1. That reminded me of the time Oscar was helping Michael with his financial problems. This scene could have worked in the show.

  2. haha! I love how Oscar gives good advise and Andy doesn’t. 10/10 for this one!

    btw, the only time that you should exchange all your money is when you will be getting more back when changing it back to the dollar. We got about 120-140 extra dollars back when we took dollars, changed them to Euros, spent some and changed it back. just fyi!

  3. Naw, the worst one is still the one where Phyllis admits to running over someone with bob and driving away.

  4. It was okay and kinda funny, but lately they’ve been having bad deleted scenes. I guess that just shows that their editing is really good! :)

  5. “Canada is like, the gayest country on earth”

    The Canadian in me is cringing, the American in me is DYING laughing. That’s what she said. Awesome.

  6. Really liked the currency exchange one, but it’s 1.5 minutes that needed to be used for something else, that’s understandable.

    In the second one, I almost thought Seth MacFarlane was the not-gay guy.

  7. Oscar is great. He’s so good at doing these horrifically awkward scenes in that quiet understated way.

  8. I’m pretty sure Andy will turn gay. Oh well, it’s meant to be ;) At least he’ll be happy…

  9. “You have kind eyes…like Elijah Wood” HAHAHA!!! One of my favorite lines ever…I don’t know why!?

  10. Does anybody else want to see that weasel, Ryan, get dumped and see a Kelly/Andy pairing? I think they would be perfect for each other. Both characters just want to be loved unconditionally.

  11. holy crap that third scene is awesome. Belly, ear hair, elijah wood…Oscar and Andy are my new favorite couple!

  12. #26

    I do! I actually thought they’d be perfect together since the end of season 3, but then there was Angela. Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen since BJ is leaving?

    “You have kind eyes, like Elijah Wood.” Just when I thought I couldn’t love Oscar more.

  13. That 4th deleted scene is fantastic. For people like me who felt the “Pam failing art school” storyline was a bit jarring in the episode, this scene would have went a long way to show that while graphic design wasn’t Pam’s thing, art/drawing definitely still is. I hope that gets explored going forward.

    Plus, I always love Supportive!Jim.

  14. See see, Pam is not great at graphic art, but look at her sketching! Something must come of this, hmmm?

  15. I’m sorry…..did i hear “sleeping with the professor” ??

    Angela was right…. Pam IS the office mattress.

    btw – awesome art work. I wonder if it’s the same art students doing her drawings…. cause they’ve improved.

  16. So maybe Pam wasn’t cut out for graphic design. I think she needs to pursue illustration. I was a bit taken aback when she decided to go into graphic design, especially since she used to only draw before she did the Dunder-Mifflin logo in Local Ad.

    So does this mean she got her breakthrough living in New York and no longer makes “motel art”?

  17. Why oh why did they delete Pam showing her artwork to Jim? Seems to set up a whole new storyline.

  18. @ #26 – Callan, I’m with you all the way. Andy and Kelly would be absolutely hilarious together.

  19. “I would’ve given you a D, only because you were sleeping with the professor.”

    hahaham oh jim!

  20. Oh, why was this not in the episode! It would have answered a lot of questions about Pam “failing” art school. She clearly doesn’t like graphic design, but her illustration is amazing. This should have been the tag, IMHO. Thank god for the internet, so we can at least know it exists.

  21. So if Pam is so good at sketches, why in the world did she go to school for graphic design??

  22. The 4th deleted scene was just plain adorable. I love how it is so obvious how close they are. I’m a big dork because I thought the cutest thing ever was Jim’s line, “I would have given you a D and that’s only because you were sleeping with the professor.” Please writers, don’t mess with our JAM. I will always be absolutely delighted with these moments between them. Oh, and I am so in love with Jim Halpert. Thanks!

  23. To #29 (Katie): Back in “Beach Games,” Oscar mentioned that he’d been looking for an excuse to end it with Gil (and he mentioned going straight :P).

    Also, to #32 (Joanne), I think the only reason he said “sleeping with the professor” is because he was joking that he was the professor giving the grades.

    I think it’s such a fantastic idea for her to be an illustrator. Aside from the fact that her drawing style fits that better anyway, it gives her a way to pursue a new direction and still be in Scranton. I mean, I was as thrilled as anyone when she came back last week, but not if it meant that she’d completely jettisoned all of her self-discovery from the past 2 seasons. So I’m on board with the illustrator plan!

