1. I loved those videos! They’re so cute together, and how about Jenna in a baseball cap? ADORABLE. (I’m not gay.) She looks so Pamlike there.

  2. Seriously, could these ladies be any more fabulous? Thanks for posting this, Tanster. It put such a smile on my face! :)

  3. I knew her own page was going to come soon! And I agree, Angela would be the coolest talk show around. I love watching her videos. :)

  4. Such an awesome video with Jenna! I love those two so much!

    There is also a great place for fans to submit questions to Angela… I was sure to ask what her favorite party planning moment was :)

  5. Jenna and Angela are the cutest friends. I love it anytime they are together. I love this adventures with Angela thing!

  6. That was insanely cute! You can just see how great of friends they are. I love it!

  7. I love those two girls! They are so fun. And I love Jenna’s reactions. Really sweet.

  8. Oh man, I love those two! Jenna’s reactions are priceless. How dare she talk about coupons all morning long ;)

  9. The videos are fantastic – another wonderful insight to what awesome friends they are! But I really hope they never get in an accident, because neither is wearing a seat belt in the car! Sad!

  10. Is Jenna wearing Pam’s sweater from “The Merger” that her mom made for her? I think she definitely is.

    Haha. They’re so funny together. I can’t wait for more video’s. Angela is the best at just talking.

  11. That was so cute. I love Angela! Oh, and how cool is it that Jenna waits for the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons just like I do?

  12. Just when I think Jenna can’t get any cuter….she wears a Dunder Mifflin hat.

  13. Aw, they’re cute!!
    Number 12, do you have a Mac? It wasn’t working for me either so I did some software updates and now it works. Man, that’s really sad that I only update my software if something Office-related is at risk!

  14. I’m at work where I have no audio but I think it’s fresh that Jenna’s wearing a Dunder Mifflin cap!

  15. I believe that is a Starbucks cup that Jenna is holding… I wonder what her drink of choice is! :)

  16. Angela Kinsey, if you read this….protect our favorite star and that little one you’re carrying…wear a seatbelt!

    (Sorry, this crazy safety side of me came out when I became a mom!)

  17. Hey guys! Both Jenna and Angela blogged a little bit about this today! go to their MySpace accounts and check it out :)

  18. They are too cute! I can’t wait for the next videos.

    P.S. For those who can’t see the vids, if you are using Firefox, they won’t work. Try IE. I was having the same problem.

  19. oh my gosh angela is just the cutest thing! she always makes me laugh, and I agree she should have her own talk show!!

  20. I think that Angela playing with her scarf and that small blanket was sooooo adorkable. :)

  21. “A bunch of men just went click”

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! gosh they are really funny.


  22. its especially hilarious that the clip is entitled Pam and Angela…when of course its Jenna and Angela. hee hee

  23. lol…they are hysterical!

    “Uh, you can’t travel with your urine.”
    “That’s when I broke my back, dude.”
    “I’m gonna go see who I’m dating.”

    The photo of Jenna in the security cage; the dramatic editing…all too awesome.

  24. Angela and Jenna should do a reality series online. I’d watch that. They are too awesome together. I loved the dramatic editing.

  25. in all fairness though…Rainn and his wife Holiday did pick out a pretty normal name for their son….Walter.

  26. The Dramatic music was classic. soo funny. I did a double take when I heard Pam say “I’m going to see who I am dating?” I was like, “wait, did I hear that right?” so I watched it again. and yes that is what she said. lol. cute

  27. Wow, “I am going to go see who I am dating.” Classic! These two crack me up. How many more of these are there?

  28. I love the part where there was the cut-a-way to the picture of Jenna in the cage. That was like something you would really see from an episode of The Office or a documentary film. Priceless.

  29. So can we campaign now for Jenna and Angela to have their own talk show in the distant future after The Office?

  30. Absolutely adore the “I’m going to see who I’m dating.” And the Belly/ Urine thing was awesome too.

  31. Jenna is so funny! “That’s when I broke my back, dude.” Is she wearing the same sweater in the cab as she is in the picture in the security cage?

