1. That is what Dwight it all about! I also love Toby showing some humor and everyone laughing. Toby is the man.

  2. I try to stay away from these previews, but this time I just couldn’t resist. It looks AMAZING!
    -“I hide various weapons all over the office”
    -“It’s better to get hurt by someone you know accidentally than someone you don’t on purpose.”

  3. Ryan knows how to pour salt on an open wound,doesn’t he? Inviting Toby,not Michael! And was that a bit of open flirtation on Toby’s part with his comment to Pam about coming camping under the stars? Can’t wait for Thursday.

  4. You try not to click, but then you do and then you try not to load the video, but then you do. And then you wanna pause it after one clip, but you can’t. And then you love it and it’s perfect! Toby for the win!

  5. The getting rid of satellite remark makes it consistent with the Money episode. I’m excited. Unless NBC made them get Evan Almighty preachy about the environment.

    (All for the environment, just not in a cheesy stunt week.)

    Aww, Toby.

  6. #16…totally agree, don’t want to see a toby-pam love connection, would rather see what would happen with a carol/toby match up.

  7. Okay don’t get me wrong, I love Toby, but I can’t stand the whole Toby and Pam thing! Jim and Pam just got together and I think they should have more time just to enjoy each others company and not have to worry about anyone else trying to butt into the relationship! I want more PB&J moments and less of the Poby moments!

  8. So…are we ever going to have another episode about, I don’t know, working in the office? I’ve been enjoying the season so far, but it seems like every episode has involved some sort of zany adventure outside of Dunder Mifflin. Are they trying to avoid repeating old scenarios? Because I really wouldn’t mind another Dundies awards, Halloween party, team-building seminar, etc, especially if it meant more subtle humor and less wackiness.

    And I agree about Toby/Pam–enough with the love triangles already! Andy/Angela/Dwight is hilarious, but I can see Toby/Jim/Pam turning into an angstfest, and we got enough of that last season. (Plus, the crush has made Toby a little creepy. Maybe Michael’s been right all along…?)

    Wow, long comment. Sorry.

  9. Dwight pulling a blow gun out of the toilet — hilarious. I am loving this season and I can’t way to see this one.

  10. “It’s better to get hurt by someone you know accidentally than someone you don’t on purpose”…have I been obsessed with this show for too long or does Dwight actually make sense here? haha

  11. Okay guys I am seriously starting to worry that this Toby/Pam storyline is going somewhere! I trust Greg Daniels so I really hope that nothing really awful happens with this storyline.

  12. God just when I thought Dwight couldn’t be more absurd….a roll of knives!?! “Let’s see if any of these work” and then a sword in the ceiling…. and to end with a blow gun in the toliet…. seriously… seriously….. I don’t know how much more I can love this show. hehehehehehe

  13. AP- I wouldn’t say that “green week” is a political message, though I understand that one of our current parties verbalizes their opinion about the question of global warming more than the other.

    Eww, the Toby/Pam thing is getting a little creepy, even if Toby is one of the normal workers. That “under the stars” comment? Iccckk. Also, I agree that this show is a little sitcom-ish this season. Bring back the subtle, witty humor! I hope that the writers get the message from the fans.

  14. #21 Yeah, Toby’s become quite the creeper this season… From not giving Jim and Pam the “Love Contract” to this now, I’m really starting to, well, as you said, almost agree with Michael on this one… What ever happened to his wedding date after all?

    Also, am I not remembering correctly, or doesn’t Paul Lieberstein kinda loathe his own character? Is he just trying to make Toby more miserable through this?

  15. Why don’t people like the Green Week theme? Um… hellooo? Better the environment? Um, save lives? Protect our future.

    Gotta love Dwight.
    God bless him.
    (A file for his weaponry? I sword in the ceiling.)

  16. Of all the wackiness we’ve seen thus far this season, the supposed threat of Pam/Toby is the most absurd development yet! I always thought that “storyline” was meant to be a funny little recurring gag, but I would have to throw in the towel if they were to develop it into a real love triangle (complete with cheesy NBC promo music during sweeps; I can hear it now: “The time has come…for Pam to choose…between true love…and human relations”).

