The Office: Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1, 5.16

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The Office Lecture Circuit

Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): Michael goes on a speaking tour of the other branches to explain Scranton’s success, accompanied by Pam. Dwight and Jim — now the heads of the party planning committee — forget a birthday, with severe consequences. Andy falls for someone he should not. First of two parts.

The Office Lecture Circuit Part 1 extras

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated February 3, 2009:

Ken [Kwapis]… directed the episode that is airing this week – “Lecture Circuit”. It is my favorite of the year! The folks at corporate send Michael on a business trip to the various branches of Dunder-Mifflin where he is to perform sales training seminars. Pam goes along as his assistant. They go to Karen’s branch and Pam and Karen see one another for the first time since Jim and Karen broke up. Ahhhh! So awesome! The episode was so great that was turned into a two-parter!

This is the episode of the birthday sign in the conference room: IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.

The Office Lecture Circuit Part 1 rating

In a poll conducted Feb. 5-9, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.64/10

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The Office Lecture Circuit Part 1 quotes

Michael: I was looking online about sebaceous cysts. I have not been squeezing it. Could I stick it with a pin?

Michael: And we’re off! Like a herd of turtles.

Michael: I am telling them my secret recipe for success. My eleven business herbs and spices. In a sales batter.

Michael: Pam is my hot roadie.

Michael: Don’t say “bucks.” It’s not lady-like.

Michael: Maybe you could tie it around your waist, or lose the shirt underneath or something.

Kelly: I think sometimes people are really mean to the hot, popular girl.

Michael: I need silence or Sam Kinison to prepare.

Pam: I’ll just play a song in my head.

Pam: I even hate thinking that Al-Qaeda hates me. I think if they got to know me, they wouldn’t hate me.

Andy: What we have here is the ultimate smackdown between the Nard Dog and crippling despair, loneliness, and depression. I intend to win.

Kelly: Screw you guys. You’re dead to me.

Dwight: What kind of cake do you want, imbecile?

Michael: Is that Jim’s?

Michael: I’m trying to figure out the last time that you and Jim had sex.

Dwight: It’s not like she discovered a cure for cancer.

Dwight: Fortunately, my feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal man’s.

Michael: You bought it! And now you can’t return it. Or can you? No you can’t.

Michael: Karen, do you need to go pump?

Michael: Would a liar bring mini Mounds bars?

Michael: I learned the Pledge of Allegiance by setting it to the tune of Old MacDonald.

Michael: Shirty. Mole. Lazy Eye. Mexico. Baldy. Sugar Boobs. Black Woman.

Michael: She is pregnant. She is knocked up. “K,” Karen.

Stanley: Give me two clients for her.

Michael: Prepare yourself, for the Utica Chain Store Massacre!

Michael: So is there a guy or a person or a sperm machine that did this to you?

Michael: No, it’s really dorky. You were right the first time.

Michael: Old hatreds dissolve into new friendships. It’s a really wonderful moment.

Andy: Whenever I walk into a room, she totally looks up.

Creed: This is how I got Squeaky Fromme.

Creed: Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?

Andy: We lost the account.

Dwight: Mose doesn’t know how to use a phone, so joke’s on you.

Pam: Perfect boobs. Of course I remember Holly.

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  1. Ok, I thought the beginning started out solid, great cold open. However, I didn’t really find the material at Scranton all that funny, especially the stuff with Andy. Michael and Pam were great… but I just felt like this episode was lacking (much like “The Surplus”).

    *Here’s to next week!

  2. Great episode. A good follow-up to Stress Relief. All of the cast seemed human in this episode, whereas the past few episodes have made it seem like the characters are exaggerations of the original character. And Andy’s heartbreak was finally addressed.

    I loved the idea of having Dwight be part of the party planning committee. Hilarious.

    Pam and Michael’s little moment was nice too. Pam actually seemed like Pam in this episode. It’s good to see Karen as a likable person too. If that is the last time we see Rashida, at least she went out on a good note.

  3. Meh. I haven’t been as down on Season 5 as a lot of other people but this one didn’t do it as much for me. I did love the “It is your birthday” sign and Creed giving Jim a 3 dollar bill but the other storylines weren’t that funny. It would have been a lot funnier if the girl Andy fell for was Stanley’s daughter. Also, did any of the accountants have a line? I hope part 2 is better.