  32. “Why did we freak out?”

    “Because…we do.”

    Priceless….and Jenna off to check the trashy magazines to find out who she’s dating. Love it.

  33. Jenna cracks me up! “I’m going to find out who I’m dating.” LOL! She has a great sense of humor.

  34. Oh, and as for the seatbelts… Some cars (especially cabs) have only the bottom seatbelts in the backseat. Maybe they are wearing those.

  35. They’re so fun! I would LOVE to sit and have lunch with those two. I LOL’d at the Caroline Kennedy story. I totally can relate to picking out an “intelligent” magazine to look smarter. It’s why I subscribe to ‘Time’. Thanks tanster!

  36. Not only are they hysterical but is Jenna channeling JK wearing that hat every place. That cracks me up as well.

  37. “we have our own baggage claim”
    “that’s how we roll”

    also the whole deal with “no I think you wear it open like that…like ha i’m pregnant, look at my…. ” is so fun. Just reminds me of how my friends and I are together…..

    girls you should put up more videos!!! I love these!

  38. Lol, hilarious. I love that voice Angela does. She can pull it off without being offensive, lol.

  39. I wish I was best friends with the two of them. And we could hang out and not get coffee, because Angela’s pregnant.

  40. Oh my goodness I love these! Those two just seem so real and down to earth. They really seem like people you could be friends with.

  41. I love when Angela was getting interviewed at the premiere:

    “I’m not asking Rainn Wilson what to name the baby!”

    Could you imagine? But what I would really love to hear would be Dwight’s name suggestions!

  42. Aw, Jenna’s so cute! (Jenna was wrong though – Audrey Hepburn also won an Emmy, Tony, and Oscar (and a Grammy, too)).

  43. Wow! I can’t believe how much their conversations sound like something my friends and I would say. I can’t wait to see how the baby bump is worked onto the show. Maybe Garbage can’t eat alone so she gained a lot of weight! Just Kidding.

  44. Did any one else notice that Jenna is wearing the Pam sweater that “her mom made her” from the Merger episode, season 3.

  45. hah, ok. yeah it seems like some of you did notice that. i guess they do get to keep the clothes. i bet jenna is happier with the clothes from season 4, the New Pam, the more straightforward outgoing Pam.

  46. Adorable! There’s hardly a difference between Jenna with makeup and Jenna without makeup – she’s that beautiful!

  47. hahaha looooveeddd the Carrie Bradshaw/”fashion roadkill” SATC reference! Angela and Jenna are such besties, I adore them. I would love to go out drinking with those two, I think they’re a riot.

  48. I did notice the sweater!
    It’s so great that Angela and Jenna are such good friends!

  49. Love these two! They crack me up with their witty banter and quick wit! Such a wonderful and rare friendship to have :) Can’t wait to see what is up next for these girls!

  50. #91, I think some of them have errors or something, because I tried watching the NYC Recap one, and it just takes me to the video that Tanster just posted.

    SO, maybe we just have to wait. :(

  51. ahh!!!! Jenna squealing when the baby kicked her hand is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  52. by the way, about the other video (9th march) the sweater isn’t the one Pam wore. this one is longer and has a sash. the one Pam wore had a button.
    is it too pathetic that I know that?

  53. I love these girls! They talk just like I talk with my friends. I especially loved Jenna’s “Well, that’s how they walk on Project Runway.” Ha ha! That’s so totally something my friends and I would say. And it’s so cute when the baby kicks. Man, I want to be friends with these ladies so bad. Awesome, awesome chicks.

  54. Their Heidi Klum impression was DEAD ON! That’s exactly what she does!

    I love that the camera captured their expressions when Angela’s baby kicked. Too cute!