  24. #26 – I would like to see Ryan get dumped and go off and be a success. He had the tenacity to work a dull job and put himself through business school at night. But then his promotion was wasted just so he could be a nemesis to lovable Jim, and Ryan’s character was forever ruined. Everything always aligns to make un-fallible Jim that much more awesome. Could there be a more boring character on TV?

  25. Oh…I wish that one would have been kept in. Jim is such an encourager. Plus…I would love to see Andy and Kelly also. That would be HIGHlarious!

  26. She’s a lucky girl, that Beesley.

    And I also wish that had been kept; Jim was already terrific in this episode, but that would really have given him room to shine.

  27. Oh I wish they would have kept the Jam scene in! It shows that Pam may still have a future in the arts, maybe illustration over graphic design. An she can have Scranton/Jim and an art career too, she doesn’t have to have one or the other. I really hope the writers continue to develop her artistic goals. (This is coming from an illustration major who doesn’t want Pam to give up!)

  28. This scene really should have been in the show! It really shows that while she may have failed at graphic design, her real future in art isn’t over. Yay for drawing/painting/sketching!

    My money is on a fun Art class for Pam, maybe she’ll end up teaching at her old high school or a local art school?

  29. Yeah, the 4th scene kinda made me melt a little bit. And by a little, I mean into a huge puddle on my work chair. Thanks. Can someone explain to me WHY that wasn’t left in the episode!?! I love me some JAM and that was super sugary sweet.

  30. #44-I totally disagree with you about Jim. He can at times be a bit arrogant, and has a lazy streak as well, so not boring…

    With that being said, this scene was just fabulous. They are just so great with each other, and I love that it gives us more insight into Pam’s coming back. I wish it had been left in.

    Love these deleted scenes, and I’m so grateful for Tanster’s “inside info” that these deleted scenes DO count!

  31. Umm…can someone explain the 4th deleted scene to us Canadians that can’t see the clips??? I am missing key JAM info!!!!!

  32. @#39

    Because it’s a way to use your art talents and get paid. She probably figured that since she’s good at drawing she’d be good at design. Apparently that wasn’t the case. Happens to a lot of students.

  33. that Jim/Pam scene made me melt. seriously, does it get any better than Jim Halpert? I think not.

  34. #51 —
    The scene is Pam & Jim sitting at the table in the break room, looking over her project for a computer graphics class. She had to design a logo for a coffee company, and while hers looks great (and Jim tells her so), she failed the project because she couldn’t get it to print out properly.

    Jim then sees Pam’s sketchbook full of really good drawings she did of random things like a coffee shop scenery, feet/shoes, etc. He gushes over how good they are and Pam smiles proudly, and you can see the wheels are turning for her art career to continue in her true passion: Drawing.

  35. #39…she didn’t go to school for graphic design. She enrolled in their art program and it was one of the courses offered or a requirement. Just like you’d have to take english in college but aren’t necessarily majoring in it.

  36. Perhaps Jim and Pam will join forces for a graphic novel based on Dwight Schrute? Pam’s illustrations and Jim’s ideas combine to turn Dwight into a super hero. Why not? After all, it takes some Halpert imagination to come up with those pranks and Pam has that R. Crumb quality to her sketchings. I pray to Thor this happens.

  37. Oh how I loved the 4th deleted scene, it was incredibly sweet, and nice to see JAM back together again. However, when would this have taken place in the episode? Pam only came back at the end of the day when Jim was going home, but in the scene they were in the break room. Maybe in another cut they had Pam coming back earlier in the day?

    Also, if you watched the british version of The Office you’ll know that Dawn (the receptionist) was (or wanted to be) an illustrator for children’s books. Possible career path for Pam? Her drawings are nice, I don’t know how much she’s into kid stuff, but a thought.

  38. Well at least now we know that graphic design is not her niche. Like a bunch of other people I wonder why she went for the graphic design when life sketches are where her talent is.

  39. yayayayay. i knew Pam wasn’t going to just give up on her dream to be an artist. I wonder why she thought that graphic design was a good idea when she obviously has more talent in this line of work. well at least we know now that she is going to continue what she loves… and be with Jim!!!