  17. I have to agree with people who say that Toby is turning into a creep this season, look at how angry he was with Jim at the end of Branch Wars. Ryan does seem to be using his position to get revenge on Michael.

  18. #40 CH – That line is just too perfect for them NOT to do it now.

    And my favorite part of those clips? “Mr. A Knife.”

  19. The preview was great. Dwight ‘stratigically’ placing weapons throughout the office is so like him. Steve Carell, I hope we have another ‘Casino Night’ in the works, which was a very funny episode, minus the JAM drama. I’m looking for another classic line from Michael to Toby. Favorite lines so far: “Mr. A. Knife”, and “Is there a limit?”

    Commenting on the development between Pam/Toby: Bad move. It’s just dumb.

  20. I’m guessing Ryan invited Toby to specifically **** off Michael. I think it may have worked! Looking forward to this one. Apparently, Dwight didn’t turn in all his weapons to Toby, after he saved Jim’s life.

  21. Loved the scene between Michael and Jim. It was so simple, yet so hilarious!

    I don’t think Toby’s creepy. I think he’s happy, which in his case gives off a creepy vibe.

  22. Why was everybody laughing at Toby’s “No more s’mores” comment?? That just made me cringe for him…

  23. Elisabeth: Oh my God, NOO! It better not be. That’d be totally cheesy..but since that green week thing or whatever is going on.. :O

  24. Oh man, this is going to be terrible! I’m scared to even watch it. Remember when The Office was about THE OFFICE?!?

  25. it’s only 22 minutes. Half of that will be Jim in the office arguing with Angela over birthdays… so that will be worth it… I hope.

  26. Toby seems a bit overconfident in his relationship with Pam – his statement about sleeping under the stars: “You should come…” Sounded like an invitation was on its way.

    Are the writers trying to allude to us that Pam and Toby are the real soulmates and they are going to realize that over tea some time and poor Jim is going to know how Roy felt? hmmm. And so goes the days of our Office.

    I sure hope they don’t drag out Toby’s crush much longer – it was funny for awhile, but not anymore.

  27. Yes!!! Classic Office with Dwight and the weapons…
    blowdart hidden in the toilet..That’s the stuff we need to see again!!!

  28. I like that there were multiple TH’s of people saying that Michael wasn’t invited. As if each character said to the documentary crew, “Hey, I’ve got something juicy, meet me in the conference room in five minutes.”

  29. i’m so depressed. what kind of life will it be when the office isn’t on anymore because of the strike?? *sniffle*

    anyway…i’m excited for this episode. it looks absolutely ridiculous! :]

  30. This episode is going to be hilarious! I loved Dwight and his blow-dart!

    In response to what someone asked about the writers alluding to us that Pam and Toby are real soulmates, I don’t think so. Jim is who she is meant to be with. I mean they just started dating a few months ago, I don’t think the writers would do that to Jim and Pam. I also don’t believe that Jim will ever be in Roy’s position, Jim and Pam have gone through too much to let that happen!

  31. did anyone else think that the reason toby complained about pam and jim is because of his crush…..?

    “anything can happen..”

    “no more smores”???? pam seemed to laugh PRETTY hard..

  32. I think Pam was just being polite. I get the feeling she knows how Toby feels about her–like when she suggested he give the duck he won for her in Cocktails to his daughter. If Toby ever does anything it will probably be nothing Jim/Pam/Roy like. Just some awkwardness.

  33. People have been so pessimistic about new episodes. Should we not have faith in the people that have been entertaining us for up to four seasons now?

    56 | Sarah- The Office is about the people. It has been driven by character development and unique story-lines since season one. Our first trip out of the office was in season one in Basketball.

    Let’s show a little optimism, you have seen two minutes of the episode.

  34. Toby just comes across as a WIMPY, big dork…I think.

    I would be very disappointed if the writers encouraged that relationship!

  35. I agree that the “no more S-mores” line was retarded and made me feel umcomfortable for Toby. Very awkward.

  36. my favorite episodes of the office go outside of the office–the injury, booze cruise, traveling salesman, etc. have some faith, people!

    two hours!!!

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