  55. Yet again, they are the two cutest friends! I love their reactions at the end of this latest one (the NYC recap). It is so great that they have become so close to one another!

  56. The new video is so super cute! I loved Jenna’s reaction when she was feeling the baby kick. Soo cute. :) Love the two of them.

  57. OMG. I loved this video. Jenna’s “Heidi Klum” walk and the TOTALLY ADORABLE baby kicking at the end…. they are such adorable people! I heart their friendship so much.

  58. I love those two! I wanna be friends with them! :) They just have so much fun together and they’re so funny.

  59. Ok I -NEED- to be friends with the two of them. I love Jenna’s interpretation of Heidi Klum. /I just love them.

  60. Sheesh. As a man (who is very comfortable with my masculinity, thank you), I gotta say, those two were in full-on girly mode.

  61. Adorable. It’s so nice to see these girls so down to earth. I’m glad hollywood hasn’t changed these two, I hate it when celebs get the holier than thou attitudes. I just love these girls!

  62. “It’s like a pony” – I don’t know why, but that made me laugh so hard. :)

    These videos are so much fun to watch! Thank you, ladies, for letting us get a peek into your real lives.

  63. Ok, they are like adorable, but they like seem a little like, old, to say like so much.

    Jenna: 23 likes
    Angela: 10 likes

    But…love them anyway

  64. Ok. I cracked up when Jenna was walking around swinging her arms. I am always self-analyzing and yelling at me in my head too.

  65. All these videos are all hysterical. I laughed really hard for some reason at the part where jenna is talking about the slit in her dress “and I just stuck that hip out and it was like hello!”(dramatic hand movements).

    Also: “Yeah I only travel with pregnant women, it’s my new thing”

  66. “That’s what they do on Project Runway.” No words describe how funny I thought that was.

  67. That was my favorite video yet! Jenna’s reaction to the baby was awesome! And I loved their impersonations of the girls on the catwalk. Can I be their friend?

  68. Very fun little series. I love their comments about the women walking the runway and their cute banter about Jenna’s catwalk. The comment about Jenna being surrounded by pregnant women was hysterical. I am truly enjoying these videos and these ladies are so much fun! Gotta love them!

  69. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at the baby kicking! “My baby likes Liza… oh wait I’m hungry.” hahhahaha awesome

  70. AHhhh I love those two more with each video! They both looked so beautiful, great makeup and nice soft curls in their hair. The baby kicking part was so sweet. I wonder if Jenna will be the baby’s Godmother. hmmm.

  71. If I didn’t already have a BFF, I would want to be their’s! Oh, let’s face it, I still want to be BFF with both of them! I love watching these little Adventures, because it’s so opposite of what we see on the show between Pam and Angela. It makes me appreciate what great actresses they are.

  72. Cute video, though it doesn’t compare to the last one with Jenna. And Angela’s new MySpace photo–obviously taken during the filming of Dinner Party (look at Rainn’s outfit)–how cool is that?!

  73. Haha, I wonder how some passerbyers reacted to seeing Angela in the NBC store, I know I’d freak out. I love this cast, how many other people would actually go into the fanshop for their own show and network!? Love it!

  74. Man, those are some giant figures of Michael and Dwight. I wonder if Angela gets a discount.

  75. It’s funny; she’s talked about how her accent has come out lately, and you can really hear it here.

  76. Did you notice the Coldplay-song (Clocks) playing in the background of the Mindy-clip?! Awesome!

  77. Angela if you read this, could you PLEASE tape Creed performing his composition to the baby?

  78. HAH! That’s hilarious! I love how animated Phyllis is in real life. (And it’s not my place to say… but if Angela is due on the 9th, she should really be sitting down!)

  79. They are so cute together. Did she really say “I’m afraid I’m going to poke your baby out.” Ha!

    I’m guessing she’ll be have her baby on May 7th.

  80. May 9th is my sister’s birthday. That means me and Angela are practically cousins… right?

  81. Okay, I feel like a total dork. I had no idea she was married to “Toby’s” brother. Cool. I’d love to go to that family reunion.

