‘Business Trip’ Q&A

‘Business Trip’ writer Brent Forrester and director Randall Einhorn answer fan questions about the episode.

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Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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  1. Did they mention an episode called Blood Drive, or was I hearing things? Is that going to be an upcoming episode, because I can entirely picture Dwight + a blood drive, and it makes me giggly.

    [from tanster: “Blood Drive” and “Earth Day” were two potential episodes mentioned in the writers’ panel at Paley.]

  2. Yeah, first one! I love these Q & A’s! And, can I just say, Brent Forrester is the whitest looking white guy. Love it!

  3. Very quaint, witty, informative, entertaining, and casual Q&A. The writers and directors of The Office are so FANTASTIC at fan/showrunner communication. It’s perhaps one of the best relationships of any show on TV. Thank you Brent and Randall!

  4. “Blood Drive,” though it’s just a name, sounds like an AWESOME concept. The unexplored depths of my subconscious are tingling with the thought of where they could go with that. I could see Dwight being a total tyrant with people giving blood, and Jim pranking him to make him think that he has some rare disease or something.

  5. How generous of Brent and Randall to take the time to do this for us! Thanks so much. The more I find out about this show and its cast and crew, the more I appreciate every aspect of it.

  6. Wow, I really liked this video reply to the questions. I hope they do more of them this way.

  7. Look what you started, tanster! From an officetally-only concept to nbc.com-sponsored material. I guess the bigwigs know a good idea when they see it. Seriously, everyone behind The Office is so amazing – who could resist being just a little bit obsessed?

  8. Okay, I think I remember the writers mentioning something about titles of episodes that if they ever appeared, we fans would know that they had no more ideas left. Does anyone remember what those were?

    And these writer Q&A sessions at NBC are definitely based off the original OfficeTally ones!

  9. Stefanie – It was ‘Blood Drive’! and something called ‘Earth Day’. I’m sure it’ll be great though, especially if Brent is writing it. I thought ‘Business Trip’ was fantastic.

  10. Wow, Brent Forrester is like THE nicest guy ever! So is Randall! Yay! I like nice people working on my favorite show. =D

  11. Many thanks to Brent and Randall for doing this. It is very much appreciated by this fan. Their answers were really well spoken and very informative. Funny, smart guys making a funny, smart show:)

    Love you guys.

  12. hahah “Damn, if I could have written that…” nice use of pig latin, whoever that was.

    I love the writers. they’re so nice :)

  13. First: Blood drive! I’m already excited for that episode.

    Second: Did Brent intentionally misspell bologna?

  14. Wow! That is by far the best writer/ director interview yet. My affection for the Office continues to grow knowing that awesome, creative people put their love and time into this show. Kudos!

  15. I love Brent’s response when Randall tells him the improv bit made the show. “Mmm. Not really a fan.” That was so funny.

  16. What a lovely Q&A. Thank you so much for bringing this here, and thank you, guys for answering questions. And being funny. And for the great episode. :)

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