  4. OMG! That was the BEST episode. Too many awesome points to list here. I can’t wait to rewatch! And re-rewatch.

  5. I thought it was an ok episode. It had funny parts,(“Mole, Lazy Eye, Mexico, Baldy, Sugar Boobs, Black Lady”) It was nice to see Karen again, but I was disappointed to not see the new credits again…

  6. I think it was one of the funniest episodes of the season. Absolutely loved the Pam and Michael interaction. Can’t wait for next week.

  7. Just when I think this show can’t make me laugh anymore (well, I don’t really think that) a cold open like this happens and I can’t stop laughing!

    Michael annoying the staff over the phone’s PA system was instant-classic Michael! Loved it!

  8. This was such a cute and funny episode. I really like Michael and Pam out working together (even if she is carrying all the bags). I can’t wait for next week to see if he gets “closure”.

  9. I was so excited to hear my own county mentioned in tonight’s episode. BERKS COUNTY ROCKS!! Thanks writers for making my night!!

  10. Tonight’s episode was a great follow up to Stress Relief. Dwight and Jim as heads of the party planning committee was awesome. Any time those two team up you know it’s going to be funny. Creed was hilarious tonight. The 3 dollar bill was priceless. I never thought that Pam felt she had done something wrong with regards to Karen. At least now she and Karen have closure and whatever guilt she may have felt is gone.

    I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. It will be Michael’s turn to try and get some closure.

  11. Kelly’s juvy was in Berks County!
    I’m so pumped because that’s where I live.
    Also, the actor who plays Daryl mentioned Reading at one of the conventions.
    Thank you, The Office.

  12. Loved it. This episode had the most laugh out loud moments of the season!! Every story line was funny and the time was split well among them.

    Jim and Dwight as the new heads of the party planning committee? Genius. For me, their talking head was an instant classic. Have they ever had one together before?

  13. I liked this one. Open was pretty good. Michael naming the people in the meeting was the highlight and then coming up w/ that guys name being “Mark.” Creed calling Andy “Jim” and the Nard-dog already on the prowl. Dwight’s idea of a birthday party was great and both he and Jim on the party planning committee, ha! I loved that Michael wanted to bring back the candy bit from Business School and the chainsaw thing, wow, ha. I’m sure we’ll see a return of Holly next week. So we wait…

  14. One of the best episodes of the season.

    I was left wondering whether Creed had given Jim advice on Casino Night. What do you all think?

  15. LOL at Creed. The $3 bill and his advice to “Jim” was great. The IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY sign was pretty awesome as well.

  16. This season has been very uneven. I’m not sure I laughed out loud once during Stress Relief. This episode was perfect. Something for everyone and the characters seemed more real and less cartoonish. Good job Mindy!

  17. I loved this episode. It was great how they toned it down after the superbowl episode. The pace of it all seemed more real and each storyline has enough time for it shine. I especially liked how they addressed post breakup Andy, and show that he’s moving on, or at least trying to. :-)

  18. Okay. I thought this episode was AWESOME! It felt like The Office again! :D I loved Michael and Pam’s storyline (and that Pam wants to take Michael to Nashua! XD YAY!). Pam had felt off to me for most of season 4 and 5, and this episode totally brought back the Pam I love. The Jim and Dwight stuff cracked me up…especially the $3 bill Creed gave to Jim. XD Oh and the cold open was great too!

  19. Hilarious cold-open! Sweet Pam/Karen storyline, along with an oddly funny Michael lecture scene in Utica (“baldy, lazy eye..”). Back in Scranton, the Andy/Client storyline was nothing spectacular compared to the classic Dwight/Jim teamwork (“who is this?..”it’s Mose”..”Mose doesn’t know how to use a phone”). It was also nice to have cute Michael/Pam moments! All in all, a great episode with lots of variety! Can’t wait til next Thursday! (I’m a little disappointed they didn’t keep the opening credits from Stress Relief..)

  20. Gut Busting Funny. This might be the best of season 5. I loved the Dwight and Jim party planning debacle. Andy setting off the car alarms. Michael being usual over the top but in an enormously funny way. IE the chainsaw. Pam and Michael having some serious interaction. Brought back memories of Business School. This is the office at its finest. Hilarity mixed with serious.

  21. So funny. The balloons totally had me cracking up! Worst/most hilarious decorating job ever.

    And such a good episode for Pam! I was beginning to get annoyed at how little she was in some episodes this season.