  82. I thought that everyone was done filming because when tanster was there they were shooting the finale. How come Angela and Phyllis are still there?

  83. 148,

    Perhaps these videos were shot a while ago? That might be a reason. Unless they all love the show so much, they never leave.

  84. I cannot believe how well Angela is holding up so close to her due date – what’s the lag time on shooting these and posting them?

    She is due around Mother’s Day, I am due Father’s Day, and there is NO WAY I feel like playing foosball at this point. Walking is hard enough. Way to go, Angela!

    BTW, my guess is May 12 at 8:04 AM. Tanster – can we have a contest?? ;)

  85. $10 bucks on May 4th.

    Oh, yes. That is SO when Angela’s baby will come. :)

  86. I’m rooting for May 2nd because that’s my best friend’s birthday!

    “Watch your belly! I’m afraid I’m gonna poke your baby doll.” So cute!

  87. OMG, Phyllis and hugely pregnant Angela playing foosball cracked me up! I love these Adventures.

  88. I LOVE that Rainn totally scripted what he was going to say…like as Dwight. Leslie coming out of the bathroom and saying they were out of paper was hilarious, and I love that that part wasn’t planned. Oh, Office cast. How I love you.

  89. I think I’m going to take some of these tips from Rainn to my soon-to-be baby. People at work just tell me to get up when the baby cries. Seven months to go! :)

  90. my stomach & face literally hurt right now from laughing so hard at that rainn video- hearing angela crack up but try to hold it in from behind from the camera made it that much better

  91. I love these people. Way more than any person should love people they don’t know.

  92. “Tiny baby inside of Angela…” Ha! Too funny!

    Videos like this will be so precious to Angela and her child as the years go by. I think it’s the sweetest thing in the world that the cast does things like this. :)

  93. I could watch Rainn give ‘tiny baby inside Angela’ advice for HOURS! Are you listening, nbc? :)

  94. that was funny but did he seriously not know angela’s baby was a girl?

  95. Dwight’s message was amazing!…Oh and my vote is May 7th…the same as mine! Keep the gifts under $50..thanks

  96. Congrats, #170! Being preggers is so much fun. I’m only two months along… but I love it!

  97. Ed and Creed’s song just made my day!! That was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t even need an episode tonight now!

    And boy did Angela look pregnant there!

  98. I love how the whole cast has quirky little ways of supporting her! Now I’m going to be humming “angela’s baby” all afternoon!

  99. that song was so sweet!
    i love this cast in ridiculous amounts, and even more with every additional video.


    they are so funny!!!

  101. The only word I can use to describe the Creed-and-Andy-singing-for-Angela’s-baby clip is awwwwwww.

  102. Ed and Creed…amazing!

    I can’t say it enough, but I love this cast!

  103. oh great, now the song’s stuck in my head!! hehe just kidding, i love it!!

    Angela’s baby…

  104. How adorable is that song from Creed and Ed?!!?! And what a sweet birth announcement at the end… Loved it!

  105. Okay, those were so sweet! I wish when I had my kids someone would have sung me such a cute song. Congrats again Angela.

  106. OMG!!! Ed and Creed’s song was SOOOOOOOOO cute/amazing!! Isabel is one lucky girl!!

  107. HAHAH
    i laughed SO hard at the part where Ed sings about wanting to eat the baby because it’ll look yummy but he won’t because she’s a person.


  108. SO cute! What a great song! Creed is so funny. And is there no end to Ed Helms talent?

  109. thank you mr. ed helms for finally convincing me that the banjo isn’t a horrible instrument. but two very AWESOME vids! creed and ed are the best!

  110. OH my gosh so amazing and adorable! I can’t wait to see Angela’s baby. Ed is SO good with that banjo, and Creed, wow.

