1. Okay, I’m a little disappointed with that deleted scene, and it really would have felt out of place in this episode. Maybe if it was a scene from an episode, NOT 4 weeks from when he was working there.

    I’m glad they took it out.

  2. That was kind of awkward and out of place… not sure where that would have fit into this episode. However, how hilarious is it that he has a different fish every episode the MSPC has been in business?! (RIP MSPC.) :-)

  3. That would have been a funny cold open, but I like tonight’s the way it was.

  4. Great little deleted snippet!! That new receptionist was so funny! “Was I supposed to stop him? He seemed so confident.” Charles: “No, you did good.”

    Sometimes it’s the simplest lines that are the funniest!

  5. I can see where this scene wasn’t really essential to the episode, and therefore got cut….but still, how great was it that Michael was flipping out about being late, and then when he finally arrived at the correct office, his most pressing task was to feed his latest fish? I wonder what Ryan’s important morning job was….airing out the can of cheese balls?

  6. After knowing the ending, this probably would have been better in the context of the whole episode.
    Also, since they are waking up at 4:30 a.m. together to make deliveries, how can two of them be late in one day?
    Still, a great scene nonetheless.

  7. The only thing I liked about that deleted scene was Jim. I think it’s interesting how his character has matured throughout the show, and how “take charge” he’s become. I loved it when he went into the office and talked to Michael. He was the same way throughout all of BROKE. He’s just such a good guy!

  8. It would have made sense if he would have said, “Oh, shite, it wasn’t a bad dream” when Charles walked in. The ONLY thing bad about this episode is Jim’s hair! It’s really hideous! Otherwise I LOVED it!

  9. I love the call back to the picture mugs. And Erin’s right,you know. The Andy mug is pretty cute, what with the funny expression and all. I’d probably steal it too.

  10. I like Erin, she’s funny! I hope she sticks around as receptionist, I’d love to see her become a regular and be able to develop a whole new character on the show.

  11. I don’t know why, but I laughed so hard when Michael tried to feed the gold fish!

  12. Can anyone find out who plays Erin? I feel like I’ve seen her before somewhere but I can’t place her. This episode was great, btw. They figured out the right way to get Michael back (while showing his ability to work a deal), and now Pam’s in sales. Good work.

    [from tanster: her name is Ellie Kemper.]

  13. I thought that first deleted scene was just epic! What a great cold opening it would have made. Steve Carell nailed that scene.

  14. I was excited to see the Pütz mug that Andy gave to Erin.

    Prism Durosport promised the release of their Pütz media player over two years ago. All my friends have been enjoying their iPods, but I’ve been waiting for the superior Prism Durosport product cause it’s chunkier and more solid.

    The mug is a sign my wait is nearly over!

  15. Haha, I have an Andy mug, so I loved that second scene. No better way to start an early morning than by giggling at Andy’s silly expression! :-)

  16. Anita’s right. Dang. I was hoping that was Dwight’s Pütz mug, since he’s a fan of the Prism Durosport line.

    That sure is a creepy kid on the Utz logo.

  17. My god, two BJ videos in a row? It’s a red letter day…

    Also, I am so sad that was cut out. I love it when Ryan shows some other emotion beyond “jerk”.

  18. Haha the third one was great..and #15 Jamie, I laughed so hard too when he fed the goldfish!! I like Erin..don’t know why but she really reminds me of Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy.

  19. the third one is important to Ryan’s character, so it should have stayed. He blames himself for everything. And it has some of BJ’s best acting.

  20. Wow, I loved the third one! It reveals something about Ryan and it’s funny… I wish they hadn’t cut it :(

  21. I hate Ryan, but I loved watching Pam scurry out of there like that… too cute! Great reminder that she wasn’t part of Michael’s and Ryan’s craziness:)

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