  22. I loved it! The comedic timing was amazing! Can’t wait for part 2. Kudos for Mindy Kaling!

  23. So many hysterical moments, one of my favorites this season!

    As always, different fans have different reactions, find different things funny. I loved the Andy subplot, nice to see his desperate, heartbroken side come through, and hilarious when he peeks inside her car, then waddles away suspiciously.

  24. SUCH a good episode! Ken Kwapis is an amazing director! I can’t wait to see “He’s Just Not That Into You” tomorrow (also directed by Ken). Also, Karen’s husband looked strangely like Jim….

  25. I LOVED this episode–It really did seem like The Office I know again. My favorite part was when Pam threw the Mounds bars–she looked so serious that it was hysterical.

  26. Second-best of the season! I hope this streak continues. The tone was spot-on and it was pretty funny. Not season 2 funny just yet– well, maybe like one of the less remembered season 2 episodes. But it didn’t copy season 2’s style either, which is good. It was a new style but it worked.

  27. Thank you, Mindy Kaling! Although The Office is still one of the best shows on TV, I hadn’t been wowed by recent episodes as much as in the past. But tonight’s was great, and proved why Mindy is my favorite Office writer. Great work!

  28. This was really really my favorite episode of the season. I didn’t stop smiling the entire 30 minutes. Pam and Michael are a great pair to watch, per usual. As are Jim and Dwight on the same team… sort of.
    CLASSIC OFFICE. Good stuff.

  29. By jove! They got it! That was an awesome episode. Can’t wait to see the rest in part 2 next week. Well done, Ms. Kaling.

  30. My husband and I laughed until tears were streaming down our faces. This is my favorite episode of this season. I wonder if we’ll find out why Kelly was in the juvy?

  31. Is it just me, or is this the second time Jim and Dwight have slighted Kelly? The first was her Dancing with the Stars party, right? Poor guys can’t catch a break.

    Pretty hilarious episode.

  32. I am SO glad we weren’t let down by this episode…

    I was nervous, with the high expectations after the Super Bowl episode.

    Favorite moment is probably when Pam throws the mini mounds out into the crowd.

  33. Loved every second of it! Was the picture on Creed’s three dollar bill George Bush?

  34. I loved so much of what this episode chose to be

    Michael Scott and Pam Beesley need to have a buddy road trip movie. They are my favorite pairing on the show and this episode really delivered that dynamic.

  35. kelly was in the Berks County juvie!! i got excited as soon as i heard that because i’m from Berks County!

  36. Did anyone see the similarities between the BBC Office and this episode, particularly the one with Dawn and David as the lecture team. I think that is one of the reasons I love this episode. It brought such a welcome sense of nostalgia. I would like to say thank you to the Office again for being a welcome diversion on Thursdays

  37. Excellent episode! This episode had the most laugh out loud moments of the season so far for me. Favourite parts:-
    It is your birthday.
    Pam’s Al-Qaeda talking head
    ‘Old hatreds dissolve into new friendships’
    aaaaand Mini Mounds!

    These are definitely instant classics.

  38. WOW. An episode of the office that actually felt like a documentary. Was still funny, not over the top and over all progressed the story. This was among the top of the season.

  39. The only thing I will say is that this should have took the place of Prince Family Paper. Why wait so long to progress Andy’s story?

  40. I’m so glad Karen got this kind of story, I always hated her being viewed as the villain. The Pam and Karen moments were great, and Rashida makes a gorgeous pregnant woman!

    Overall the episode was fantastic. Gotta love the throwing of the Mounds best though!

  41. I really enjoyed this episode! “Stress Relief” was a little over the top (still funny though!), but I felt like this episode settled things down some and brought everything back on track. It felt like I was watching a S2 episode again. Creed’s pep talk to Andy cracked me up! Anyway, this was one of my favorites this season!

  42. GREAT episode!!! Miss Mindy Kaling, if you EVER read this, thank you for writing this- awesome job! and I can’t wait for part 2. I too had several laugh-out-loud moments that I loved. Andy seemed to be his desperate self again like he was when he first wanted Angela, which I find amusing.

    My fav. moment: Dwight and Jim during the talking head together, when Dwight claims the armrest of the chair as his :)

  43. Ahh this episode was so, so great. I loved it from minute to end. Pam was adorably attentive and friendly with Michael, humoring him in a way that I loved. I love watching them interact. And Dwight and Jim!! Priceless. I really like watching them when they team up for a common goal, even if it is begrudgingly. This was a truly great episode. The best of the season.