  111. Is this the greatest cast and crew of all time or what? They genuinely like and care for each other. What a blessing to be born in that atmosphere.

  112. That song is so cute. What talented people. Angela and her family will be able to treasure these videos forever.

  113. these videos ae adorable! for some reason Ed playing that banjo makes him incredibly attractive!

  114. Those videos are incredibly sweet. :) I hope they put Adventures With Angela on the dvd.

  115. Oh my gosh, I smiled from ear to ear during both of those videos. I agree, they should definitely put these on the DVDs. All of them are so cute!

  116. Creed and Ed’s song is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. That baby’s so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

  117. Ed and Creed singing was the cutest thing ever. Have I mentioned how much I love this cast? ;)

  118. OH MY GOSH!!! Ed and Creed… that was adorable. Man, this is the greatest cast in the world. They genuinely love each other, and it shows. Thank you Angela (and NBC) for letting us peek into your awesome lives!

  119. Wow, Creed and Ed were amazing and how adorable was Ed with that banjo? He has mad banjo skills!

    Kate was a sweetheart. Angela’s baby is going to be surrounded by such good people.

  120. awwww i am so jealous of isabel!! haha this was my favorite adventures with angela, definitely!! creed and ed are so sweet.

  121. Awe, the cast is so sweet! They wrote her a song…And Kate’s words nearly moved ME to tears! Oh my goodness, what a sweet cast :)

  122. That’s a hit right there.

    My vote for most awesome cast ever goes to this show.

  123. Oh wow, Creed and Ed’s song was a-MAZ-ing! I was smiling so much it started to hurt!

  124. Creed and Ed.. Two thumbs up – fine holiday fun! I love this show for the simple fact that there is both actual chemistry onset, as well as off.. They’re their own second family. And it definitely shows!


  125. Wow, I love how Ed just goes to to town on the banjo.
    “But I’m not going to eat you because you’re a person.” =]

  126. Ok I’m STILL smiling. I so wish I was a member of that cast. I love the chemistry they all have.

  127. Angela’s BAAY-BEE… oh my gosh, I love it! And I love the end card. (I hope they continue Adventures with Angela!)

  128. That is A-dorable! Ed’s banjo is kind of hot. Not the banjo, him mostly. *blushes*

  129. these are the CUTEST videos I have ever seen! Creed and Ed did an awesome job writing the lyrics!

  130. NBC has included clips of fake PSA’s and of their promos on past DVD sets. It would be so wonderful if all of these videos were on the Season 4 set!

  131. Awww! The baby shower was so cute! I was excited to see so much Babies R Us stuff! (I work there) I was like “ooh! That came from Babies R Us!…So did that!”

  132. It is really freaky to see Leslie, aka stanley, being sweet and sociable! He is nothing like his character, thank goodness. I vote for Astabula…

  133. The Stanley Cup… best thing ever.

    And the Creed and Ed song reminded me of the ditty that Michael and Dwight sang in Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

    Great stuff and I too would like to see them on the DVD.

  134. Awwww, Angela kind of made me teary eyed in that last one. She’s so cute.

  135. “why are you getting artsy with it?”
    oscar is funny without trying to be.

  136. Aww, Angela almost made ME cry in her baby shower video. The Office has such an amazing cast!!

  137. LOL – the Stanley Cup? now that’s just hilarious.

    Oscar really isn’t too talented with filming, haha… and he messed up the surprise, haha.
    Brian is so sweet, aww.

    and the baby shower looked so cool, the people on set seem lovely. The way Angela said “it’s a tiny baby” cracked me up.

  138. This shower clip is soooo sweet and how much do I LOVE Phyllis writing down the names and gifts!!!!!! Phyllis is the BEST!!!!

  139. OK, watching sweet Angela Kinsey get teary has caused me to grab for the Kleenex while sitting at my work desk. I’ll have to blame it on allergies or something. ;)

    Thanks Angela and NBC for sharing all of these cute videos!

