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September 14, 2009

The Office’s Angela Kinsey just blogged for iVillage, including who she’s taking to the Emmys this Sunday. Can’t wait to hear the stories! :)

I was asked to do a monthly blog for this site and this is my first one. I am an actress on NBC’s The Office. I play that super stuffy lady who sits in accounting. We’ve all worked with versions of her. When I asked what I should write for this blog the answer I got back was to tell little stories from my life. I am not sure if this will be interesting to anyone but here goes…

Link: iVillage Celebrity Blog: The Office’s Angela Kinsey


  1. I love Angela so much, and I especially love when she talks about her family. They remind me so much of my own small-town Southern kin! I absolutely cannot wait to hear stories and see pics from the Emmys!

  2. It’s a cliche when stars on tv shows seem so down to earth, but Angela seems like the nicest person in the world. This girl can’t stay around long enough. I hope she will star in a show or movies when the Office wraps!

  3. It seems like Dairy Queen loves to set up shop in small towns; it’s the popular place where my aunt and uncle live, too.

  4. She is absolutely adorably sweet! It’s so amazing how a nice sweet woman like she is can portray such a snarky character like Angela Martin. That’s some great acting!

  5. What a wonderful photo of Angela and her dad! (and I definitely fall into the “tragic sweatpants” category, assuming walking the dog in my bathrobe covered by a trenchcoat counts)

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