Ed Helms on ‘David Letterman’

The Office’s Ed Helms appeared on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ on Thursday night.

Tipster: Zach D.


  1. “Tom Brokaw is America’s dad.” That was hilarious…The Hangover comes out the same day as Away We Go, is that correct? That’s coincidental…?

  2. I missed all the Office late night appearances this week. Oh work week why must you be so cruel when you started out on such a high point! Watching “The Hangover” and meeting Ed Helms definitely the highlight of my week. Go see “The Hangover”! It’s got naked people! LOL

  3. I never knew he was on there that night! I just knew about Mindy on Craig Ferguson!

    The tooth story was an interesting tale. I kinda feel his pain because I have two missing permanent teeth.

    Also, LOVED his Tom Brokaw!

  4. Ed is hilarious…I love how happy he was after getting to do his impersonation!

  5. I loved that “I thought we were just gonna have wine and toast the groom” bit.

  6. Yaiish! It does come out the same day as Away We Go. I love Ed! His impressions are so great!

  7. One day, one sweet day, he will be able to be interviewed and not have to do his Brokaw impresssion (good though it is). Thursday was not that day.

    Love him though, he’s brilliant. I shall definitely go see the film when it’s out over here.

  8. I am so in love with Ed Helms, it’s just ridiculous.

    The Hangover seems to appeal to my juvenile sense of humour :O)

  9. It’s not often that a guest can make Letterman laugh that hard! Go Ed Helms!

  10. Gah! I didn’t know he was on Letterman, so thanks for posting this! Ed gets more awesome every time I see him; he’s just made of WIN. I’m definitely gonna see The Hangover; the promos always crack me up.

    Btw, I love how he’s dressed like Andy. :)

  11. Ed Helms is pure awesomeness! Glad we get to see him on the big screen in a leading comedic role!! Can’t wait to watch it! He was so hilarious in Confessions of a Shopaholic, and loved his lil role in Night At The Museum 2, along with Mindy Kaling and Craig Robinson’s roles. The Office has the best stars :)

  12. Does anyone know where I can find the clip of Ed Helms on Conan when he busts into “Do you hear the people sing?” from Les Mis? That is my absolute favorite moment on TV ever. I have spent literally hours looking for it and the initial post was quickly taken down.

  13. About six years ago, I had an Ed Helms fan website (back when he was on The Daily Show), never did I believe that six years later he’d be on Letterman! I remember when Ed was a blip on the comedy map.

  14. Saw Ed, Mindy, and Craig all in Night at the Museum! What a fun movie for kids. This one looks great too. With JKraz’s movie out this summer should be tons of Office fun at the theaters!

  15. Ed Helms is so ridiculously funny!
    He has been such a great addition to the Office.

    And while he portrays “jerky” characters well, I could see him being a “leading man” with the right movie, similiar to Greg Kinnear.

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