BDE #2: Chattin’ with the OT peeps

During our set visit on Tuesday, Angela told me she wanted to check out the OT chat room. We only had a few minutes after lunch, so we rushed over to Angela Martin’s desk and logged on. Angela did the actual typing!

The Office Set Visit Angela Kinsey

(See the OT chat room on Angela’s screen? — with the little OT bobblehead graphic in the upper right corner?)

The Office Set Visit Angela Kinsey

Check out the jazz babies poster behind Angela!

Here’s what Angela said in chat:

hey guys it’s angela and jennie on set!!! jennie is sitting at my desk with me. we just had lunch. I just have a few minutes and then I have to go to hair and makeup. tanster says that she hasn’t fainted yet. but might at any second.

Oh yeah, big time butterflies in my stomach.

Thank you, Angela, for stopping by chat! :)


  1. can u say….frickin’ awesome! on another note,i barfed up a storm the nite before yesterday on my bedroom carpet. i cleaned it w/ this all purpose cleaner, but by the smell of it, i think i just soaked it all into the carpet. in a horrible way, it reminds me of “the carpet” episode :)

  2. Wow – I’m so absolutely jealous. But so happy for ya! You do understand that you and GMMR are killing us with the holdout on pics and details right? ;)

  3. How awesome! I was in there but had stepped away and missed it! :( Thanks to Angela for coming into the room and YAY for you Tanster!! :)

  4. Wow – too cool!! CAN’T WAIT to hear the rest! Don’t make us wait too long! :)

  5. HOW much can I say that I LOVE Angela? The person and the character!

    Way to go T!

  6. Are you having to clear everything with TPTB before you post? Is that why it’s taking so long to get stuff posted!?!?

  7. I found this adorable sketch with Pam in it Non-Human Resources – it looks old. Must be Pre-Office but God she’s so adorable.

  8. Great pics. :) Now I’m left wondering what the text on the whiteboard behind Angela says – I’m sure it’s something funny. :D

  9. Every time I see Angela I find her more attractive, I think I’m falling in TV-love.

    What does that post-it note on Angela’s monitor say? Can someone blow it up? Maybe a love note from Dwight to Angela Martin? Or maybe just prop instructions heh.

  10. Hi, Jennie. I was in the chat room when Angela came in, and asked her a question. That was SO much fun! She came across as a very nice person. Can’t wait to hear more about your visit!

  11. lol I love her HUGE sweatshirt!! i’m seeing this pictures and wondering if i’m dreaming! i can’t even imagine how awesome it must have been for you!

  12. Wow, you are so unbelievably lucky!!!!!

    I’m small too so when i wear sweatshirts that aren’t my size they look like that too.=P

  13. As soon as the actors are finished with their scenes, they change into their comfy clothes as quickly as possible. :)

  14. Angela is hands down my favorite – both her character (cracks me up) and from what she acts like in interviews and such. anything she wears, even a big sweatshirt, looks adorable on her. I would have freaked out if I ever met her and been too afraid to say anything.

  15. That is so incredibly incalculcable! You are now bumped up on my hero list to first, in front of Bob Hope, Abe Lincoln, and Bono. Oh yeah, and God.

  16. Okay, I HAVE to start checking out the chat room! I miss out on so much.

    So far it seems like everyone was super nice! I think that makes me like The Office even more (if that’s possible)!

    What an opportunity you had–once in a lifetime! If that ever happened to me (yeah, RIGHT!) I would be so happy I would make the cast some cupcakes (carrying them to the set in my cupcake courier, of course)!

    Keep the updates comin’! I’m sure you have to get every photo approved (undoubtedly you’re on a non-disclosure), but I’m willing to wait! It’s only 11:42 am, but I’m already having anticipatory Office withdrawals. Thank goodness for OfficeTally and my DVR (entire season 3 recorded)!

  17. Yeah, sorry you guys for not posting more stuff sooner — I have a full-time job that I need to attend to, plus, getting ready for Paley tomorrow. So very busy this week!

    I promise more pictures and a full report to come … :)

  18. Tanster, you really deserved this opportunity…I am so thankful for all the work you put into this website, you help me look forward to the Office every week! I am so happy for you!

  19. Aw, you guys look so cute!! That was really sweet of you to bring Angela into the OT Chat room. We felt so honored to have both of you come chat with us!

  20. that is so awesome!! i wish i knew where the set is located cuz i’m going to be in LA for spring break, but i’m sure that they are pretty tight on security.

  21. Wow how wonderful
    The baby poster alwaysss cracks me up. (“That’s like the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen”)

  22. I love Angela and I love you tanster for being able to do all this amazing stuff!

  23. How how howwww did you get the chance to do this? I’ve been searching online everywhere can’t even find a filming location!

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