Photos from ‘Women’s Appreciation’

SPOILER WARNING! Photos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here is a photo from ‘Women’s Appreciation,’ scheduled to air May 3rd.

The Office Women's Appreciation Steve Carell Phyllis Smith Mindy Kaling

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  1. This episode is going to be so hilarious.
    I’m looking forward to this one almost as much as I was looking forward to The Negotiation.
    Michael in Victoria Secret is just too much to handle!

  2. Wow. I’m so glad that posted these pics. I cannot wait for this episode. It looks like a good one.

  3. Oh you KNOW Karen says something to Phyllis like “Do you think Jim will like me in this” which will result in a mortified Pam!

  4. Umm…(1) Elisabeth, I didn’t even think about “green is whorish”, but THANK YOU!!!! I will be rolling on the floor if someone actually says that in the episode. It would pretty much be the single best line ever. And I love Angela’s cat sweater.

  5. That sweater just re-affirms my belief that Ms. Martin will be the creepiest cat lady when she is 60

  6. We asked Angela about her sweater while we were visiting the set — it’s from Coldwater Creek. You can buy the same sweater on eBay!

    One of the kitties is carrying a purse. Hilarious!

    One more bit of trivia: see the blouse underneath the sweater? Same blouse as Angela wore during ‘A Benihana Christmas.’ Angela says it has like 40 buttons!

  7. Karen is looking at sexy lingerie and Pam is looking at a bathrobe, maybe Jim has made the right choice

  8. Is there a reason to buy sexy lingerie when you are single and the love of your life already has a girlfriend? I don’t think Pam is planning on stealing Jim by wearing lingerie at work.

  9. So…to appreciate women, Michael decides to take them shopping for panties?

    Oh Michael.

  10. Hopefully Phyllis is saying: “Oh nice Minty color. Jim likes mints. He used to go to Pam’s desk to get mints every day. Sometimes three times a day. For years.”

  11. The fact that Karen is buying that lingerie tells me things about her relationship with Jim that up until now I have refused to think about. Hehehe
    This looks like it is going to be a great episode.

  12. Does anyone else get the feeling there will be small and little snippets of JAM but overall by the end of the season we will be no closer to any resolution on the matter. I read the summary’s of the final episodes, I continue to see Karen in the mix, and really don’t see anything getting resolved. As with this episode, I am looking at the pics, and deciding I need to concentrate on the show, not the people, because it is freaking funny.

  13. Ouch. This is gonna be another “poor pam” moment.

    I think I’m most looking forward to Angela’s part in all of this. Her face is priceless – it’s one-third “fear,” one-third “this underwear is the work of the Devil,” and one-third “maybe Dwight would like it.”

  14. BOB
    I dunno… When i clicked on Jennas myspace from the link where these pictures are, It says that we should NOT MISS beach day. And it talks about Pam feeling down watching jim and karen. I have a feeling something is going to happen BEFORE the season finale.

  15. LOL Allison, too. I think Angela’s actions in this episode is what I’m looking forward too most in this episode.

  16. ew it makes me feel sick to think about jim .. and karen .. and her lingerie .. and jim seeing it .. AH!

  17. Gag, gag, gag at the sight of Karen buying sexy lingerie….for Jim :( I’d heard rumors but just hoped it wasn’t true. I think this is the episode where they are supposed to be (another gag) celebrating their 6 month anniversary so maybe that what the new undies are for?

    RE Jenna’s Myspace blog…I think she’s giving us a big hint by telling us not to miss Beach Games. She keeps saying that Pam is going to keep speaking her mind, etc so I’ll bet it’s in this episode. The descrip says something about Pam being forced to watch J/K have fun so I’ll bet that finally makes her snap (in a good way) and tell Jim something, anything, about her feelings.

    Who knows where it will go from there but, I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  18. the look on pam’s face makes me want to cry. she’s probably listening in to what karen is saying…which makes it worse. poor pam, but i feel fancy new beesly will speak her mind.. i so excited for this episode!!!

  19. maybe Karen got jealous after her and Jim saw Blades of Glory
    oh Jim – you’re so lucky!

  20. Pam…step away from the frumpy bathrobe and please, go buy yourself some cute panties. It just may pull you out of this pathetic tailspin you’ve been on…It doesn’t matter if no one’s seeing them! Buy them for yourself!

    Karen’s face is adorable. Go get yourself some! I would if I had Jim…

  21. Here’s a fun thought…
    Karen says “Oh this is cute Jim will like it.” Pam at first looks sad and fells crappy, but than gets her confidence up, storms over and says “Than maybe you should wear them where he can see them All day.” Than she puts the panties over Karen’s face and storms out of the mall and into Jim’s arms!!

    (just a thought)

  22. My wishful thinking is that Karen and Jim have not been doing anything up to this point, and Karen (the vixen!) would like to change that…hence the purchase.

  23. BOB-

    I agree with you 100%. I read Jenna’s blog and things like that, but I don’t really see an end in sight with JAM drama. I need a pick me up!

  24. New Thought:
    Karen: Do you think Jim would like this?
    Phyllis: Oh yeah, that would look great on Pam.

    (tee hee)

  25. Yeah, Karen would wear that sexy number just before one of her all night whine sessions. After she tells him he’s watching too many Phillies games, he will be instructed to “sell some paper so we can go on a trip”. What a turn on!

    No thanks.

  26. #38, Heckuva Motor Carriage,

    i actually like that pam doesn’t spend too much time on her appearance.

  27. Re #36: LOL! That was great! Man, if Phyllis said that, I’d add her to my permanent Christmas card list. Also, as #40 mentioned, I love that Pam isn’t a clotheshorse. Her girl-next-door appeal far outweighs any souped-up glamor that the *ahem* opposition has.

  28. Pam is the warehouse safety training, Karen is the office safety training. It needs to be dressed up with something ridiculous, because it doesn’t have any meaningful substance of its own.

    And I think their relationship is in a spiraling tailspin. It will naturally crash and burn, without Pam’s help. Otherwise it’s the most unrealistic relationship on tv.

    You’ve got to give the people what they want!

  29. Todd Packer.

    The guys from Vance Refrigeration.

    Ed Truck. Who faked his own death to come back and flash the women of DM with impunity!

  30. dear comment #12, maybe karen IS the lingerie & pam the bathrobe, but i bet pam has something pretty exciting going on underneath that terry cloth robe! ;]


  31. whenever i see that pic of karen with the lingerie it makes me want to scream.
    i find comfort in the idea that jim is imagining its pam the. whole. time.

  32. Tee-Hee-Hee

    Those panties are so ugly! Nice. Green. And Red. Such a turn on! I like the full butt cover action… And the bra looks like something my 60 year old mother would wear… Granny Panties with lace :o

  33. What is the telephone number under the sketch of the flasher, which is Dwight? Did anyone call it?

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