  44. I also loved tonight’s episode! Something about it felt like season 2 or 3 Office– which I think are the best seasons so far. It was just kind of a simple, funny episode, just classic, as you all are saying. I also loved the pairing of characters, Jim/Dwight, Pam/Michael. The Pam/Karen thing was awesome too– felt really realistic. The whole thing was just so good! Yay! I liked it way better than the Super Bowl episode.

  45. LOVED it! Anytime Jim and Dwight are paired is gold! This was a great episode all around.

  46. Great show! I love Pam and Michael’s story. You would have thought that Jim learned his cake lesson last time.

    I agree Karen’s husband is a Jim replacement.

  47. Pretty good episode! Why didn’t they use the new opening? Also, I couldn’t believe what a good mood Pam was in!

  48. Gotta say, I loved this episode 10 times more than the post-Super Bowl episode. It was fabulous! Loved the Michael and Pam road trip stuff, the Jim and Dwight party planning team, and Andy’s crazy romantic attempt.

    I mean, who else but a guy like Dwight would color coordinate the balloons with the industrial carpeting on the conference room floor?!?!

    Way to go Mindy Kaling on writing this one. You are awesome, lady! And I loved that Karen had a happy ending of her own, and that Pam got to find out about it. :-)

  49. I really liked that episode. To me it was classic office. I wish the writers would stick with more realistic stuff. I don’t like it when episodes are touch and go because the writers seem to be trying to get a larger audience instead of being true to the characters. This was a much better episode than stress relief. As others have mentioned MINI MOUNDS!

  50. I seem to be the only one but I was not a fan of this episode. Yes there were some funny parts but all in all there were fewer laugh out loud parts. rather, there were more sit and smile moments. I know I am in the minority here but that is what I was thinking

  51. I declare Mindy Kaling as my queen. I want to have a holiday to celebrate her genius! Pam’s talking head about Al Qaeda and Karen = Best. Thing. Ever.

  52. Good lord was that Creed at the end with a 3 dollar bill with George Bush’s face on it?


  53. This is what I’ve been waiting for all season. GREAT episode! Well done, Mindy! There was no over-the-top-ness, soapish-ness, glaring continuity errors or too much focus on romantic pairings. Loved it! I can’t wait for part 2.

  54. I thought it was funny to parallel Jim and Dwight’s party-planning fighting with Angela and Phyllis’s…at least that’s how I took it. Anyone who plans a party is going to end up getting snappy. :)

    This episode had some really sweet moments – Pam and Karen, Michael – which I always love, mixed with a lot of laugh-out-loud craziness. Andy was awkwardly hilarious and I just really liked the whole Dwight and Jim pairing. Awesome episode…can’t wait to see part 2! And #44 – I think that was George Bush on the 3 dollar bill…

  55. Office writers, if you are reading this… PLEASE please please have more talking heads with multiple characters! Loved this episode! Way to follow up with the brilliance of Super Bowl’s awesomeness! Just. Dawesome.

  56. I have to agree with most of what is being said. It was my favorite episode since, well, season 3. Fine Work!

  57. So good to have the Nard Dog back in character again. And after re-watching the Super Bowl episode, I’m convinced it’s him at the end making out with Cloris Leachman. We need a Jim/Dwight storyline or interaction every week… tonight was brilliant. Great to see Jim involved in the office antics instead of being relegated to the soap opera boyfriend role. And guys can’t be party planners. I predict Kelly will be the new head of the PPC.

  58. WOW! What a fantastic episode! I loved every single minute of it!

    Pam and Michael’s road trip was wonderful. I love those two together. I was so happy to see a normal, adult resolution to Pam/Karen and it nicely (without contrivance) sparked Michael’s need for closure. Also, glimpses of insecure Pam made me happy. She’s not completely Fancy New Beesly and I love that. Watching Pam wrestle the luggage into the car? Great. Throwing the mounds bars? Genius.

    Dwim was hilarious. I loved their talking head and exasperated Jim is always fun to watch. “What kind of cake do you want, imbecile?” Oh Dwight…lol!

    My love for Andy continues. I can’t wait for next week! Kudos to Mindy!

  59. Favorite episode of the season!

    I lost it at the sight of Dwight’s party decorations. The balloons taped to the door, especially. So funny!

    “They match the carpet.”

    Pam and Karen’s hug, though, that was heartbreaking. I got a little choked up there, I have to admit.

    Thanks Mindy! Your episode was “amaay-ziing!”

