The Break Room interviews Angela Kinsey

“Three average guys” from Frisco, Texas, talk to Angela Kinsey about a variety of Office-related topics, including:

  • Oscar’s talking-impaired moment in a future webisode involving the word “Seiko.” After about 18 takes, he finally nailed it.
  • Angela’s inability to keep a straight face during the bologna and ketchup sandwich scene from Michael’s Birthday.
  • More details on what’s going to be on the Season 2 DVD set, including the fact that almost every episode will include commentary!
  • And of course, no interview would be complete without a tantalizing little thought about Season 3 …

Listen to it here or download it from iTunes here. Nice job, guys!


  1. I’ve been looking forward to putting this on the old iPod. She was really funny on the Joseph podcast. No offense to those guys, but I hope the Break Room guys are a little more lively.

  2. Hi Brian, I hope you like it. We’re more than open to any criticism you might have, so feel free to email us at breakroom [at]

    I hope we were lively…

  3. Marc – I listened today, and my only complaint is that it couldn’t be longer. Sorry I doubted you guys. The Indonesian was inspired. And you were plenty lively.

    P.S. For the record (and to amend my earlier post), the Josephs did a rocking job too.

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