Vote for ‘The Office’ in the 2009 Tater Top Awards

From E! Online: “It’s time to vote for Watch with Kristin’s annual Tater Top Awards, where you, the fans, get to decide the best from the past TV season.”

Here are the categories that The Office is nominated in:

  • Best Comedy: The Office | Vote!
  • Favorite Funny Guy: Steve Carell or John Krasinski | Vote!
  • Favorite Funny Lady: Jenna Fischer | Vote!
  • Best Guest Star: Amy Ryan | Vote!
  • Best Romantic Chemistry: Pam and Jim | Vote!
  • Biggest Shocker: Pam and Jim | Vote!

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  1. Current standings:
    * 22.9% How I Met Your Mother
    * 21.3% Chuck
    * 21.1% The Big Bang Theory
    * 19.0% The Office
    * 15.6% 30 Rock

  2. It’s a tough decision between 30 Rock and The Office, but I had to go with Office :] I can’t believe those two are the bottom! But by a small percentage. Hopefully enough Tallyheads can pull us through!

  3. Vooooote everybody! Obviously other people aren’t as smart as us or The Office wouldn’t be almost at the bottom ;)

  4. now 19.5%
    Office is my favorite, followed by Big Bang Theory, followed by 30 Rock

  5. Come on Office! You can do it! I would never even consider voting for any of the other shows.

  6. If we just keep voting I think we can do it…we did just move up a place.

  7. Just voted! Here are the new standings:
    1) 23.9% Chuck
    2) 21.6% How I Met Your Mother
    3) 20.6% The Office
    4) 19.6% The Big Bang Theory
    5) 14.3% 30 Rock

    The Office moved up a place! Obviously The Office is my favorite but I do also like The Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock. I don’t think How I Met Your Mother is that funny and I’ve never even watched Chuck.

  8. Current Standing:

    13.7% 30 Rock
    18.7% The Big Bang Theory
    25.7% Chuck
    21.0% How I Met Your Mother
    21.0% The Office

    Tied for second place.

    [from tanster: nice job, office fans! keep going! :) ]

  9. Best Comedy

    13.3% 30 Rock
    18.2% The Big Bang Theory
    26.2% Chuck
    20.7% How I Met Your Mother
    21.6% The Office


  10. Current standings:

    13.1% 30 Rock
    18.1% The Big Bang Theory
    26.5% Chuck
    20.5% How I Met Your Mother
    21.9% The Office

    YAY!!!! 2nd Place!!!!

  11. 11.4% 30 Rock
    16.6% The Big Bang Theory
    29.9% Chuck
    19.2% How I Met Your Mother
    22.9% The Office


  12. I’m probably going to get shot saying this on here, but I voted for Chuck. I fully intended to vote for The Office, but I had to go with Chuck when I saw it. Chuck has been really good this whole season, and The Office has been slipping (IMO) lately.

  13. Current Standing:

    11.1% 30 Rock
    16.3% The Big Bang Theory
    30.9% Chuck
    18.9% How I Met Your Mother
    22.9% The Office

    Still in 2nd place. How The Office not be beating Chuck?!

    Come on guys. Vote!!

  14. I’ve been voting like crazy and “Chuck” is still leading the pack. I’m a TV junkie and I’ve never even heard of that show. Isn’t Chuck the missing brother of Richie Cunningham? ;)

  15. Just placed my Amy Ryan vote and she is way ahead 28.8% to Kristen Bells 21.8%. GO AMY!

  16. at least we’re beating 30 rock, i hate that they always steal our glory.

  17. of all the tater top polls, I find the funny guy category hard… can’t decide between JKras, Steve and NPH…. lol… I love them all.. :)
    and good to see Amy Ryan leading!!

  18. It’s Thursday 11th June, 8:25am. Objective for today: vote Jenna Fischer (currently in 3rd place, with 21.2%) to the top.

  19. Chuck is an hr long action/drama.comedy. It has no business being nominated best comedy. Although I can say that as long as we’re beating 30 Rock I’m happy.

  20. Just a heads up for other international tallyheads…

    The links didn’t work for me until I visited the eonline homepage and changed the settings from Australia to USA. This may be the same for other non-USA office lovers. Change the country and the links will work so you can vote too.


  21. I’m voting for Chuck too. I love the office but Chuck has been ridiculously amazing this season, I recommend it for office fans, it will pull you in right from the pilot.

  22. Usually the ones I vote for (The Office, 30 Rock) have the lowest ratings. Sigh.

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