  60. Superb episode! Mindy rocks as always. If I wasn’t laughing I was smiling all throughout. :o) I LOVE whenever Michael & Pam are paired up- it’s magic. The Karen stuff so wonderfully awkward. The party planning was hilarious, too. Did anyone else think Dwight’s decorating attempts were kind of endearing? It’s like he really thought about it and picked what he felt would be best- colors, sign, etc. In his own way, he did a great job!
    “Mose doesn’t know how to use a phone!” Of course. hahaha
    Beautifully crafted all the way around in all the ways that made me fall in love with The Office. Can’t wait for part 2!

  61. Okay, obviously this and “Customer Review” show that Jim + Dwight = office classic. I loved this episode. Not over the top, keeping in with everyone’s personality, reminded me a little of Season 2.

  62. I LOVED this episode and I’m still laughing about it an hour later! “Sugar boobs!” Pam throwing the mini Mounds! Dwight’s decorations! Mindy Kaling writes the best episodes!

  63. Loved this episode! I was not a big fan of Sunday’s episode, too over the top for me. Tonight’s however was perfect for me, best I’ve seen in a long time. Bravo Mindy!

  64. Oh my god. That was an amazingly good episode! That was everything I love the office for put into one episode! Jim and Dwight were the funniest i’ve seen them in a long time, the opening talking head with them was absolutely priceless. Congrats to Kaling, this episode was gold.

  65. The dynamic between Dwight and Jim when they have to work together is magical. I usually love Mindy Kaling penned episodes, and this was no different. Hard to say without seeing part two, but this might be my favorite episode of the season. Can’t wait until next week!

  66. Another fantastic episode, I loved it! Creed and his $3 bill!

    Dwight: (banner)This is your birthday.

  67. WOW. This is my favorite of the season, beating even Customer Survey. It really is the epitome of classic Office. Nothing crazy or overly dramatic going on, just funny, more realistic office. Incredible.

  68. Nice follow-up to the Super Bowl episode.
    1) cold open – esp. the part where Michael chokes on his laugh heehee
    2) Michael & Pam
    3) Jim & Dwight
    4) Andy setting off the car alarms & singing his version of “1234”
    5) Creed’s $3 bill w/Dubya as the face LOL
    6) Creed calling Andy Jim – haha, he doesn’t work w/that many people yet he still doesn’t know their names!
    7) Michael’s whole pneumonic system – Mexico, Sugar Boobs, black woman HAHA
    8) Mose doesn’t know how to use a phone
    9) Kelly was a juvie – didn’t see that one coming at all!

  69. to #54 thomas:
    I thought Karen’s hubby looked like Jimmy Fallon, esp in the pic where they’re dressed as hot dogs.

  70. Firmly in the loved-it camp! Cheers to Michael for having a moment of self-awareness! Or as Dwight would write: Cheers to Michael.

  71. I thought the cold open was very season 2-esque. I’m glad that we’ve been getting more Pam lately. She was painfully cute. Her Al Qaeda/Karen talking head made my laughing muscles ache from over exertion. Loved the Mounds toss! There was something about how on cue Pam was. She looked so serious, and she popped right up like a Pam-in-the-box.

  72. Absolutely loved this episode! The ensemble was spot on and thank you, Mindy, for “hitting this one out of the park!” WOW! The Office I know and love is back! Can’t wait for Part 2.

  73. Jim + Dwight = my favorite talking head EVER! They are definitely my favorite couple on the show. Serves Phyllis and Angela right to not be in charge of the PPC anymore.

    I thought it was a great episode – can’t wait for next week! I just hope it won’t result in Michael getting crushed…

  74. This episode was absolutely amazing! Mindy once again proved why she is my favorite funny woman in Hollywood. The Jim and Dwight interaction was the best in Office history. The best line had to be, “Mose doesn’t even know how to use the phone, so joke’s on you.” This was a 10, Mindy! Well done! Thank you!

  75. I liked this episode, and anything with Jim and Dwight is fantastic, esp. their talking head together. Dwight’s decorations for Kelly’s party was hysterial!

    I didn’t like Michael’s presentation at Utica, that bored me a little. However, I can’t wait to see what happens next week at Nashua.

    Great job Mindy! I love your episodes.

  76. wow..that was some of the best laughs I’ve had all season..I can’t wait for next week’s episode..Really hoping Holly and Michael reconnect..

