1. I was at the taping of this episode! And it was soooo worth it! BJ is absolutely hilarious and so tiny in person…lol! I wish they had discussed The Office though!

  2. How funny, I was just catching up on my late night shows on my DVR and was just watching B.J. on Jimmy Kimmel and thought “I didn’t see this on Office Tally this morning”. I liked his Nazi scalping story too (from Inglourious Basterds).

  3. I work at a grocery store and i have actually read that whole thing while being bored i’m so glad BJ brought it with him

  4. OMG I TOTALLY just read that on the box of my Honey Bunches of Oats like 3 days ago! Awesome!

  5. Who would think to do that? To read a cereal box, then think to share it with the world aaaand manage to make it funny – genius!

  6. B.J. Novak, holding my favorite cereal, and not only holding my favorite cereal, but talking about it for 5 minutes.

    Be still, my heart.

  7. The ABC website lists the “whole episode” as being available, but the video cuts out right before B.J.! Lame. Wish I could see it.

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