1. “Kevin” picked the Packers! Way to go Brian, you’re now my number one favorite office personality! hahaha.

  2. I am even more so in love with Brian because he picked the Packers!

    “Larry Johnson can’t get in the end zone…Brett Favre can.”


  3. He picked the Colts over the Pats. AMAZING. I’m ready for the big Pats-kickin (get it?) tomorrow right here in Indy!! GO COLTS!!!!

  4. Yay!
    I am so happy that “Kevin” picked the Packers! I shall go eat some M&Ms in tribute of his awesomeness!

  5. Can anyone get an actual count on attendees on the Office convention? I’ve heard as little as 4,000 to what Brian said was 50,000.

    Oh, and go Packers!

  6. Kevin picked the Packers!!! I’m in such a good mood now!

    Love Brett Favre, Loooove Brian Baumgartner!!!

  7. That was so great, but I’m going to have to step in here and disagree with his pick for the Green Bay – Kansas City game.

    I have to defend my team! Go Chiefs!

    (Although the fact that he did it in his Kevin voice almost made me not care.)

  8. Okay seriously my Broncos were in no way “Favre-licked” as he put it. I was there and i seem to remember the game having to go into overtime. My team may not be having their best season ever but I definitely think they can beat the Lions. Go Broncos!

  9. I can’t decide whether it was a gutsy move picking the Colts, or whether that game is such a crapshoot that neither pick can be considered “gutsy.” His picks seemed pretty solid, but you really never can tell with this kind of thing. And yeah, I loved the Kevin voice and agreed with the Packers pick.

  10. to quote Kevin from FUn Run, “are you kidding me?” Patriots are so going to grind Mr. Commercial Hog into the turf.

  11. I believe a small war has started but I’m with the Colts all the way! Believe people. Kevin picking the Packers is so great and sometimes the simplest reasoning is the right one.

  12. Good job with a pick for the Colts! I’m ready for them to grind Brady and the Pats into the ground!

  13. I based my football picks on his (except his pick against the Pats)
    So don’t let me down Brian…

  14. I’m kind of confused. Why didn’t he pick winners for the other 4 games (Cinci/Buff, SF/Atl, Houston/Oak, Wash/NYJ)? Or did I miss it?

  15. Any word on the final tally for Brian? I know he picked San Diego to win against the Vikings, and that didn’t happen either.

    Sorry about the Colts. So close! :-(

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