1. OMG i was watching that episode and i heard him talk and was like heyyyy… then i looked at him and was like yeah! no wait.. no it’s not.. is it?… apparently i’m not crazy!

  2. Well, looks like the killer…(puts on sunglasses) was on the money.


    [from tanster: lol. my boyfriend does impersonations of horatio all the time. the head tilt, the sunglasses, the intensely dramatic line reads. :) ]

  3. Nice to see some actual acting talent on that show, compared to whatever it is that David Caruso does.

  4. I have a strong dislike for CSI: Miami, mainly due to David Caruso’s cheesy one liners and the theme song- HYAHHHHHHH…. but I may have to put aside my differences to enjoy the hotness that is Andy Buckley.

    I wish he had his CFO glasses on!

    [from tanster: andy’s going to be absolutely tickled to read that.]

  5. I never knew he would be on it. But I heard him talk, and I was like, “That’s David Wallace!”.

    He’s a great actor, I would have never saw him playing a murderer.

  6. Oh, man…I hate CSI:Miami…..now I’m going to have to watch it. Andy Buckley as the bad guy is just too intriguing to pass up. I’ll be skipping as much of David Caruso as I possibly can, though.

  7. I’ve never seen CSI:Miami before this episode and now I know why, but Andy Buckley made it worth the forty minutes I sat there thinking how cheesy this show is (also how ugly that the son’s shirt was).

    I definitely have to agree with Callan though that Andy Buckley is a hottie. He needs to do less day job and more acting!

  8. I’m so happy that Andy is spreading his talent to other shows. I’ve noticed that any episode that has him and Steve display their acting skills with one another tend to be really popular.

  9. Have to agree with Angie….

    Andy Buckley DOES make anything he’s in better…just like bacon bits!

  10. Actually, this isn’t the first time someone from the office has made a cameo on CSI. Jim, Dwight, Jan, Andy, and Martin Nash have all made appearances on CSI:Las Vegas. I do watch CSI (las vegas and NY) but I don’t like Miami….Gil has the best one liners!

  11. Great to see Andy Buckley on another show! Looking younger and even hotter than on The Office!

    Was it just me or did it seem that losing all his money and being arrested for murder was still less taxing on him than an afternoon spent dealing with Michael Scott?! ;)

  12. I was surprised that I didn’t recognize him at first. Even just listening to his voice, I wasn’t totally sure. Then it occurred to me why I wasn’t recognizing his voice… the lack of total exasperation that is always present when he speaks with Michael. ;)

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