Office spec script table read tonight in L.A.

I just received this:

For those in LA, there is gonna be a performance of a really funny Office spec script at the ioWest Main Stage at 6:45 tonight in Hollywood.

Lots of talented actors and improvers. It’s actors from the ioWest (Improv Olympic). It’s like Groundlings or Second City … they have a series where writers write spec scripts for different shows and then the actors do a “table read” for an audience … the script is good, the actors are good, they have a full bar.

Just a fun, free activity that a true Office fan might enjoy. Should be a lot of fun!

I read the cold open from the script, and it’s pretty funny! This event is FREE.


  1. A spec script is basically a script written by a writer trying to get into the business, trying to write a script that’s like the office, or whatever, it’s not affiliated with the show.

  2. Curses, I don’t even live close to LA. Sounds really cool though. Hopefully we’ll get some notes on it. (:

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