‘The Office’ opening credits

You guys were so excited to see the opening credits during last night’s episode, I asked NBC to put it online.

Doesn’t it just give you the warm fuzzies? :)

Thank you, NBC.com!

Got a ‘Stress Relief’ question for Paul Lieberstein?

Do you have a question about last night’s post-Super Bowl episode, ‘Stress Relief’?

Paul Lieberstein, ‘Stress Relief’ writer, has very graciously agreed to answer your questions about the episode! Given that he is also very busy being an executive producer for ‘The Office,’ I am beyond excited that he’s agreed to do this. Thank you, Paul!

Submit your question here by 11pm PT tomorrow night, February 3rd.

I’ll put together a Q&A and post it hopefully sometime next week.

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Stress Relief’ only. Thanks!

The Office: Stress Relief, 5.14-15

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Stress Relief

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): After Dwight’s fire safety seminar goes awry, he must make amends to the stressed-out office. Michael tries a number of ways to get his employees to relax before discovering that he is the number one stressor at work. So that people won’t feel afraid of him, he insists on a no-holds-barred roast of himself. While watching a pirated movie, Andy is convinced that Jim and Pam are film gurus. One-hour long, follows Super Bowl. Read more about this episode here. Guest stars: Cloris Leachman, Jack Black, Jessica Alba.

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Super Bowl live blog

I am live blogging during the Super Bowl, but not actually watching the Super Bowl. Until something of interest pops up.

Because if you think that you have to wait until after the Super Bowl to be treated to ‘The Office,’ you would be mistaken. ;)

And remember the special one-hour episode of ‘The Office’ airs 7:30pm PT/10:30pm ET.


Feb 1, 7:12pm: some final spoilers.

Feb 1, 5:50pm: a trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens, featuring the voice talent of Rainn Wilson.

Feb 1, 4:31pm: Rainn just iPhoned me this pic. Thanks, Rainn! (Doesn’t that look like Ed McMahon behind him?)

Feb 1, 1:46pm: Rainn’s interview with Al Roker.

Feb 1, 10:58pm: sources tell me there are two cameos from The Office staff in tonight’s episode! Will you be able to spot them … ?

Feb 1, 9:09am: and the wait for tonight has begun! In the meantime, enjoy these little morsels. (Not spoilerish) Tipster: Red

[Videos no longer available]

Jan 31, 9:22pm: speaking of Rainn, you can now follow him on Twitter! Go do it!

Jan 31, 8:23pm: Rainn Wilson and Brian Baumgartner attend Super Bowl events.

Jan 31, 4:23pm: quoting completed. The quote randomizer will be reloaded with ‘Stress Relief’ quotes tomorrow night around 10pm PT. Woo!

Jan 31, 3pm: starting quote randomizer work on ‘Stress Relief.’