1. I watched it today,
    Angela was so funny.
    In the first, demonstrative skit, Angela played a cowgirl and in the second, she was a customer.

    Oprah did pretty good for a rookie.=P

    Good Show

  2. I actually remembered to watch it today. Angela did such a great job. Too bad I keep forgetting when the actual show Thank God You’re Here airs.

  3. angela is very talented at improv… i saw her on monday night at her old haunt-iOwest. (jack mcbray from 30 rock was also in the improv cast-hilarious!)

  4. i’m often driving home or to the gym when oprah is on and sometimes i listen on the radio. i tuned in today and knew that southern twang had to be angela!

  5. i loved angela! she’s was really good. loved her accent. “sounds like a crack of bull”

  6. I saw her at the IO on Monday and she was really excited about being on Oprah. She did a great job!!

  7. OMGosh. I’m watching it right now (it reruns at 9PM here). I laughed so hard on that first sketch. I love Angela; she’s really good and keeping a sraight face during improv. :) It looked like she had so much fun she got to be on Oprah. I can’t wait to hear more from her blog.

  8. A very very smart move to combine Oprah with this new show. I’m sure it will draw viewers who otherwise wouldn’t know about TGYH.

  9. did it seem to anyone else in the second video that at the very very end Angela stepped forward to talk to Oprah, and Oprah took her hands and pushed her to the side to talk the the TGYH regulars? could be just my imagination…

  10. pj-That pipe bomb story that was running at the bottom ended with nobody getting injured.

  11. The Truth Patrol Alert Siren has been going off non-stop and I couldn’t figure out why until I read this post’s comments. Allow me to correct some misconceptions offered by my fellow Tallyers:

    1. Oprah is NOT funny. That’s blasphemous.

    2. Thank God You’re Here is NOT improv. It’s mostly scripted. Slate.com has an expose on this

    And, yes, Angel is fairly talented at improv, which is why her appearance on this non-funny, unathentic show is so puzzling. What true comedians will do for publicity, fame, and a chance to meet the Goddess of 21st Century Consumerism and Conformity.

  12. It was so funny to see from the scroll that this video was made by a fellow omahan!

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