Brian Baumgartner’s TV Guide blog!

Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin”) has a brand new blog over at TV Guide! And yes, this time he is blogging as Brian, and not Kevin. (He blogs as Kevin on MySpace.)

An excerpt from his inaugural post:

True story: while filming [the pilot], Angela, Oscar and I, at various times, thought we were going to get fired. For real. Like us, the actors. We thought art was going to imitate life and we were going to be downsized. We didn’t have any real reason for thinking this (or at least any reason that I am willing to blog about here), but we figured we were on the chopping block.

Brian also talks about The Secret and relays some good Hooters stories, but I think that’s because that episode was originally scheduled to air tonight, but isn’t anymore.

Go read the full post here!


  1. Between this, the IGN article, the webisodes, how am I going to get any work done today?

  2. LOL, never hurts to blame the messenger, sorry tanster

    I just read Kevin’s blog and he says the Secret is on after the Pilot. Maybe he wrote this a while ago, but didn’t anyone copy edit it? He also refers to the time Michael styled his hair to look like Jim. I have no idea when that ever happened.

  3. Haha. Do you need any employees at OfficeTally? Specifically in the “reading the stuff you post” department? I’m quite experienced.

    Brian, yeah I wondered that too about The Secret airing after reading his blog.

    As for the hair incident, it happened in The Secret, after Michael and Jim got back from Hooters. Michael mussed up his hair and took his jacket off and tried to emulate Jim. Haha, it was funny.

    (…okay, i’m seriously going back to work now.)

  4. Unfortunately, NBC isn’t listing “The Secret” as an episode that will be airing on tonight’s lineup anymore. It looks like it’s just going to be the “Pilot” episode sandwiched between two “My Name Is Earl” episodes and then “America’s Got Talent.” If you ask me, NBC needs to stick to their word, but maybe (fingers crossed) they’ll show “The Secret” next week instead.

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