Rainn Wilson in ‘Hesher’

Summary (from Wikipedia): After the tragic loss of his mother, T. J. (Devin Brochu) and his pill popping father (Rainn Wilson) are forced to live with T. J.’s elderly grandmother (Piper Laurie). A young man with a troubled past named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) assumes the role of both mentor and tormentor, leading T. J. into troubles he could never have imagined.

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, Natalie Portman, Piper Laurie

Website: Hesher (includes theater list)

Release Date: May 13, 2011


John Krasinski in ‘Something Borrowed’

Summary: Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) falls for Dex (Colin Egglesfield), her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) fiancé. John Krasinski plays Rachel’s confidante, Ethan.

Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski

Website: Something Borrowed

Release Date: May 6, 2011


‘Super’ with Rainn Wilson

‘Super’ is a film starring and produced by The Office’s Rainn Wilson and written/directed by James Gunn.

Summary: After his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), a frustrated husband (Rainn Wilson) decides he will win her back as Crimson Bolt, a costumed vigilante armed with a monkey wrench. His actions bring him an admirer, an overeager comic store clerk (Ellen Page) who wants to be his sidekick.

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Here’s the official trailer for ‘Super.’

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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Brief Interviews With Hideous MenThis post lists items about John Krasinski’s ‘Brief Interviews With Hideous Men,’ the film adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s book which John wrote the screenplay for, directed, and co-stars in. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009.

The film also stars Julianne Nicholson, Will Arnett, Bobby Canavale, Dominic Cooper, Max Minghella, and Timothy Hutton. It opened in limited release in September 2009.

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‘Dinner For Schmucks’ with Steve Carell

UPDATE: ‘Dinner for Schmucks’ opens today!

Summary: Tim (Rudd) is a rising executive who “succeeds” in finding the perfect guest, IRS employee Barry (Carell) for his boss’ monthly event, a so-called “dinner for idiots,” which offers certain advantages to the exec who shows up with the biggest buffoon.

Starring: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd

Website: Dinner for Schmucks


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Rainn Wilson at ‘Super’ Comic-Con panel

The Office’s Rainn Wilson participated in a San Diego Comic-Con panel this weekend for his movie ‘Super,’ written and directed by James Gunn and co-starring Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and Nathan Fillion.

According to the official film website, “Super is a hyper-real and shockingly funny look at the extremely violent antics of a down-on-his luck man’s (Rainn Wilson) attempt to win his wife (Liv Tyler) back from a glamourous drug dealer (Kevin Bacon) by teaming up with a psychopathic teen (Ellen Page) and becoming costumed crime fighters.”

Rainn describes how he became involved with the movie (from Geeks of Doom):

Wilson shares a story about being on the set of The Office, where he plays Dwight and works with Jenna Fischer (Gunn’s ex-wife). Fischer was on the phone with Gunn while Wilson happened to be standing nearby, and when Gunn asked her what he should make next, she told him it should be Super because it’s “the best script you’ve ever written.” Not knowing any actors fitting the lead role, he asked her who could play it and of course she said “What about Rainn Wilson?” At this time Wilson apparently went back to his little cubicle where there was already an e-mail from Gunn with the script, which he got 27-pages into before calling the director and saying “I’m in. We have to make this movie. I have to play this character.”

Another report of the event at Collider.com.

During the Q&A session, a fan asked who would win in a fight between Dwight Schrute and Fillion’s Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Here’s what ensued:

Link: The Crimson Bolt

Jenna Fischer in ‘Solitary Man’

Summary: Solitary Man tells the story of Ben Kalmen, a fifty-something New Yorker and former successful car dealer, who through his own bad choices lost his entire business. Ben’s on the verge of a comeback, but some of the same motivations that led to his demise are threatening to take him down again.

Cast: Michael Douglas, Mary Louise-Parker, Jenna Fischer, Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito

Release date: May 21, 2010

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