  140. that is so sweet of them to throw her a shower. they seem like such a great cast and especially friends. i love how down to earth they all are.

  141. They should sell Stanley Cups at the NBC store, and most people would be like “what?” … but we’d know what it meant. And we would buy them.

  142. Just watched Angela’s shower and all I can say is that I love all of those guys. They are so cool to video and share her baby shower with us. How neat is that?!

  143. My middle name is Eulalia! How can it not be real??

  144. Oh, I only wish Phyllis had given the baby a tiny, homemade oven mitt!!

    Note to Angela: that SwaddleMe is the single greatest thing ever!! An absolute lifesaver.

  145. I just have to say that I freaked a little when I saw those socks that Oscar gave Angela because we sell those at the store I work at!!! woohoo!!! now I wonder if he came in and bought them one day that I wasn’t working. I might cry..

  146. Angela is so sweet. my ten year old sister (who has watched the show) walked in as i was watching the baby shower clip and said, “Wow! she is really pretty! She always looks really mean on the office!” It just made me laugh and appreciate the actors on the show, who can go from really mean to really pretty in a matter of seconds.

    I would also like a stanley cup!

  147. I wish I could buy a Stanley cup! And my friend’s name is Esme, and she was cracking up when she saw this!

  148. Brent totally wants to steal the show. I love it. They should make a set of webisodes solely around the writers, living in some alternate universe.

  149. Oh man, she never fails to crack me up. “I don’t care, come to the hospital!”

    She totally needs to host her own show when The Office is no more.

    [from tanster: i so totally agree!]

  150. OMG! I hysterically laughed throughout that entire clip!! Angela is hilarious..and so are the writers! haha

  151. I actually said “YAY!” out loud when I received the Twitter update that this was posted…and people around me at the grocery store looked at me weird.

    All that to say that I totally love Angela. So glad that her baby-induced hiatus is finished.

    [from tanster: yay for Twitter updates!]

  152. Angela is adorable… I laughed throughout the whole clip, but when she said “Mamma Mia- pfsh- where was my song?” I almost fell off my chair I laughed so hard.

  153. I laughed at “Escrito por favor” and when she couldn’t stop giggling after the remark about being fat while pregnant.

    Fun stuff.

  154. Angela- your song WAS in Mamma Mia! Take a Chance on Me! Oh wait. That’s Andy’s song.

  155. Angela, that one goes on the List of the Top 10 Best TWSS EVER!!

  156. First off… that is exactly how I write my comments. “Click mmmm comments” with the generic typing hand motion and everything.

    secondly … I would like to start a slow clap for that twss. SO well done.

  157. Haha, Angela.. the BEST TWSS! And also, Brent Forrester is kind of really good looking, like hello! Anyone else with me on this.. Tanster?

  158. HAHA best twss and I love how she looks around and slumps in her chair afterwards! oh man, how are we supposed to wait this long??

  159. So as someone who put herself through college babysitting, I’m wondering how people like Angela find babysitters, and how that lucky girl keeps from passing out

  160. Another new clip posted! Inside Oscar’s house this time…I love his “tiny sushi”!

  161. It would seem that Angela has been strongly influenced by Jennas’ cat fostering history :O)

  162. i loved this wardrobe dept. adventure! i’m going to school right now for fashion, and it’s my dream to work in a wardrobe dept!! especially for “the office.” wow, that would be amazing.

  163. Is it just me, or do all jobs involving movies or TV look fun?

    I’d rather be a 3D Artist though. After all, that’s what I’m spending my education on…

  164. Was I hearing things or was there a little baby “coo” after Angela said “That’s what she said”? If that was little Isabel, she knows good humor already. :)

  165. I heard little Isabel too. Cooing at “That’s what she said..”

    Something tells me the little one has been around Uncle Steve!

  166. Maybe I’m just in an absurdly good mood but that most recent video (Trailer Tour) made me laugh out loud more than any other “Adventures With Angela.” Maybe it’s because she’s crazy/loopy now. Love it.

