The Weekend Tally

It is Hadley’s birthday

The Office

Hi Tanster!

So what does any girl want for her 30th birthday?

An Office theme! My mom did a great job I think :) She likes the show too but I never thought she would remember this well.


[from tanster: the sign on the table says “It is your birthday.” :) ]


  1. i just went and saw the proposal. it was great. Oscar stole the show in every scene he was in. :)

  2. For “The Goods”, I saw David Koechner (sp), Ed Helms, and Craig Robinson.

    I might go into that chat room on the 23rd when Kate Flannery comes around.

  3. I think 4…Andy, Darryl, Todd Packer and the guy from Michael’s improv class

  4. Wow what a summer for “The Office” cast and writers! Can’t say enough about the awesomeness of both “The Hangover” and “Away We Go”. I went to “The Proposal” for Ryan Reynold’s awesome abs, but absolutely loved it for Oscar’s strip tease. Advice on watching “Year One”, watch it with the middle school kid in you and you’ll have an awesome time. Can’t wait for “The Goods”. It’s gonna be awesome. You know what’s even more awesome than the color pink? According to Myspace it’s your birthday today. Happy Birthday and have an awesome day!

    [from tanster: thank you leonora! :) ]

  5. I counted 5 people… Andy, Darryl, todd packer, and i think his name was bill from e-mail surveillance, and i thought i saw captain jack from booze cruise.

  6. Wow, I might actually make it to a chat on time for once (just watch, now I’m going to forget about it and remember the next day haha). It won’t be the same as an OTCR one but it should still be fun.

  7. I see three in The Goods preview.
    Darn, I debated whether to get People magazine or TV guide at the store today and I ended up getting TV Guide. I guess I’ll go back out and get People. And yay for a chat room this week.

  8. Happy birthday, Hadley! That is an amazing party, I’m jealous (especially since my birthday just passed, and I have to wait another year if I want that!). I hope you enjoyed your thirtieth!

    It was your birthday. :)

  9. Love, love, love those NPR interviews. The latest one didn’t disappoint! Thank you!

    [from tanster: i knew you’d like that one. ;) ]

  10. I saw David Koechner, Ken Jeong (Bill), Craig Robinson and Ed Helms.

    It looks really funny! I liked the bit with Kristen Schaal at the start, I love Flight of the Conchords! But not as much as The Office!!!

  11. I saw The Proposal this weekend and hadn’t heard that Oscar was in it. Saw his name in the opening credits and thought he’d be in one or two little background scenes.

    Laughed my a$$ off at every scene he was in! Especially his big dance number!! Kudos to all the great work our favorite cast is doing during their hiatus.

  12. That Office themed birthday is really cute. What an awesome mom! I wonder if Hadley decided on an hour of television, or an hour of napping.

  13. Spotted Ed Helms, David Koechner, Craig Robinson, Ken Jeong, & the “nurse”/stripper from the Ben Franklin & Fun Run episodes (sorry, I don’t know her name).
    Am I right?

  14. Thanks all!

    I have two small kids, I took the hour of napping! Later that night I played the dvd Office game and watched season 2 again.

    All while my husband dealt with the kids :)

  15. In the movie trailer, I saw Craig Robinson, Ed Helms, David Koechner (Todd Packer), and one of the students in Michael’s improv class in Email Surveillance. Do I get extra credit for mentioning that I also saw Buster from Arrested Development, and Ed Helms and Craig Robinson also did eps of that show? I was pretty excited to see that!

  16. I was definitely not planning to see The Proposal, but I will just to see Oscar’s scenes.

  17. O M G! I went to see the Proposal last night (yes, for Ryan Reynolds…), and was absolutely floored by Oscar’s scenes. I was literally in tears I was laughing so hard at his bar scene. He was GREAT! Actually, the whole movie was awesome.

    btw, happy belated birthday Tanster :)

  18. The Proposal was actually a really good movie, and Oscar’s scenes were great! Tanster, did you see it?

    [from tanster: no, i haven’t yet!]

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