Angela Kinsey MySpace blog: Hey sleepy head Fischer

From Angela Kinsey’s MySpace blog, dated October 15, 2008:

Hey sleepy head Fischer….

My response to your response to my response. I will not put a link to your blog. I am too fricken tired to figure out how to do it.

Good morning Jenna. I didn’t see your car in the parking lot. You are probably home sleeping. I am in my trailer eating a bagel smothered with REAL butter and pumping. Right now I am burning more calories eating and pumping than you will at the gym today. Have fun doing those squats.

;) Angela

ps. It is freezing on set today so I turned your heater on at your desk so it would be warm and cozy when you sat down. I mean it needs to be comfy…you might want to nap at your desk while we film.

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