  77. Hilarious. I really missed Pam, and had forgotten that she has a personality. She tends to get swallowed up in relationship BS.

    I am jumping on the “Mindy Kaling is our queen” bandwagon for reminding us that sitcom jokes can be funny without always being over the top.

  78. I’m going to have to agree with some others…best episode of the season.

    This was classic Office. Thank you writers!

  79. “I like her…with all of my heart.”

    “Fortunately, my feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal man.”

    “What kind of cake do you want, imbecile?”

    “I need silence or Sam Kennison to prepare.”

    I hate to say it, and I know how hard they worked on the Super Bowl episode, but this is my favorite episode of the season, and has perhaps slipped it’s way into Matt Bennett’s Top Ten Office Episodes. (MAYBE EVEN TOP FIVE!?!?!?!??!)

  80. AWESOME episode!! It was back to classic Office dynamics. Having Jim and Dwight head up the party planning committee is pure genius. When Pam threw the Mini-Mounds bars, I had to run it back and watch it a few times I was cracking up so much. Gotta love Pam’s long-suffering expressions. Love that they resolved Pam/Karen. Here’s hope that Holly is in the next episode!!

  81. I really loved this episode too – couldn’t get the image in Pam throwing Mounds at the Utica folks out of my head. And Andy was very cute. I’ve seen that customer he was trying to woo before – I think it was on Law and Order (anyone, anyone?). Well done – and I can’t wait for next week (which is the point, right).

  82. The Office is back. I was worried that I laughed more at 30 Rock than Prince Family Paper, and Mindy Kaling hit it OUT OF THE PARK with this episode.

    It was absolutely the best episode since the opener. Dwight + Jim were so cute, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m kind of glad to see Pam back to wearing cardigans (New Pam and New Coke are of the same ilk..)

    It was great. I can’t WAIT for part 2!!

    BTW: this link – – is what Australians have to put up with as an official The Office site.

    they have video of Pam talking about “what’s in store for Season 2”

    boy our country sucks

  83. Go Mindy! What an awesome episode! By far the best one of the season. The dialog exchange was pitch perfect between Karen and Pam – only a woman could have written that exchange with such perspective.

  84. Rather hollow but still some fun at The Office. The Party Planning plot never really got off the ground. It started taking off well with Kelly and then Dwight’s balloons hit the engines and it ditched in the Hudson! Same with the Utica plot. I did not need closure with Karen and would actually have preferred her hanging around for the possibility of action later (and Michael did not need Pam’s closure revelation to send them to Holly’s branch.) Not nearly as good as Stress Relief, but better than Prince Paper…I gave it a 6.

  85. Soooooo good!!! I haven’t laughed this much in a very long time. It’s so funny when Michael and Pam interact. And the idea to make Dwight and Jim heads of the PPC is just hilarious: “It is your birthday.”

    There were so many things that reminded me of earlier seasons, like Jim’s scissors, Michael being more inappropriate again “Do you need to go pump?” and especially Dwight’s “Damn it, Jim!” – And: ‘Old Pam’ is back.

    But I’m not surprised. I always LOVED Mindy’s episodes! Season 5 is officially saved! Can’t wait for part 2.

  86. I didn’t think this would be able to top the Super Bowl ep…. but this ep was soooooooooooooo amazing!! My favorite was the carpet-matching balloons and the “It is your birthday. (What? Not even an exclamation point?)” sign! Jim and Dwight really do make for classic office moments. *Sigh* This is the first episode in a while that I’m watching for a second time the next day!

  87. I think this episode really harkened back to Season 2, which in my opinion is the best season so far. I really hope they keep riding on this vibe they started last night, because that episode is the kind of episode I think of when I think of The Office.

    I was happy to see Karen back and hope it won’t be the last. Also, anytime Andy sings just warms my heart!

  88. I LOVED IT! 10 all the way. So many laugh out louds and cringe moments. I had to look away during the lecture…I love when that happens! So great. Thanks for the gut bust!

  89. I love when Dwight and Jim team up…it always turns out great! :) And it made me happy that Karen was so nice…I actually kinda like her now.

    Andy’s attempts were so painful to watch yet you can’t help but feel bad for him. And I hope Holly makes an appearance in the continuation!

  90. “It is your birthday” just surpassed every banner joke from Arrested Development. To Dwight’s credit, the brown and gray balloons matched the carpet perfectly. I was a little surprised that they weren’t dijon and yellow, though.

    I love Mindy Kaling.

