1. It is really nice to see how close this cast is!

    Angela is starting to show…how cute.

  2. awesome! i was looking forward to seeing her pregnant pictures!! wish she’d blog more while she has time off! :)

  3. Cute photos! I also love that Rainn is “checking up” on Angela and the baby. Dwangela forever! ;) Love (and terribly miss) this cast so much.

  4. Could she look more beautiful? Wishing Angela, hubby and little princess-to-be all the best!!

  5. Ah, this little story and pictures put such a big smile on my face. Pregnancy sure suits her!

    If things go according to plan, I’ll be seeing Angela perform out in L.A. in a few weeks and can witness her “glow” in-person. :)

  6. Awww! Dwight’s baby!
    And she looks gorgeous!
    Congratulations to Warren and Angela!

  7. How adorable will that little girl be? This so great!
    And Angela looks wonderful

  8. May 9th is my sister’s birthday. She was born in 1991. That is so awesome! I love that Rainn calls her baby, ‘Their baby’. Dwangela rocks!

  9. omg i have her dress!! and she is getting SO big!!

    and thats so funny! on “Dwight’s baby” :P thats so sweet how he checks up on her! i love their relationship!

  10. Aww that’s soo cute and she’s expecting a girl on the same day a bunch of my friend’s birthday is on. Soo cute. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That’s so cute! I loved the part about Rainn checking in on Dwight’s baby. Haha, that will keep me smiling for a while :)

  12. My birthday is May 12, so I’m hoping the baby takes her time! I wonder if she has a good name picked out… I think Susan is a good one :) Cute pictures, too — she’s definitely a glowing mommy!

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