went for the detention, he gave me a high five, and told me to have a great weekend.

  15. I have given detention to my students for TWSS. I told them that to avoid it, it has to be a REALLY good one.

  16. John is perfect for that commercial! And “Jim” would be too, because the first connection that came to mind was the quote: Jim as Dwight: “Question: What kind of bear is best?”
    Dwight: “That’s a ridiculous question.”
    Jim: “False. Black Bear.”…… or Black “Beary” (Berry) Haha.

  17. I TWSSed my professor once. It was awesome. The best part though was the professor said something else TWSS-worthy and someone else said TWSS and got chastised, for being unoriginal.

    Nice work, Richard Avis.

  18. My boss and I say TWSS to each other at work ALL day. Sometimes we don’t even need to say it, we just give each other the ‘look’ and I know what’s he’s thinking.

    Did I mention his name is Michael?

  19. i always say TWSS. at work, at school. i never get in trouble, people just laugh. unless they don’t know what it means. then just i laugh. haha.

  20. Hahaha, omg, I can’t believe he got a detention for TWSS. I applaud him.

    I say it all the time. As do others.

  21. As a middle school teacher, I have written up students for saying twss in class. When it’s said on the show, among friends, and on office websites then it’s allowable. In class as response to a female student’s genuine frustration over a math problem, then it’s detention and in some schools it’s considered sexual harassment.

  22. Honestly, if I was a principal at a school and I received a detention slip from a kid like the one posted, I’m not sure what I would but it would probably be laugh hysterically.

    But, I can understand why the kid would have to serve a detention. In the highschool I attend, you can actually get suspended for saying TWSS, but I do have one Office Obsessed Teacher that allows us to say it during class but only if it’s a really good one. Half the time we don’t even need to say it, someone will say a perfect TWSS starting line and everyone in the class will just start laughing, including the teacher.

  23. #24 – Yeah, most of the stuff I’ve seen John with is Apple but he does have a BlackBerry. I saw some paparazzi shots from when he was filming that Sam Mendes movie over the summer and there wasn’t a single shot of him looking up because he was staring so intently at whatever he was doing on his BlackBerry. He’s a techie dork like me! One more reason to love him!

  24. The BlackBerry commercial is definitely JKras – you can tell when he says “whoa” and when his voice kind of cracks…

    And Richard Avis = amazing. Seriously. Probably not the best thing to do in high school, but in college we said it ALL the time lol

  25. Arrgh, they spelt Rhode Island wrong on the location page of Andy & Angela’s wedding site…

  26. John’s voice is so funny. It sounds like a teenager that is changing voices, it’s really grave but sometimes it just cracks. So cute.

  27. Re: 44

    You mean Andy spelled it wrong. Never dismiss a spelling mistake as one that wasn’t thought out on purpose ;-)

  28. The reason TWSS is written into the show is because it illustrates Michael’s lack of social sensitivity. And Michael, being an ass, is the joke. When people use TWSS in real life, they lack that context of poking fun at people who are sexists. Instead using TWSS they become sexists themselves.

  29. Oh man! someone got in big trouble at my school for saying that this french-fry was hard and long and sticky. When someone says something like that, how can you NOT twss??

  30. When I saw that Blackberry commercial, I thought it was John, but it didn’t sound just right…It’s all clear now, though.

    I like how there’s a Blackberry advertisement on Andy & Angela’s wedding site. That might just be a coincidence, though.

  31. I’m not sure if I’m the only one seeing this problem, but I can’t seem to view Jenna’s blog. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

  32. Also, my friend has gotten a detention for TWSS. Someone groaned really loudly, and he said it.

  33. In my math class last year TWSS was used all the time, even by our teacher. The best one was when my teacher was like “Alright, now let’s flip it over and work on the backside” TWSS!

  34. That’s hilarious!
    Haha, in band, there are so many TWSSs. Like once, my teacher’s like “why would you pretend to blow when you’re already doing it?” and another time we were tuning the trumpet section and the teacher’s like “well I would tell you whether to push in or pull out but Becca’s big head is in the way!”
    Episode idea: Michael and Todd Packer visit a school and go to the band room and hear all the TWSSs. Well maybe not, but it would be fun to imagine.

  35. #60 Rebecca
    “why would you pretend to blow when you’re already doing it?”

    That is a perfect TWSS! It made me laugh for about 5 minutes. Haha!

  36. As a teacher in a high school, I can vouch that this happens quite frequently. When a fellow faculty member showed me a write up slip with the, “that’s what she said” comment on it….I found difficulty trying to control my own laughter.

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