Auction: The Office set visit

Charity Folks is auctioning off another visit to The Office set!

Listing description: Set Tour of The Office & VIP Green Room Access to Watch Filming of a Scene! You and a friend will receive an exclusive two-hour experience including a backstage tour, time in the VIP Green Room and the opportunity to watch filming!

Proceeds benefit the Environmental Media Association.

The auction ends November 23rd.


  1. ok, i understand that it’s for charity and all that, but why can’t they have contests to win a visit instead of auctions? i would LOVE a visit to the set, but right now the bidding’s at $2500! the buy price is $10,000!! That’s half of my yearly salary!!

  2. Oh if only I had some money to my name. I agree with the comment about winning a visit instead of auctions. However, as I live in Canada and am not even able to view deleted scenes I don’t think that I would be eligible any way. haha
    I can dream.

  3. I completely agree. Although it is for a good cause it’s not within reach of the average fan. Hopefully we can get another set visit contest soon!

  4. Not to be a downer because it is a good cause, but the set visit doesn’t sound ideal. Airfare and room and board aren’t included, it only last 2 hours, you aren’t guaranteed to meet anybody, and you can’t take pictures! I mean, if you had $2,500+ to donate, sure, but it seems like the visit could be a lot better.

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