Auction: meet Steve Carell on The Office set!

UPDATE: winning bid over $17,000!

Charitybuzz is auctioning off a visit to The Office set to meet Steve Carell!

Listing description: Visit to the “video room” to watch the filming of “The Office” and meet Steve Carell and other available cast members. Takes place in LA. Valid for 2 people for one year, based on availability. Transportation and lodging are not included.

I contacted The Office staff and they verified the auction is legitimate. They also mentioned a set tour is included!

Proceeds benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

The auction ends May 28th.

P.S. Past set visit auctions have typically gone for over $10,000, so be prepared!


  1. I wish I had that kind of money to spend.
    I should start playing the lottery, then maybe I can win that much money.

  2. A chance to meet my hero??? Drat college loans and the economic pit we’re stuck it. Bummer dude.

    Happy bidding to those that can afford it!

  3. I checked the bidding thing and they’re already at $2,500. That’s more than I currently have in my bank account :(

    I’ll meet you yet Steve!

  4. I’m so conflicted… college education, Steve Carell, college education…

    O well, here’s to hoping for a random street corner spotting!

  5. Here is a timeline of what I need to do in order to win this: Buy Powerball ticket tonight, win the Powerball jackpot of 222 million on Wednesday night, bid on the auction on Thursday morning. I am being just a little optimistic.

  6. Or, I could just start an amazing fan blog that is beloved by all and then The Office people would invite me to the set for free!!

    Wait, what? Someone already thought of that? Guess I need to come up with 15 grand, then… :-)

    Tanster, is it nice to be able to put a price on your hard work? You know just about exactly what it’s all worth!

  7. 10, Jam_Halpsly

    Best of luck on the lottery. And I want you to remember, should you win, that I wished you luck first.

  8. Holy crap! When does the auction end? I am so interested in bidding and going to see Steve Carell on the set of the Office! Somebody shoot me the link for the auction please!!

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