1. I hope Creed stays lucid long enough to write a book someday. A best-seller, for sure! :)

  2. Creed’s is the second deleted scene. The first one up on NBC is quite possibly the best deleted scene ever, for reasons which will be apparent.

    Tighty whiteys!

  3. Hey, I just watched the first deleted scene on the NBC website, these are 2 and 3. The first one is a hilarious video diary of Pam’s. Any reason for not posting it tanster?

    [from tanster: read comment #9?]

  4. In case you guys want to share the same style as Dwight Shrute, here is the 3 Wolves shirt he wears in that scene.


  5. I have never seen “Drunk” Jim! Cute! I am so gonna get Dwight’s three wolves T-Shirt to sleep in.

  6. I have no idea how to handle Ryan anymore… do I enjoy his character again? .. is he a douchebag? I can’t decide….

    meanwhile I LOVE that Angela actually smiled…. but in the episode did anyone else find it strange to see her “dancing” at the party when Andy hurt himself when she clearly said in Cafe Disco that music is not her thing??? Also kinda throwing me off… but I love Angela so whatever. lol

  7. Why does Phyllis hate Pam so much? It seems they liked each other until Jim and Pam got together and then Phyllis started acting really mean to her. What is her problem?

  8. I loved that last clip! Erin is AWESOME!!! I frickin’ love her!!!

    However, I do not like Ryan, and I never have. I always have hope that I will change my mind….but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe someday! Haha.

    And I’m totally with #19…what’s up with Phyllis, man? I mean, she did steal a lot of Pam’s wedding ideas, so it seems like this issue has always sort of been there…but I just don’t understand why…

    Oh well! JAM forever!

  9. You know what? Kelly and Ryan are great together. Great comedy for us television watchers, anyway.

  10. Although I adore Erin, that was the first time I have laughed out loud at her! I liked it!

  11. All the deleted scenes are meh. Can we get a decent one of JAM? I mean, weren’t they supposed to be the focus of this episode???

  12. I love everything about that 4th clip… Angela and Kelly Ripa… Erin not eating solid foods till she was six… Ryan pulling Kelly on his lap… SO FUNNY. They should have kept it! The show really just should have been two hours. :)

  13. That last batch of deleted scenes were AWESOME! The “horse riding a horse” (or however she stated that) comment from Angela was outstanding. It seemed so out of character for her. But unlike others, I dig that kind of stuff.

  14. I agree with Jessica (#23). I was really hoping to having more Jim and Pam deleted scenes. Especially when we have these awesome photos (Jim and Pam dancing down the aisle and the dramatic kiss) of scenes that were obviously cut out.

    Erin is great. I like that she is nice. It seems like no one in the Office is nice anymore.

    I’m going to keep my mouth shut about Phyllis. Let’s just say I’m not a fan.

  15. @18 Joanna — I thought the same thing about Angela dancing at the Bernard Throw-Down. However, here is how my pea-brain rationalized it: Angela did not like Cafe Disco because, being held during work hours, it compromised her work “ethic.” And she didn’t dance down the aisle with the rest of her officemates at the ceremony because they were in a church. :-)

  16. I love it when Angela tries to be funny. It’s so rare for her, and it always seems a little awkward. As Kevin says, “Wait, was that you trying to be funny?”

  17. Let me add to the love for Ellie Kemper’s Erin.

    Also, Ryan and Kelly are sacrilicious.

    [from tanster: niiiiiice!]

  18. Oh God, Ryan and Kelly.
    And Angela…i love when she’s funny
    Phyllis is a pain, but
    Like everybody else said,
    I think that’s what everybody wants to see…

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