‘The Office’ on your iPhone

The Office iPhone

You can now watch full episodes of ‘The Office’ on your iPhone for free!

Just go to http://m.nbc.com/iphone from your iPhone and then click the Video tab.

Naturally, playback using WiFi is highly recommended over AT&T’s much slower EDGE network.

The good news is that AT&T may soon be offering FREE hotspot WiFi to its customers, including many Starbucks locations! So you can watch ‘The Office’ while sipping your morning latte. (I tried this at my local ‘bucks in Mountain View this morning — it works!)

And hopefully more episodes will become available soon — right now it’s just ‘Job Fair’ and ‘Did I Stutter?’.

Still, it’s not a bad start …


  1. By the way, this also works great on the Ipod Touch as well… I’m watching Job Fair as we speak :)

  2. I just tried this on my iPod touch and it works ok on that as well. It’s great to know I can watch the episodes without the annoying, repetitive ad breaks-it will especially make the gym much more tolerable. However, as great as this is, I would still love to see NBC return to iTunes.

  3. Awesome! Now I can watch it on my phone at work instead of on the computer at work … and I can pretend I’m a little more productive! :)

  4. What would also be great is if NBC.com would enable Macs to download Office episodes (says it’s coming in “early 2008” – yeah right) or work it out with iTunes.

  5. I checked out this feature on my iPhone, and watched Job Fair for the third time on my lunch break at work using WiFi. Of course the quality isn’t primo, but for free I will absolutely NOT complain. Thanks NBC! I hope you offer more shows this way but love that it started with The Office!

  6. this is like manna from heaven. hello office antics….goodbye iphone battery.

  7. You can also watch “Did I Stutter?” and “Job Fair” for free with Verizon VCAST phones. I’m sure it’s lower video quality than the I-phone, but for my meager standards it was smooth watching.

  8. Wow !
    Loved it. It actually works here too. That is amazing, though I’m not sure NBC knows that.. :P

  9. Oh man, I’m adding that to my home screen right now. Summer is looking brighter already!

  10. Tried it on my iphone up here in Canada, the videos aren’t region locked, so I was able to watch all videos with no problems,


    [from tanster: no geo-filtering! woo!]

  11. LUCKY people who have iPhones! My dad has one, and convinced me not to buy one because of how expensive they were. Yet another reason to break my phone contract!

  12. Holy cow I can’t believe how awesome this is! The quality is better than the normal you tube video quality. Now I just need to find some places outside my house with free WiFi!

  13. Oh, Tanster; why must you give us new Office-y distractions?! haha, thanks for the heads up; my iTouch loves The Office :)

  14. It would be nice if Nbc also made the episodes in the website downloadable for macs.

  15. Thanks, Tanster! YIPPEE!!! Even though I hate AT&T and miss Verizon, once again I am happy to have an iPhone. ;o)

    To #12- CARI: How do I add the link to my home screen?

  16. could this be nbc’s way of saying hi apple remember us? want to make a deal?

  17. To #18 When on safari and on the website. Press the + button on the bottom bar and a screen should pop up, touch Add to Home Screen and there you go :)

  18. i don’t have an iphone. however i do have an itouch. does anyone know if I can get those there?

  19. This gives me (perhaps irrational) hope that NBC will then return their shows to iTunes. Is that so much to ask!?

  20. To #21 WES:

    Thanks for the help! I didn’t know about that feature. SO EASY. It’s a pretty little thing too- (the NBC.com icon.) Looks good on my home screen. I’m ashamed of myself- I’m usually more up on these things…

    On another note, I too hope that NBC.com will make their website more MAC friendly. C’mon- get with it NBC!!!

  21. To #24 (and other iPhone users)…

    In case you didn’t know this either.. hold down the Home Button for a few seconds until the icons shake.. you can move buttons around.. and have multiple home pages.. just drag an icon off the screen and it’ll move to the next page.

  22. I’m from Canada, and this was working on my iPod Touch up until 5pm MST. I was wondering if everyone, even if they are state side is having this issue, or if NBC is excluding us canadians once again. I’ll keep trying though.

  23. Although this is not like the iPhone, where you can download it for free, I thought I should share that you can buy the episodes and sync it with your Microsoft Zune Device, for those that have Zune. They have every episode up to Job Fair. And there’s no commercial breaks.

    Now I can take The Office with me wherever I go.

  24. When ever I go to the address on my iPod touch, it automatically takes off the “/iPhone” part of the URL and only makes it “m.NBC.com”. PLEASE HELP!!!

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