  91. I noticed that the opening credits have reverted back to the original, after the changes they made on Sunday’s show. This opening sequence has been in need of updating for a long time. I mean, BJ Novak isn’t even on the show right now, but he’s still got top billing! And Michael’s season 1 hair style looks so out-of-date. IMHO they need to completely redo this.

  92. My favorite moment was when Pam tossed the mini Mounds bars into the crowd.It’s kind of like in Business School when Michael threw candy bars at Ryan’s classmates. Oh, the parallels!

    Oh, and does anyone know why Creed was so dressed up? He was working that suit pretty well!

  93. I love this season! Stress Relief was epic and last night was hilarious, had me LOLing the whole 30 min!

  94. I loved this episode!

    My favorite parts are when Pam threw the Mounds bars at the Utica branch people, Michael on speakerphone, and Dwight and Jim stating Michael’s reasons for making them the heads of the PPC when they obviously have the same issues with drama.

  95. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the best episode of the season had no interaction between Jim and Pam.

  96. I think they’ll continue with Kelly’s birthday party planning in Part 2 so that story line isn’t over yet. Good episode. A lot of great lines and I love all the things fans of the show would recognize.

  97. Best episode since Moroccan Christmas! Loved how it paralleled the BBC original, where David Brent is invited to speak and Dawn is his “roadie.” (Ironic how this season’s best episodes recall the tone & humor of the Brit series…) Can’t wait for part 2!

  98. I know some people have been upset with the lack of details as far as it being winter and very cold in Scranton right now. I just wanted to say that the details on the cars – mainly the salt residue – was pretty amazing. I was very impressed with that detail. Looked a lot like my car right now, haha.

  99. Really good… I’m glad the Karen thing didn’t turn into anything. Dwight’s “It is your birthday.” made me laugh out loud. Haha. Can’t wait for the next part… I hope Pam & Michael don’t get in trouble for skipping the lecture.

  100. Hahahaha, loved that episode, sooo good.
    Favorite lines:
    The “it is your birthday.” sign
    Jim telling Dwight that he didn’t call for Dwight’s “best approximation” of Kelly’s age
    Michael calling the Utica woman “Sugar Boobs”
    and Dwight saying “Here is Kelly Kappor’s personal and confidential file. Allow me to share”

    A+ episode, for sure. Can’t wait for part 2!

  101. I love it whenever they do talking heads with two people!! Jim and Dwight in this episode, Michael and Toby in “Frame Toby”, Michael and Holly in “Crime Aid”, Kevin and Oscar in “Fun Run”, Pam and Jim in “Booze Cruise”… etc.
    I wish they would do that more often.

  102. Did anyone else think that Stanley’s “client” was actually his daughter? I thought his daughter’s name was Julia (mentioned in a previous season) – which was the same as the “client”. And, when he turned her over to Andy, as he was bidding her goodbye, he said “Tell your mother I said hello” – which would be telling his wife hello. I thought maybe he was helping her practice her negotiating skills, maybe for a job interview or something. Any ideas?

  103. this wasn’t my favorite episode of the office this season, but it had a lot of good moments. I have noticed one really great thing about this episode and this season… Dwight has talked to Kelly, and i have bursted out into laughter. my favorite line this season is still “You juked the stats, cupcake!” and i heart “what cake do you want, imbecile?” Dwight should insult Kelly more often. Dwight and Jim also need to pair up on projects more often.

  104. Anyone else catch the callback to “Diwali” with Michael sitting in the back seat of Pam’s car?

  105. I too loved this episode. Are they really going to see Holly next episode?

    However I’m wondering, was Kelly’s time at a “Youth Center” really a kind of juvenile detention center thing? I only wonder this because as Dwight read her file it said that “her time there does not affect her current job performance, etc….” Weird, no?

  106. 126 – His daughter’s name was Melissa, so I don’t think so. They seemed too professional together anyway, and I don’t think he would just “give” her to Andy like that.

  107. I’m so glad Original Pam is back, with added confidence. I like that she’s back into her comfy clothes. I would LOVE it if she brought back the Keds, a nifty PB fashion trademark.

  108. I loved this episode! I live in Rochester and I was squealing with excitement when they decided to “screw Rochester” and go and see Holly!!

  109. Brilliant episode – perfectly balanced.

    Loved the opener; Jim and Dwight always a winning combo, assertive Pam and theatrical Micahel all equals fantastic show!

