Angela live Wednesday morning

Angela Kinsey’s just updated her MySpace blog with a list of her live radio appearances on Wednesday morning:

6:00 am – WKLS, Atlanta, GA
6:20 am – THE LEX & TERRY SHOW – Nationally Syndicated
6:30 am – WERS, Boston, MA
6:40 am – WPHT, Philadelphia, PA/Manhattan, NY
6:50 am – WOR RADIO, New York, NY
7:00 am – WKQX, Chicago, Ill – Nationally Syndicated
7:20 am – KVIL, Dallas, TX
7:30 am – KFNS, St. Louis, MO
7:40 am – THE RON SEGGI SHOW – Nationally Syndicated
7:50 am – KDLD/KDLE Indie 103.1, Los Angeles, CA
8:00 am – ESPN, Kansas, Denver, Mo, Ark, Oak/syndicated

There’s other good stuff in her blog, so be sure to go check it out!


  1. I listened at both 6:30am EST and PST and she wasn’t on the radio. I actually checked out some of the other locations and didn’t hear her either. Hmmm.

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking that too. Otherwise, why would she be talking about the webisode? I got up early and left for work early so I could listen on Sirius (which I only have in my car). But I was stuck listening to the incredibly annoying Playboy morning show guys for the whole drive, with no Angela. I guess we’ll see if I can manage to get up early enough to try this two days in a row…

  3. Bummer. I slept in today, so I missed it. Does anyone have a recording of any of the interviews?

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