1. Thank you Jenna for making it possible for me to say that Pam is fat and has bad hair, with no guilt.

    Just kidding. Cute pic, sweet mini interview.

  2. wow, that picture made me think for a second of buying a copy of allure.

    but then that second passed… phew. great picture though.

  3. Aw, how sweet. Don’t you just love her? I do.

    “I’d save the receptionist.”

  4. She’s so beautiful! How could you not love her?! Yes, I am getting a copy. My father works for the company, so I get all thier magazines ! yay = )

  5. I love Jenna Fischer! She makes me weak in the knees. Beautiful picture. Thanks.

  6. What a gorgeous picture of her!

    She looks so sweet and demure. Like a little angel with a secret. Great shot. Thanks for posting it!

  7. I’m not so sure that’s an award statue. I think it’s just a statue.

    Gorgeous pic though!

  8. Niiiice.

    Jenna’s, or should I say Pam’s, allure is hard to pin down. Based on comments I’ve seen around the Internet, some men get it, but many do not. I have never seen a still photo of her that has captured it.

    Her appeal is based more a combination of her wholesome good looks, her sense of hurmor, and her awkward speech patterns and mannerisms. You have to see it live rather than in a photo. Somehow Jenna transforms dorkiness into animal magnetism.

    The only other celebrityy I can think of who relied more on personality than looks to generate sex appeal (in spades!)was Dianna Rigg on the Avengers. Very rare company indeed.

  9. She’s looks so pretty in pink. (I did not just say that – she’s way prettier than Molly Ringwald).

    I thought that was her SAG award at first too, but on closer inspection, it looks like a statue of a Roman soldier.

  10. Her appeal isn’t that hard to pin down: the body of a pinup girl, a kind face, big penetrating expressive eyes, a smile that could cure cancer, a generous nature, perfect hair. And she’s married to a geek!! Giving geeks everywhere hope.

  11. awww…jenna looks so pretty in that picture! i love her dress! i also love that she just seems so sweet and normal!

  12. It seems from the previous posts that I will unquestionably be in the minority by suggesting the following:

    I am a big fan of Jenna’s, as her girl-next-door looks and sweet (onscreen) personality make her that Midwestern Girl Who Is Hard To Resist.

    But I must say, one look at this Allure photo and I couldn’t help but think…..blaaah. She is just laying there like a bump on a log. She doesn’t look innocent or exude simplistic beauty, she just looks like she just got home from a hard and frumped down on the couch. When did Allure start thinking that exhaustion = beauty? Not to mention the fact that her trademark smile looks as forced as the Christmas picture your mom always made you take witht the great aunt you never knew and didn’t particulary like.

    On a scale of 1-10? 3 – and that’s only because of the Blades of Glory photo at the bottom.

  13. I have to agree with Dementia Al. I think that Jenna looks really uncomfortably stiff in the photo, and that dress does nothing for her. I agree that she is gorgeous in general, but the photo is dull.

  14. I also don’t think it’s a good picture of her.

    The thing is that she’s gorgeous, and probably doesn’t take many bad pictures.

    So seriously, the photographer and the editors had to work hard to make her look so uncomfortable. I really am so confused as to why they would have picked this picture. I mean, any possibility it’s a big mistake and somewhere, and intern has just been fired?

  15. Too bad she’s with that douchebag that made the horrible remake of Dawn of the Dead.

  16. The “Dawn of the Dead” remake is actually well-received by the critics (including Roger Ebert) and scored 77% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I just think it’s sad when folks dismiss remakes as bad just because they are remakes. Isn’t our little show the perfect example of a successful remake?

    Of course, I don’t know James personally, but he does come across as a great guy with a great sense of humor. And as DrunkBiking mentioned in post 21, he does give us geeks everywhere hope…I know, I’m deluding myself ;)

  17. To posts #30 and #21: Gunn doesn’t give geeks everywhere a chance to land the beautiful babe. He gives those geeks in Hollywood or Silicon Valley who have a boatload of money and celebrity connections a chance, not the normal, Dwight-like geek who lives in his parents’ basement and collects action figures and knows every episode of Buffy by heart and can argue for or against remakes of Dawn of the Dead.

    Give up your dilusions, put down the comic books, head to the gym, and learn how to talk to a woman like the rest of us.

  18. Dimentia AL…are you then comparing yourself to the certainly unique Dwight K. Schrute?

  19. No, #33 (thatswhatshesaid07). Read the post closely you will discover 3 types of individuals: 1) Hollywood and Silicon Valley Geeks 2) Dwight-like Geeks 3) The Rest Of Us.

    Dementia AL is a #3, with lady friends to prove it.

  20. I think she looks beautiful! I get sad when I read all the critical comments — what if she reads them? Do you want her to become crazily paranoid about her looks like most of Hollywood?

  21. Heidi (#36),

    Your point is noted, though I would like to establish the fact that I never said anything about Jenna not looking beautiful. My criticism was of the photographer and his irresponsible posing of his subject. Jenna, of course, is as beautiful as ever…

  22. I think this is one of the most beautiful shots of Jenna I have seen. Sweet, kind and wonderful. I don’t know if it is possible to ever get a bad photo of this talented person.

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