Buy Andy’s Xterra: Epilogue

July 17

“So I just talked to Justin, he got the Xterra and he is really happy. He said it was more than he expected which was nice to hear. I am happy it arrived safely.

I asked if I could share their photo and if it would be alright for a story about the sale to be posted and he said yes!

I said “Maybe some ‘Tallyheads’ (Office fans I explained) nearby will come to your Subway to meet you guys!” He thought that would be fun.

Anyway, I am sending you their photo … and a photo I took of the ‘goods’ in their Xterra … I put it all in the back of the truck for them to find.

The Office

L-R: Gift bag and personal note from Jenna, baby clothes and toys from me and my family for baby Noah, Angela’s autographed baseball cap in the green bag, and Creed’s CD in the white bag. I used my box of towing stuff to brace it all up!

Rainn ended up personally sending the autographed bobblehead to The Walkers directly. I could not meet with him before the car was shipped because of his “Rocker” press tour. He was so sweet to send it to them even before the Xterra got there! Bobblehead won by a week they tell me.”


  1. They are so lucky! His xterra has to be the single coolest thing in Oklahoma, if not the entire midwest!

  2. wow, that’s such a great story! the cast, crew, and kim are amazing! i’m so happy for them, and congratulations on their growing family (including their new car!) =D

  3. I followed the Xterra story when I first heard it was being auctioned. One of those times you wish you had extra disposable income to just make an impulse purchase. Glad to hear the Xterra ended up in a nice home – thanks for sharing the follow-up story!

  4. Awesome! I’m so glad to get the epilogue! Congratulations to the happy owners… That is some pretty sweet Office merch :) Bummer. I realized that Kim probably had it washed before we could take Rainn’s DNA sample.

  5. That is one great story…everyone at The Office seems to be such kind and caring individuals. I can see why they all love their jobs so much…and I think that transfers to the small screen through the quality of the show. Thanks, Kim and Tanster, for sharing this amazing story with us!

  6. What a sweet story! I hope they enjoy their car greatly, and if I’m ever in Oklahoma, I’ll be sure to stop by their Subway. :)

  7. And it’s proven, once again, that the cast and crew of The Office are the absolute greatest. Seriously – what other TV show would do something like this?

    Congrats to Justin and Leah, and thanks to Kim for sharing the story!

  8. Antlers isn’t to far from where I live in Oklahoma. That’s pretty neat. I might have to drop by for a sandwich.

  9. I’m so happy for them! The Office cast & crew are truly remarkable people :) thanks for this heart-warming story

  10. Anyone know where this city is located in OK? I’m usually out there once a year or so, and would like to stop by…

  11. I’m so happy someone from Oklahoma got it!!! I’m definitely going to have to stop down there when I’m headed to Texas one of these days. Oh and for that person who was wondering, it’s in South East Oklahoma not far from the Texas line. It’s near Durant I think in Pushmataha County.

  12. Thanks to Kim. She really did make this experience incredible. She is so sweet and really fixed us up with some great stuff. Thanks to everybody for your nice comments. Ya’ll are the best.

  13. I’d rather have the Batmobile, but if I had to settle for the second-place prize, this would much suffice!

  14. Kim is just incredible. She made a trip home on a lonely plane after visiting my Father one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I’ve always felt a connection with this show and it’s because of all of the people like Kim who work on it. Thanks Kim for sharing “Office Life” with us!!!!!

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