Brian talks about the finale

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Brian Baumgartner talks about this week’s season finale and the upcoming summer webisodes.


  1. Brian is so different from Kevin it always throws me a little bit when I see him in interviews. Same with Angela. He seems like a legitimately awesome guy though.

  2. I agree Cate, he is so different from Kevin, especially in the way he talks. What a good actor!

  3. I think Kevin and Elizabeth the Stripper would have some potential as a couple. Maybe she comes back for the party? (With Benjamin Franklin, of course)

  4. I really think the ‘relationship’ thing everyone is talking about has to do with Dwight and Angela. I have a feeling something happened when they were alone all day and the camera may have caught it and will show us at another time.

  5. I hope he doesn’t have any throat problems from doing the Kevin voice all the time.

  6. Maybe Brian doesn’t remember that Kevin’s ex-fiancee Stacy showed up at The Dundies and at Jim’s Barbeque.

  7. Amelia and Cate already said what I was going to say. Brian and Angela are such great actors. Too many actors today don’t act and are just themselves on screen. It’s refreshing to see people who act!

  8. It’s just weird how his character is totally different from him. I know it should be but in his case it is.

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