  40. Thank you number 54!!! It’s so frustrating that we can’t see these scenes from Canada, I don’t understand the problem! I wish NBC would realize what a huge fan base they have here.

  41. I see why they cut it from that episode. It didn’t fit. I wish they could keep that scene for another episode though.

  42. Haha, I didn’t want to be the first one to say that, so thanks xD Yuppers, we’ve gotten hints, but I think it’s official.

    …Is that weird to say?

  43. @55

    I have to disagree with you there. She did enroll for graphic design. Remember when she went to that booth at Job Fair and she talked to that Graphic Design guy? Also in Weight Loss she says she is going for “design”

  44. receptionitis29, it has nothing to do with the fan base. It has do with digital distribution rights. It’s the same reason why Canadians can’t watch full episodes on NBC.com or Hulu either.

    These are the people you need to protest to: link

    If that Canadian website didn’t it exist, it might be a different story.

  45. Well I for one am EXTREMELY glad that deleted scene four wasn’t left in the episode. Believe me, I’m as big a JAM fan as the rest of you. But it seems like more and more these days the JAM stuff gets in the way of the comedy. I love that they’re together, but this scene just isn’t interesting, besides Jim’s one line about Pam sleeping with the professor. I’m glad we got to see it, but leaving this one out was a good choice.

  46. This scene was awesome, truly awesome. But I can see why they didn’t include it; the Ryan/Kelly closer was a bit more comedic. Still, rather than just deleting it, they should have made this one of the first scenes of “Frame Toby.”

    That would be awesome.

    I second the Jim/Pam comic book idea, though I doubt that’ll happen. I always thought Jim would make a good writer though.

  47. Oscar’s been “looking for a way out of that relationship” since Beach Games, over a year-and-a-half ago. Obviously, he found that way.

    As for the fourth scene being needed, I disagree. Maybe I’m too obsessed with this show but I deduced rather easily that Pam not reenlisting at Pratt didn’t mean the end of her aspirations. As stated numerous times before, graphic design and illustration are vastly different areas.

    These two examples show that not everything needs to be spelled out completely, nor would they be when a documentary crew has limited access.

  48. Pam went for graphic design because it has obvious career potential – she knows she can do better than recpetionist, but design isn’t it. This just means Pam gets to continue figuring out who she is, and this is what I continue to say I love about the Office. Real character development.
    Loved it.

  49. If they use the premise in the fourth scene as a way to keep Pam in New York I’m going to punch a hole in my wall.

    And then absolutely refuse to go to anger management.

  50. awwww i love how proud jim is of pam.

    she really is a truly gifted artist. REAL art though, not graphic design. (although she did a pretty great job with the animated logo in “local ad”)

    such a shame that it’s so difficult to make a living out of being an artist… i really hope she does continue to draw and paint… at least as a hobby.

    hey, maybe she could be an art teacher!

  51. ok so the volume on my computer is pretty low so maybe i missed something but i don’t understand the comments about pam sleeping with her prof or the evidence that pam and jim are sleeping together. can someone please explain? what did i miss when i watched this scene?

  52. Oh I love the deleted scene! I can see her ending up teaching art at the end of the series. A normal, but satisfying ending.

    okay, done talking about the end. not cool.

  53. HA! 56- Debi, your idea is the best!!!! Dwight as a superhero in a cartoon by Pam and Jim xD it would be PRICELESS

  54. Is it just me, or does Jim/John Krasinski look brawnier than usual in that clip?

  55. Hootshot112 and PamJim, thanks for the compliment. There is something in the way the fourth deleted scene ended. Jim had this “eureka” tone in his voice, like he is hatching a great idea or suggestion. A graphic novel based on Super Hero Geek Dwight would allow Pam to draw and Jim to channel his need to prank Dwight into creating a whole new, super human Dwight.

  56. ahhh great jim/pam scene. it made for a great leeway between the last episode and the one tomorrow. i loved the fountain, nice job cinematographer.

  57. This makes perfect sense. Pam was trying to merge her art with a career path. Not her, didn’t work. But on the way, she found her true path. And found her path back home.

  58. I got way too much enjoyment out of that 4th deleted scene, but particularly this line: “… just because you’re sleeping with the professor.” Amazing.

    I never get tired of Jim/Pam.

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