1. Many thanks to Ryan Koh! He’s so cool! Business Ethics was such a fun episode–we’re still laughing about it at work, a week later. (I keep hearing co-workers say things like, “I’ve got so much work to do that I guess I’ll just be relieving myself in this pop bottle at my desk.” and “I’m off for a nooner with the XYZ Company consultant so I think we’ll have a pretty good shot at getting that account!” etc. Ha ha!)

  2. Cool, Ryan didn’t say much in the commentary on the Season 4 dvd, so it’s good to hear what he’s like. Seems like a smart guy and a good writer, I think his next episode will be even better. It’s cool with the writers answering questions like this.

  3. I’m getting seriously annoyed with the fact that Canadians can’t view content on NBC’s site. I can appreciate not being able to view episodes, but what about the websiodes, deleted scenes, and this interview?

    NBC wonders why people are quick to illegally download their programs…and I think I can give them one reason as to why.

  4. Always great to hear “behind-the-scenes” info about The Office. My only complaint is that he didn’t answer more questions!

  5. Nice responses, Ryan. But I have to say tanster, I miss when they answer the questions you compile, because the questions you pick are much more informative.

    wow, that was a suck-up comment.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  6. Thanks for the questions. I would have at least liked to have heard an “I’m sorry” about the continuity error. It was an honest mistake.

  7. Hee, I second #9 jkrasislove =] There just weren’t enough questions answered in this video! (But I still liked it, of course, and think it’s awesome that he did it)

  8. I loved Business Ethics — it was very old-time Office flavored for me. Neat to see the writer himself. Thanks, Tanster!

  9. they could have googled some paper company names.
    it still was a good episode

  10. Hey Ryan, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these. They were quite informative, and I really appreciate the effort you took to let the fans have a little more of a glimpse into their favorite show. We know you didn’t have to. Thanks!

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