  167. I maintain that I want to meet Angela more than any other cast member. This totally made my morning! I wonder if Isabel got a bunch of monogrammed stuff…that’s another southern thing that I don’t understand.

  168. Hahaha! Wow, Angela really has lost it! I guess that’s what motherhood does to you… So funny!

  169. Can you buy the NBC chimes? Hah. And I liked Angela’s sweater… kinda reminded me a bit of Andy and his crazy prints. =)

  170. My goodness, I love that woman. lol

    She is soooo funny! That bit with the little toy was soo funny!

  171. I think the thing on the door is what Angela was supposed to use when Andy started floating down the river in Beach Games. You know, he puts the round part around his waist and Angela can wrangle him back to shore. Her mom was just a little late…

    P.S. Spending my weekends as a nanny, I tell you that Butt Paste can work miracles.

  172. I checked the NBC store and they do actually sell the NBC chimes set that Angela has in her latest video.


    Unfortunately, the store has sold out of them when I last checked.

  173. ahaha oh my goodness. that picture of angela in the background is so so funny.

  174. I love Angela! And I love that she’s still carrying on the Jenna-Angela rivalry. They are too cute!

  175. “I just want you to think about this when you’re napping…or at the gym.”

    hahaha! She cracks me up. Loved the fan question. I don’t think I’d approach any celebrity I saw on the street. I actually saw Angela at an outdoor mall by my house once and saw John Krasinski at the airport (even admitting that, I feel stalkerish). I’d feel like too much of a geek going up and gushing about them and their shows. ha! But good for you to those who do!

  176. I find it really funny that I was eating a piece of chocolate mousse while I watched Angela’s video. Maybe I should start breastfeeding again so it doesn’t go to my hips.

  177. Great new video! I don’t get why we, in Canada, can see some of these videos but not all of them. I want to see the video with Angela’s trailer but that one doesn’t work. Grrr… I tried downloading that program that allows us to watch them, but my computer popped up that I was trying to download a trojan. Is that normal?

  178. Having met Angela a couple of times (including in the bathroom of a premiere where she and Melora let my wee son go ahead in line) I can say that she is truly a darling person.

  179. Wow, I didn’t realize that these videos were put up so soon after they were shot! I thought that they sat around for a few months, but that MySpace napping/eating feud was just a few weeks ago. It’s cool to know that they’re pretty recent!

  180. Oh My God, l was able to watch the video without getting a restriction message.
    l woke up, checked Office Tally and surprise!
    Angela is so enthusiastic, it’s a pleasure to listen to her talk about nothing.

  181. Leave it to Jenna and Angela to provide the Christmas cheer that was lacking in Moroccan Christmas. I love them!

  182. THey’re so sweet. Do you think they’re taking applications to add a third to their group? Cause if so, “sign me up.”

  183. HAHA! Jenna in her HUGE bulky sweater!! I guess that’s proof of how cold it really is on the set!! I feel like I don’t even need to see Jenna and Angela’s childhood pictures…they look about 12 years old dancing and singing Jingle Bells!! TOO CUTE!! I still want them to be my BFF’s!!!

  184. This clip is my favorite Adventure with Angela yet. She and Jenna are just too cute… The tree fluffing / TWSS had me laugh out loud, and the Jingle Bells singing was the most adorable thing ever!

  185. That was cute. I always enjoy the Adventures with Angela videos. If only we could replace kath and kim with 30 minutes a week of these two.

  186. When I first saw this I didn’t know what a fluffer was… now I know what it is with the help of Google. LOL

    I love Angela, I want to put her in my pocket so I can take her with me and bring her out whenever I need a good giggle.

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    -Berry :)

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    Is the young lady who submitted the music question a regular Office Tally reader? I heard about a school near me (Cumberland County, PA) that has an Office club and I was just wondering if she goes to that school.

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