    Can’t wait for part 2 – return of Holly. I think Michael is going to get the closure he needs. ( I looove sympathetic Michael)

  110. The most balanced episode in years. Excellent. The Office is finally taking off again.

  111. Another great episode! Dwight’s party decoration was precisely what you’d expect from him!
    ps: what’s a “phone”?

  112. Hard to describe how I feel about this one.
    On the one hand, it wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t bad, not at all, but it wasn’t my favorite. On the other hand, it held what are now officially my favorite lines in The Office history. The writing was absolutely brilliant. Creed stole the show with his one line “have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?” and his three dollar bill at the end.

    All in all, good episode. I’m so excited for part two!

  113. Great ep. I loved Dwight’s decoration “skills”. Clearly matching the carpet is the goal.

    Keep it coming!

  114. Did anyone notice the awesome Canada sticker on Michael’s luggage, you can see it very clearly just when they enter Karen’s branch and talk to Rolanda (not sure about the spelling)

    Awesome detail.

  115. Just watched this again. Is it just me, or is the entire part with Andy and Julia outside (and Andy getting rejected) eerily reminiscent of dialogue Michael says? I mean, everything from the pauses to the exact phrasing was exactly what Michael would have said in the same situation. Watch it again, and tell me if you agree.

  116. This episode brought back two of my favorite (and much-missed) pairings – Dwight/Jim and Pam/Michael.

    Dwight and Jim need to do their talking heads together whenever possible from now on. Sheer brilliance.

  117. Could anything be funnier than Dwight’s party decorations??
    I’m looking forward to Michael and Pam’s visit to Holly’s office…

  118. Haha, I love the little details like how Angela was constantly staring into the conference room in the scene with the half-blown-up balloons. It’s clear that she’s not very happy with losing her position.

  119. I haven’t finished reading through all the comments yet, so I apologize if someone has already mentioned this…

    When Creed said “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim” to Andy, my first thought was just another case of Creed not knowing who’s who (like “Which one is Pam?”)

    But then I took it to be a subtle throwback to Jim kissing Pam on Casino Night – as if Creed was the one who gave him the advice to just go ahead and kiss her.

    If that was the writers’ intent, very subtle and brilliant!!

  120. I LOVED this episode, I thought it was the best in a long while. Andy, Jim, Dwight, Pam & Michael, totally the best. Dwight’s party decorations were priceless.

  121. I agree this season has been uneven – in particular I did not really like the super bowl episode. But this episode was great! Very much like the older episodes of season 2, etc. Very funny! My favorite part was the exchange between Dwight, Kelly, and Jim :)

  122. I can remember a time when I was not an “Andy” fan. I did not care for him and surely did not want him to come to Scranton. But time has changed my cold cold heart and I am now a big fan of Andy’s. When he was looking in the car and the alarm went off, and then the alarm went off in the car next to it, was just about the best part of this show. lol it was great!! I also feel sorry for him because of Angela breaking his heart. I guess I can say that I love Andy now. The end.

  123. Question. What episode number was Pt. 1? NBC says it’s 5.15, this says 5.16, and the promo video for it says 5.14. Which is it?

  124. Loved it! Someone referred to this episode earlier as perfectly balanced and I couldn’t agree more. Also, you know whose chemistry I love even more than Jim and Pam? Jim and Dwight…so what does that make them. Jwight? Dwim? I love when they have to work together on something! Perfection…can’t wait for Part 2.

  125. okay first of all, last episode when angela threw the cat through the ceiling i thought that was the greatest sight gag in office history. pam throwing the mini mounds is right up there with it. i watched it three times in a row and burst out laughing every time!
    second – the talking head with jim and dwight simultaneously saying how stupid they thought the ppc was and bickering with each other – classic.
    third, am i the only one who feels that the karen situation wasn’t resolved so neatly (which is a good thing, more realistic)? her husband is OBVIOUSLY a jim doppleganger and though she was nice to pam about it, she was obviously still hung up on jim with the way she asked about him and reacted to the news of the engagement.
    lastly, pam talking about how al-qaeda would like her if they got to know her was classic pam. great episode.

  126. I liked the second part better, and I know I am in the minority. Not the best episode, not in my top 10 or 15. Creed was great, but everything Creed says is hilarious. The Jim-Dwight-Kelly and Pam-Michael-Karen dynamic was pretty good, and finally there is closure to the Karen-Jim-Pam arc. Overall, a so-so episode after the great ‘Stress Relief’, but milder and less over the top.


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